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學生對 科罗拉多大学系统 提供的 Introduction to Cybersecurity for Business 的評價和反饋

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The world runs computers. From small to large businesses, from the CEO down to level 1 support staff, everyone uses computers. This course is designed to give you a practical perspective on computer security. This course approaches computer security in a way that anyone can understand. Ever wonder how your bank website is secure when you connect to it? Wonder how other business owners secure their network? Wonder how large data breaches happen? This is practical computer security. It will help you answer the question – what should I focus on?...




Wonderful outline of objectives and overall course content. I recommend this course for everyone since this world is moving more and more into the era of technological advancement.



Excellent course for beginners.\n\nThis is the right place to start to enter the world cybersecurity. The topics were very interesting and the instructor has explained very well .


1 - Introduction to Cybersecurity for Business 的 25 個評論(共 230 個)

創建者 Raul M


A very well rounded Intro to Cybersecurity for Business, great for people that have interest on the field of Cybersecurity and are looking forward to see where skills of this field could be applied for enterprises.

創建者 Laura S


The content is great! I started with this intro class and I'll be working on the Cybersecurity for Business Certificate (specialization) so that I can apply for new jobs. The content is relevant and detailed - it was also very informative to watch videos and then get some additional reading resources that you can revisit online whenever you need to reference cybersecurity related news. Definitely a good start - can't wait to finish the rest of the specialization courses. The only thing I did not like about the class was the quality of peer reviewers for graded assignments. Not everyone speaks english as their first language so it sucks when someone doesn't understand the assignment and doesn't give you full credit because they didn't understand something. It would be better if the peer review grade could be validate by a moderator or the professor.

創建者 JMF


Class doesn't seem very active-- not a lot of students and I had to wait awhile for peer reviewed assignments to get reviewed, but the content is great.

創建者 Richard R


Excellent intro for anyone looking to learn the basics well enough to enter into discussions on the topic without looking ignorant.

創建者 Louis P


A decent generalized foundation to cybersecurity as it applies to business

創建者 Ricardo V P S


Could be more in depth

創建者 Steven P M


This class could be so much better.

The slides need some good editing.

The videos feel too extemporaneous and rough like he's talking off the cuff and he drones on without real clarity. Please write and follow a well-considered script if you must. It's painful to watch as they try to make up examples as you go and does not inspire confidence.

I can guess at the answers to the quizzes without even watching the videos. For example, in Week 3 one of the quiz questions basically asks for which word (why, when, how) is related to time. Please...

I've never been more disappointed in the delivery and execution of a Coursera course. This course should be so much better, especially given this person's years of practical experience.

In striking contrast is the NYU Cybersecurity course, for example.

創建者 Hithesh Y


Peer review took forever, information said you could pass with 1 review, but required 3

創建者 K. D


This was a great introduction to Cybersecurity for Business. It taught me the fundamentals and prepared me to take future courses. The instructor's video's are clear, organized and the examples he gives from work are practical and memorable. Thank you for teaching this topic so clearly.

創建者 Bashitha


It is mostly general knowledge for individual of an IT or a Business with IT background but not limited to. Is a required and comprehensive course required by all professionals to have a better understanding of the latest methods used to tackle current and future cybersecurity scenarios

創建者 Owen D


Great content! Learnt a lot from the course and a great stepping stone in the right direction for my new career path. Only criticism is the videos could be a little more aesthetically pleasing for the viewer. Just a lecture or powerpoint side on a boring white background.

創建者 Gaurang S


I have enjoyed the course thoroughly . I am finance professional just starting my Education journey in Technology space. Mr. Greg Williams lecturing is remarkable , very clear with examples which helps in understanding the concepts and application. Thank you Mr Greg.



An excellent course that will help you familiarize yourself with the topic of cybersecurity. The lectures never seem boring since the course instructor provides interesting real world examples and has a good understanding of the ins and outs of cybersecurity.

創建者 Rene Z


Perfect Introduction into Cybersecurity for Business.

But it would be nice if there were more of the practical videos like at the beginning about the Serverfarm.

For me coming from Austria a perfect course to crash into the vocabulary used for Cybersecurity.

創建者 christelle


Très instructifs ! On apprends beaucoup de bases sur la sécurité, ça va beaucoup m'aider dans mon travail de consultant IT. On a vu le ssh, l'encryptage, les moyen d’authentification , les solutions pour éviter. C'est très complet! Je recommande vivement

創建者 Benny T S P


Thank you. I learnt some really useful information, and will continue with the specialization. Must admit I was a bit upset when I failed my first attempt at the assignment, but after tweaking it along the lines suggested by the reviewers I completed it.

創建者 Jafed E G


I enjoy the lectures. The professor has a good speaking and teaching style which keeps me interested. Lots of concrete math examples which make it easier to understand. Very good slides which are well formulated and easy to understand

創建者 Florian S


Really interesting, I learned a lot of things in this course, and the professor is very clear and pleasant to listen. There is always an practical explanaition behind each theorical talk, and it's great. Thank you for this lesson

創建者 Ayodélé J F O


This course were very interesting. I really enjoyed following this introduction. It's show me a lot of basic things i neeed to know. I'm able to discuss about business cybersecurity which is the main goal.

創建者 Rodney M


Wonderful outline of objectives and overall course content. I recommend this course for everyone since this world is moving more and more into the era of technological advancement.

創建者 Nakul S


Excellent course for beginners.

This is the right place to start to enter the world cybersecurity. The topics were very interesting and the instructor has explained very well .

創建者 Aditya P


It's a great course for anyone who has recently started learning about Cybersecurity, and specially it's great for Managers and people from Business sector

創建者 Cristina S


It was really well structured with a great teaching methodology. The use of concrete examples/quiz make me to understand much easier content

創建者 Aleksandr P


Great course about basic concepts of modern cybersecurity. I recommend it to all who doesn't know where start to learn this discipline.

創建者 Edyta S


I enjoy the course, I found classes interesting and helpful, the lecturer approach is great, he uses real life examples what helps me understanding and implementing the knowledge in the right area of my work.