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學生對 密歇根大学 提供的 Finding Purpose and Meaning In Life: Living for What Matters Most 的評價和反饋

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Welcome to Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life: Living for What Matters Most! In this course, you’ll learn how science, philosophy and practice all play a role in both finding your purpose and living a purposeful life. You will hear from historical figures and individuals about their journeys to finding and living a purposeful life, and will walk through different exercises to help you find out what matters most to you so you can live a purposeful life. As an added benefit, you will also have complimentary access, for a period of time, to the Purposeful App. This groundbreaking mobile and desktop app is designed to help you build a purposeful rhythm into each day, so you can bring your best self to what matters most. Look for more information in Week 1 of the course! By the end of this course, you will: 1. Understand that having a strong purpose in life is an essential element of human well-being. 2. Know how self-transcending purpose positively affects well-being. 3. Be able to create a purpose for your life (don't be intimidated, this is different from creating "the purpose" for your life). 4. Apply personal approaches and skills to self-change and become and stay connected to your purpose every day. We are thrilled that you are here! We look forward to hearing and learning from you throughout this course!...



Short and precise course to get some perspective on finding focus on things that really matter. Vic is an excellent professor who just connects so well with the students even from the computer screen.


I found this course beneficial in focusing my thinking about what is and should be important to me in life. Taking a self-critical approach to this issue has been difficult but revealing and freeing


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創建者 Jiapeng W


This course is great. In the first two weeks I was forced to think deeply about my own value and purpose. Then I realized the importance of purpose and how having these purpose can change one's life through scientific research. He also taught some practical methods for specifying "be" goals, "do" goals and "action goals", and how they work together. It brought me deep confusion about myself at first but made a wiser person.

創建者 Olena D


Thank you so much for the opportunity to take this course! This is a core knowledge that needs to be thought in high school! I really appreciate the dedication of the professor! Great Job and Great Purpose!

創建者 Beverly F


The course was easy to understand and there are helpful actionable items. However, this course really made me think of how I am walking purposeless. And having a purpose needs to be purposeful.

創建者 Kim S J


Excellent course. It certainly have guided me to find my own purpose and meaning in life. Dr Strecher is a great teacher.

創建者 Belakhdar A


a very emotional cours

i like it so mush .thank you docteur

創建者 Diana S


Excellent course!

創建者 Yael S


I believe this was a very meaningful course. I liked how there were many anecdotes and stories. I would have liked if it had more hands-on or more engaging activities, but overall I did enjoy it.

創建者 Md S H


Great but have some limitations.

創建者 Theresa C


It is disappointing that this class cannot be completed without a paid enrollment. I've completed other Coursera courses and all parts of the curriculum are active for unpaid class members as well, but for some reason this course requires paid enrollment to take the quizzes at the end of each week. Not worth it.

創建者 Allison W


This course has helped me find a structure towards self-improvement as opposed to stating how I simply wish to direct my life. It really gets at the why.

I really enjoyed learning about how philosophy, psychology, brain function are all connected. And it was helpful to create a structured path towards finding a purpose, which can be replicated for different life contexts, as opposed to just dictating an approach.

Of course you actually need to do the exercises and not just watch the videos. I used a graphic design program and paper; you do not need to use the app, if you prefer not to.

I also agree with other reviews that the instructor is able to connect with students, despite the digital classroom approach. Definitely recommend this class for people of all ages.

創建者 Aedrian A


This is such a heartfelt course that draws from Dr. Strecher's experiences, expertise and personal learning & soul-searching. This is not your generic self-help course. The research examples are also insightful and show that we are only beginning to understand certain age-old practices and their true benefits to both the quality and length of our lives. This is highly recommended for everyone regardless of the stage or status in life. Those who consider themselves to have purposeful lives can find reinforcement here, while those who feel "lost" may find some sort of an existential guide in the material.

創建者 J H B v d M


I am retired and 78 years old. From the moment I was retired at age of 70, I obtained to change my purpose and choose to have a new purpose I am living for. That's important for me, it gives structure. That is the reason why I follow different study subjects, mostly philosophy. This course opens a new perspective to me, given by Vic Strecher. It was a pleasure to follow this and his course. I will thank him for the excellent way he made clear that a purpose in live is important to prevent a retired person getting Alzheimer disease. I can confirm his thesis.

