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學生對 约翰霍普金斯大学 提供的 Essential Epidemiologic Tools for Public Health Practice 的評價和反饋

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In order to make a difference in the health and well-being of a population, we must understand the burden of all problems and conditions that affect the population, as well as how well our efforts to mitigate these problems are actually working. This course provides you with some essential skills and tools that will enhance your ability to describe and understand the health of your community. The tools that epidemiologists use are in fact useful for all public health practitioners, including data scientists, program officials, agency leaders, and policymakers. Whether you are deeply enmeshed in your career and looking to augment your skills, or are looking to change career paths into the field of public health, this course will give you some of the practical knowledge and skills that we hope you can apply in your professional endeavors....




Excellent course! Epidemiology is my passion and I realize how much I do not know about this subject and how eager I am to learn so much more!

Thank you John Hopkins for this amazing opportunity!



The lessons are very helpful and the method of teaching is very straightforward. I just wish there would have been handouts for the exercises so that we can easily keep a file for future reference.


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The entire course was great, I was able to add some incredible tools to my Public Health toolbox and the competency tool for assessing the ability of the Public Health workforce to achieve the essential Public Health services was awesome.

創建者 Evyan


This was a wonderful course for anyone, like me, who is new to the world of Epidemiology and looking to sharpen their skills for this field. Clear and concise information with plenty of opportunities to test your knowledge along the way!



I learnt very interesting things about history and develop of the Epidemiology trough the history.

In a simple way, you could understand the basic topics and essential epidemiologic tools, a strong angle for thr Public Health Practice.

創建者 Peter I A


Every lesson and presentations was perfect and well thought. I feel like listening and learning more and more, I sincerely enjoyed the lectures and the knowledge is well treasured for great impact anywhere and anytime. Thank you .

創建者 Bernard R


The essential tools for Epidemiologic are self explanatory. In this course it is very knowledginly explained and the examples illustrated and easy to understand. Thanks to the overall team for conducting such a wonderful course.

創建者 MD Z R


A very good course as an introduction to Epidemiology. And the week-4 was worth it, with the practice session (GIS software). My gratitude to the instructor, and now I am looking forward to taking over the whole Specialization.

創建者 Jayson L M M


Excelente curso para los que recien venimos dando nuestros primeros pasos en la investigación epidemiológica y practica clinica. Estoy mas que satisfecho y me siento dichoso de haber tenido esta oportunidad para aprender.

創建者 Leah C


This course not only gave me the opportunity to assess and improve my competency in various public health skills, but also taught me how to utilize GIS software to create images for both academic and general public usage.

創建者 Jaylon T


Great course! With the current pandemic taking place in the world, it was amazing to be able to have the opportunity to educate myself more on how diseases are spread, and how the calculations are made to track them.

創建者 Jaya s G


Thank you.

This course is great,it helped me to skilled myself for new concepts and explore to news tools in to analyse and visualize epidemiology data... numerator,denominator.graphs plots etc.

創建者 Nakita N


I enjoyed this introduction to public health. This course gave a taste of different aspects of epidemiology which I thought was good. I hope to start my degree in public health next year so I want some exposure

創建者 Ivana M


I had learned a lot from this course! I am currently doing my bachelor's in public health and to know different occupations is wonderful! It helps me decide to become an epidemiologist when I go for my masters.

創建者 Stanley M


Extremely effective in getting a baseline understanding of the importance of epidemiological tools in the practice of public health. Also a great opportunity to practice utilizing a very important imaging tool.

創建者 David M S


I'd say that in the last week, in de GIS section, it is difficult to follow up the instructions in how to manage and download data from de US Census Bureau. I'd recommend to use the video instructions again.

創建者 Marla I


El curso fue una buena introducción a la Epidemiología, al relevante papel en la práctica basada en la evidencia en el área de Salud y a mantenernos actualizados respecto a las nuevas tecnologías. Gracias.

創建者 Rathin S P


This course is very helpful for those who want to search for a course on global health policy. The kind of assignments offered here were very helpful and enjoyable in times when you are locked down inside!

創建者 CHI S


The course introduces core concepts in epidemiology and provides and outstanding sources of information and tools needed to advance in the field. really had fun going through the course. thanks once more.

創建者 Mark K A


Great course by all standard! I have learned to apply graphs, calculate rates and proportions, apply GIS in public health. I am very grateful to JHU and Coursera for offering me this course, thank you!

創建者 L M P A


It was great. A very usefull introduction to the epidemioly. As the title, it was about the essential epidemiological tools, i really liked it. Now I have a clear knowledgment for the public health.



Good course, really helps the use of the resources given by the instructor. It's general and helps understanding and developing the use of tools for Public Health Practise and Epidemiology in general

創建者 Marwan M A A


Thank you so much for the fruitful and inspiring course on Essential Epidemiologic Tools for Public Health Practice, it was great learning experience and looking to learn more from you. Thank you !!

創建者 Gautam P


Excellent hands on practical exposure to public heath epidemiology aspects covering specially, GIS.

Knowledge gaining, interesting for new beginners to start from the scratch. Thank you for sharing.

創建者 Kerolos M W


This was an excellent course. It completely changed my view of Epidemiology and public health and encourged me to persue a career in them as a pharmacist and also helped me alot. Amazing course.

創建者 Yenith A C S


It has been a really interesting course with a lot of real-life examples that allow you to understand the concepts. The videos and activities are short but enough to easily learn complex topics.

創建者 Sarah J W


Wonderful overview of epidemiology basics with quizzes that require you to utilize critical thinking skills, which ensures you understand the core concepts instead of just memorizing material.