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Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Timothy F. Geithner and Professor Andrew Metrick survey the causes, events, policy responses, and aftermath of the recent global financial crisis....




Great course indeed. I was following the materials and videos of the crisis for a long time and this course perfectly summarized everthing back by data analysis. Highly recommended to all enthusiasts.



This course was excellent. The short yet crisp lectures have given me a fair perspective of what came before, during and to an extent after the GFC. I feel I will greatly benefit from this knowledge.


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創建者 Aman R


Awesome course and the simplicity of demonstrating the concepts is quite good.

創建者 Peter H


A very well presented course, giving a reasonable understanding of the GFC.

創建者 Tor-Oskar K


Provides a good overview without going too much into the details

創建者 Rey V


A course worthy of learning and filled with valuable information

創建者 Huub V


Provides insights in macro economic decisions based on the actua

創建者 Diamond H


Learned quite a lot! The course was structured very good.

創建者 Yanliang X


a proper way to understand GFC happened in US and UN.

創建者 Michael C


Good fundamental summary of the GFC. Worth the time.

創建者 Rohit R


Really worthy for a financial individual.

創建者 Guilherme G


Too many tests, but very good content.

創建者 Somanshu M


Great insight for the financial crisis

創建者 Cardo M


very much enjoyed the course.

創建者 Ravuth S


Learn a great deal!

創建者 Santiago C


me interesa mucho

創建者 Nikhilesh M


good content

創建者 afif p



創建者 gaocen



創建者 Gonçalo O M d S


In short, I am somewhat disappointed with the course overall. Of course both speakers have amazing experiences and that is valuable in itself but I do believe the structure of the lectures is not envolving as it should be. It seems that the basic rationale is being 'fired' in a not so much 'educative fashion'. Still there is much to learn from these contents.

創建者 Fred V


This course tells a lot about the future historiography of the 2007 crisis. However, there is a lot about factual details, but a deafening silence about the shortcomings of the US and international financial systems. Notably about consumer protection in the US, and lack thereof. Also notably about the shortcomings of the Basel II Accord.

As for the discussion forum: it is mentored and moderated in the 'Agitprop' style (Agitprop: Ministry of Agitation and Propaganda, 'communication' organ of the North Korea State). It is not geared as a complement of the lectures or a discussion forum, but as a way to push people into thinking whatever, in a directive, patronising and childish way.

創建者 Tom B


Some good information but very much a political course, not much of an economics course. Stating, as if it is a given, late in the course, that there are times when it is okay to introduce a moral hazard. Erroneously defining fiat money early in the course. Stating, again as if it were a given, that deficit spending is naturally the right answer to a crisis. When politicians and their pawns develop a course should we be surprised that the answer is always more government intervention? Oh, if only we had more tools to stop this, never realizing their role in creating the crisis.

創建者 Jonathan G


interesting course. However it dosen't take 11 modules to explain it. This was BORING AS HELL! here is how you solve the financial crisis: First, only buy what you need. Second make your own jobs if you cannot find one. Find a skill you are good at and make that your job. Third, paper money is going to be worthless soon anyway so either use bartering or some other form of currency. This will probably happen pretty soon. If one currency collapses another form of currency takes its place.

創建者 Kaiquan M


There was no engagement between the course instructors and students at all. It felt like students were running the whole show and discussion forums.