創建者 Daniel C


Had a lot of what I wanted to know on the topic, and also some unexpected and intriguing information (the neuroscience findings, for instance). I think Noetic Science is a field of immense potential and power, and I hope your course can be included in this discipline as well. What was missing a bit for me was more information and help uncovering or detailing one's personal purpose and life meaning. I do think that most people enrolling in the course do so because that is their primary interest. I am an Occupational Therapist, and a core philosophy of our service model is providing interventions that support the client's own purpose and life meaning. So, I am not a stranger (nor an expert, by any means), to this topic. But, I've often wondered how I could makes assessing this (for my clients, but also for myself) clearer. A few ideas that just came to mind might be using standardized (or not standardized) personal values assessments, personality assessments, self reflection and mindfulness activities, and include some assistance in interpreting these in terms of life value and meaning. Another method might be to look at what stimulates the VMPFC, or other activities that are highly correlated with VMPFC activation. Examining one's purpose and life meaning while ensuring the VMPFC is activated might generate more authentic findings. I hope this helps, and thank you for the innovation and creativity it took to bring this course to fruition. I can only imagine the change we would see in our communities, our cities, even our country, if your message could reach more people. It's been a pleasure.

創建者 Carolyn F


Focus on the Importance of Purpose, not How to Find Yours

Great visuals, great videos. All in all worth $49 and be aware: 1) this is the Cliffs Notes version of the search for purpose: you get the Nietzsche quotes but you don't study the texts; 2) the class focuses on the importance of purpose. But finding one's purpose isn't so straightforward. There wasn't enough time on that. I enjoyed the class.

創建者 Jerry H K


Great course. I just wish the course covered more topics on how to find your purpose in the career/work domain. Many people are struggling to find meaningful careers in their lives.

創建者 Kathleen B


Good overall. There is a lot of fatphobia and misinformation about diets and dieting in it though.

創建者 Roshan S


No full audit option. Requires purchase to submit quiz/ get graded

創建者 keshni r


I would like to unenroll from this course but Coursera isnt allowing me to do that >Kindly help

創建者 Manal S


Amazing course! It gets you insights about how to live your life. I get a deep understanding of how to adjust life goals which is a complicated thing for the majority. I became more excited about the current phase I live which is the phase of exploring all life aspects and I figured that this is what I want deeply; heart and soul. It is one of the best chances to enrol in this beautiful, sightful and encouraging course. Thanks a lot and wish you a happy, meaningful and purposeful life :)

創建者 Judi G


Excellent. Really helped me to understand purpose and help me establish one for my life. I had been trying to hard before to establish a purpose. Vic Strecher was superb in guiding participants through understanding how important and necessary purpose is to quality of life and how easy it is to define what truly matters to you. I also signed up for Purposeful and have enjoyed the email reminders; they've helped me stay on track. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this course.

創建者 Deniss S


This is a great course, which really explains the necessity of having a purpose. Like someone said here in the review, it's really not explaining how to find one. But it provides materials and books during the lecture, which you can use to find the purpose. This course is focused on explaining why purpose is important and how it effects our lives. Would definitely recommend that course to other people. Thank you prof. Vic Strecher, your course definitely effected my life!

創建者 Clarissa M


This has been one of the most rewarding learning experiences that I have gone through in a while. It is well organised, logical and very well put together. The theory and practical application dove tails very well and I really feel that I have benefitted from completing this course. I will complete any course compiled by Prof Strecher any day. He is a wonderful presenter, his passion shows and his engaging learning style really makes the student feel at ease.

創建者 Lina L


This course is a must take for anyone who is interested in finding the meaning to their own existence, or anyone who is needing guidance in finding their purpose in life. I thought the section about retirement and aging is quite profound. I'm glad that I already know my purpose before taking this class. If you don't know your purpose in life, this class will give you that nugget of wisdom you need to think about having your purpose.

創建者 Kshitya N S


I m a hedonic purpose driven person this course helped me take a pause n reflect on my own life and pushed me to start finding some transcending goals which matter to me.

The course is clear , straight forward and well researched and scientifically backed and the instructor has done a tremendous job. During this difficult times this course really helped me self reflect and I will definitely recommend this course to all my friends.

創建者 Russel O


I am grateful thatbI have grabbed the opportunity offered by our government office - DOST, t9 take a free online course with Coursera. Thru this course, I am in the process of realigning my personal goals and finding valuable purpose not only for my age right now, but to ky future self as well. I would recommend this course to my friends and family, in order for us to set self transcending goals qnd find meaning in our lives :)