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法务会计及欺诈检查, 西弗吉尼亚大学

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Everyday across the world, thousands of businesses are victimized by fraud. Who commits these bad acts? Why? And, how? In this course we are going to help you answer the questions: who commits fraud, why and how. We’ll also help you develop skills for catching them....


創建者 SS

Aug 07, 2018

I liked everything in this course. But for one- I feel for all the quizzes, the right answer must be given so that we get to know where we are wrong. Only explanation as to why it is wrong is given.

創建者 KG

Apr 25, 2017

Amazing course! please offer more courses like this on fraud examination and forensic accounting. I would also be interested to take a course on Internal audit, Internal controls and res management.


330 個審閱

創建者 Ahmed Ashfaq

Apr 24, 2019

Brilliant, thrilling and love the way the instructors taught this course.

創建者 Bhargav Mane

Apr 23, 2019

Nice and short course. Gives concise introduction to the field.


Apr 22, 2019

This is well designed course focusing on Fraud Examination and basics on Forensic Accounting. i liked the mix of experts from academic and professional background. The videos and use cases were interesting and provided good insight on approach towards fraud examination. I hope the learning will help me sharpen my skills as fraud prevention expert in a leading bank in India.

創建者 Rubén Magaña Rodríguez

Apr 22, 2019

very good learning, with techniques and practical cases

創建者 Fausto Aníbal Aguilera Bravo

Apr 16, 2019

Great experience and knowledge about fraud examination and forensic accounting.

創建者 Cristina Jaramillo

Apr 11, 2019

Excelente, me ha dado conocimientos y herramientas muy útiles para entender, detectar y prevenir el fraude. Muy completo y aplicable incluso fuera de los Estados Unidos.

創建者 Sunk zorro

Apr 11, 2019

The content of the course is definitely great. I learned stuff i didn't knew and really liked exploring the course content. It was fun and instructive.

But the test-system sucks. I spent more time trying to understand the meaning of a question than actually pondering on which answer to choose. Plus given the very broad approach of the course, some questions were way to specific and it felt like there was no sense in asking some questions when taking the global goal of the course into account.

thank you for creating this course. I really appreciated doing it (apart from the testing-part :P)

創建者 Pramod Balawant Bhosale

Apr 10, 2019

Great experience...

Course is very useful and lot of value addition for me...


Apr 09, 2019

challenging and interesting course

創建者 Margarita Kostevitch

Apr 07, 2019

Very interesting and useful course. Professors have charisma!