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學生對 弗吉尼亚大学 提供的 How Things Work: An Introduction to Physics 的評價和反饋

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An introduction to physics in the context of everyday objects....




Loved this course I thought it was a great course for the Introduction to Physics. It was easy enough to understand and Lu had a strong passion for what he was teaching. All in all great course. 10/10



It is a fabulous course.During the Entire Course I feel A Great Enthusiasm in my own.I loved this course..Thanks to profesor Louis A. Bloomfield & University of Virginia For there great contribution.


101 - How Things Work: An Introduction to Physics 的 125 個評論(共 794 個)

創建者 Peh K S


Prof. Bloomfield has given a good intuitive understanding of mechanics to the audience. Having a good grasp of how forces and inertia govern our daily interactions with the surrounding makes living more interesting and meaningful. By introducing wheels, levers, see-saws and rampls as machines, by Prof. Bloomfield has given me a new meaning to these principles.

創建者 Siddharth G


The course is great and Prof. Lou Bloomfield is a great teacher. But I don't think this course should be put in the intermediate difficulty category. Prof. Bloomfield explains everything from the ground up (which is great!), so it is more beneficial for a beginner than someone who has had some experience of the basic concepts of physics and how things work.



I just loved this course. I am just out of words and I really thank this course instructor to insight us on various physical worlds. As a Ph.D. student, we mainly focus on our definite topic so I wanted to attain this course only to exercise my mind. thank you Coursera and thank you everyone who is solely a part of this online teaching platform.

Thanking you

創建者 Bryan K V D


Very Interesting course indeed! Really learned alot on how things work on our everyday lives and just makes everything about life more interesting. Yes, it may be complicated, but it's real life and we got to know all this stuff. Thnak you professor Lou Bloomfield for the excellent teaching about this course. Much love from the Philippines!

-Kyle Delfino :]

創建者 Peg W


My first online course. It is exceptional! Easy to understand and apply after concepts are explained. The testing format using quizzes with multipe opportunities to submit increases learning substantially. Really pushed me to reflect on missed questions and try again. I learned much more than I would have with a face-to-face class and traditional testing.

創建者 Nikhil B


Thanks to Coursera for providing such a wonderful course. This course help me lot to enhance my fundamental concepts of Physics. From now am a big fan of Professor Lou Bloomfield teaching. This course is beneficial for all the Physics Lover and those don't like Physics then watch it this course, I am pretty much sure you will fall in love with Physics.

創建者 Lawrence M


The course is an examination of simple physics concepts. It is excellent for preparing someone for a more math-intensive physics course, and for refining your understanding and appreciation of the physics principles that govern day-to-day events and interactions. Professor Bloomfield promises to teach you how things work, and delivers nothing less.

創建者 Christopher R


Professor Bloomfield was great, this is a perfect class for reviewing concepts or for someone like myself as an introduction to physics I missed in high school and junior college. I really needed the course to improve my physics terminology more than conceptual understanding, though I am certain I improved both. Thank you Professor Bloomfield!

創建者 Abdul W


Very interesting and enjoyment course taught by the Dr. Louis A. Bloomfied,. I really enjoyed that course and I recommended my all fellows to registered in this course for enjoyment the Physics of how things works. Thank you very much Sir Dr. Louis A. Bloomfield and the University of Virginia teams for offering such interesting course.

創建者 Lauren W


I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Thanks to Lou, I can now have a conversation with my friend who did physics at university and I am able to understand what she is talking about (most of the time, at least, haha!). I have enjoyed learning for my own pleasure very much and I would love to do a part two of this course if one is made.

創建者 Jillian A


This was a great intro to physics course! The methodology behind how the course is structured is perfect for really building an understanding of all of the basic concepts, and the ties to everyday life and objects help to cultivate a more authentic learning experience. I personally don't enjoy physics, but I did enjoy this course!

創建者 Pratham S


This is an amazing course with fundamental details towards physics and on How Things Work! It helps you learn how to use Physics in Daily Day-to-day lives and it sure did help me on my skills towards Physics and in Science. Along with that, there is a great and funny professor, who teaches you about Physics and in How Things Work!

創建者 Anika S G


This is one of my favorite courses on Coursera so far. Lou explains how things work in a visual way that I believe would be interesting to all learners. He is very passionate and excited while teaching and that makes watching his videos ten times better. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn basic physics knowledge.

創建者 Huey N L


An excellent course by an excellent professor! Professor Bloomfield is passionate and enthusiastic about his work. The real life demonstrations with everyday objects made understanding the science of physics so easy and accessible. 10/10 would recommend to anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of the world around them.

創建者 Mohammad I M


Thank you very much for conducting such vertual courses in all fields of Knowlege and as far as I acquired from the Introduction to Physics, the way of presentating of the course was very interesting that could enhance visulizing physical concepts rather than to be overvelmed by long mathmatics calculations.

Best regards,

創建者 Carl R


Really enjoyed the course. I am at novice at online courses but experienced in general study courses. The lecturer really makes the course material interesting with real life scenarios and his energetic approach. Really enjoyed the course and if time allows it would like to consider taking the follow up. Thank You LOU!!

創建者 Ziam S


Amazing course by Professor Louis Bloomfield. It gives you an thorough insight about the physics behind everyday operations such as skateboarding, riding a seesaw and riding a bicycle / driving a car. Kudos to the Professor, University of Virginia and Coursera for brining us this content full of value FREE OF COST!

創建者 Shilpa A


Thank you Professor for explaining physics in such an interesting format. The concepts were made fairly easy to grasp and the numerous demonstrations you made to explain the laws of motion helped a lot. Thank you for the effort you put in such a great course. I'm deeply indebted for your invaluable contribution.

創建者 Zohal A


Learning physics through real-life scenarios and objects makes the difficult concepts palatable and increased my conceptual understanding of key physics topics which will be key for my GAMSAT study. I loved the interactive ways the Professor taught us the information and the level of effort put into this course.

創建者 bhakti p


The course is so well explained by examples, as rightly said by Albert Einstein "examples isn't the another way of teaching, examples is the only way of teaching"

I learned, how, when and where to apply which law of physics with this. Thank your very much coursera and the resourceful persons attached with it

創建者 simon d


Very useful course as an introduction to how things work. Louis Bloomfield is fantastic. The enthusiasm and way he explains things are a credit to him and the university. If only all teachers/lecturers/instructors could be as enthusiastic and animated! Thanks for providing this course. Where is part two?

創建者 Kelly


Thank you, Lou, for an extremely interesting and informative course. I enjoyed it, and would like to see it continue. You have a way of explaining things for the non-physics-major that FINALLY makes all this sink in. I'm happy to understand the world around me a little better -- it's even helped with a few

創建者 Nidhi R


As an eleven year old I found this course very interesting. it was clear and I was able to understand the main topics and key facts. the videos were also fun with outdoor activities and real life questions in between. Mr. Louis A. Bloomfield was a great instructor and I really loved the course over all.

創建者 Ketmanto W


Fun. However, I heard that the good video should be less than 6 minutes ( I forgot the reference, I mean, from the research). Perhaps next time, would Be better to divide all the contents into multiple videos. Otherwise, it’s very boring 😭😂😂. But thanks to professor Bloomfield, it is also fun.

創建者 Paul D


I​ just retired after 53 years of teachinf at Gettysburg College. I knew little or no Physics. I though you did ann excellent job. Wth minimal effort ( just attending to lectures ) I did learn enough to past the course. I still don't know much but I enjoyed watching you work. Good job!