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學生對 日内瓦大学 提供的 Ecosystem Services: a Method for Sustainable Development 的評價和反饋

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Ecosystem services are a way of thinking about – and evaluating – the goods and services provided by nature that contribute to the well-being of humans. This MOOC will cover scientific (technical), economic, and socio-political dimensions of the concept through a mix of theory, case-studies, interviews with specialists and a serious-game. By the end of this course, our aim is to enable you to: • define the concept of ecosystem services, its principles and limitations • understand the key services associated with any ressource (e.g., fresh water) through readings and case-studies • appreciate the advantages and potential risks of monetising ecosystem services • appreciate the social dimensions (power issues, cultural biases) embedded within any method • integrate tactical advice on mainstreaming this approach into policy and standard government practices • Optional: learn how to map ecosystem services with GIS tools The session that runs May 29th- July 10th will be actively monitored by the instructors, and learners will have the opportunity to ask questions. This course was developed by instructors from the University of Geneva with the help of numerous researchers and input from the Geneva Water Hub and the Natural Capital Project. The course was financed by the University of Geneva, the Global Programme Water Initiatives of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and the Luc Hoffmann Institute. This MOOC is supported by the Geneva Water Hub and the University of Geneva along with the MOOC in « Water Resources Management and Policy » ( and the one in « International Water Law » ( We look forward to you joining us!...



Sep 07, 2017

Great course. Awesome introduction to Ecosystem Services. Well-balanced portrayal of the many tensions and difficulties in the field. Also a great exposure to MANY experts and many diverse opinions.


Oct 25, 2018

An interesting course on understanding several ecosystem services more in-depth, as well as the ways these are quantified. I personally enjoyed also the critical perspectives at the concept


1 - Ecosystem Services: a Method for Sustainable Development 的 25 個評論(共 69 個)

創建者 Humberto B

Jul 06, 2017

Great, great course.

If you do not have geography knowledge will be difficult the last case and modelling with the softwares, but you'll do it.

Very important stuff to know:

1, It requires you to do a previous Standfort course (free), so that's a 2x1.

2, This course it is highly mind blowing for economist, policy makers, activist, financial and statistician people.

3, Instructors are great and some of them are la creme dela creme, so enjoy them!

創建者 Shafiq A

Jan 03, 2019

It was just a wonderful opportunity to learn this course. As i feel, this course has significantly contributed towards my understandings in ESs, their valuation and more importantly, how it can be used to transform it into a decision support system. Thanks to Coursera and thanks to University of Geneva and all Course Instructors to make this happen for me.

創建者 Francy Z G B

Jan 02, 2019

Es un curso que recomiendo, se tiene el privilegio de aprender junto a expertos de cada área. Está diseñado de tal manera que cada aprendiz pueda decidir el enfoque que quiere tomar, con base en el debate y diferentes puntos de vista. Es un MOOC completo y muy interesante. Personalmente cumplió con mis expectativas y sembró en mi las ganas de continuar profundizando en el tema. Muchas gracias por ofrecer este curso.

創建者 Phoukhong P

Jan 03, 2019

Not so many people in this course for the evaluation of peer review assignments.

創建者 Karla F S C

Mar 26, 2019

it was a good module, with a good information, but the most important, that it was very practical in the metodology.


Dec 22, 2018

A course change my outlook towards biodiversity conservation and paved way to explore innovative means for better decision making in environmental policies

創建者 Ricardo S

Apr 10, 2017

Very insightful and detailed. Perfect spoken and written English

創建者 Florian P

Jul 16, 2017

I really liked the course! One of the more challenging courses I've done on Coursera, but I was really happy I learned so many new things. I think it's really good that they also challenge their own method, to make you realize the ups and downs of this method.

Good - all including - course. If you have no prior knowledge, try to finish the Stanford introduction course they suggest before the start.

創建者 Diego S

Sep 07, 2017

Great course. Awesome introduction to Ecosystem Services. Well-balanced portrayal of the many tensions and difficulties in the field. Also a great exposure to MANY experts and many diverse opinions.

創建者 Mahmud H T

Oct 03, 2017

Ecosystem services is one of most suppressed issue in the field of environment. From this course i have learned the importance, calculation and maximizing the ES. Also learned some new topics in the field of ES.

創建者 Jonathan Z

May 01, 2018

This was an amazing course and ahead of our time with helpful content for this and future generation !

創建者 Willow S

Apr 15, 2018

Excellent course, very interesting but also in depth and thorough

Introduces not only the methods of Ecosystem Services but also the debate around the use of ecosystem services and how valuable they are and can be to improving the relationship between people and the environment.

The professors are also excellent and engaging; it is a very well-thought out course and I can only recommend it to anyone who is interested in environmental protection or in environmental policy.


Jul 09, 2017

Great Course indeed!

創建者 emerilson g e

Jul 21, 2017


創建者 Janos C

Sep 25, 2017

I enjoyed this course and found it highly informative. Very much appreciated the well balanced and critical perspectives and insightful practical examples.

創建者 Samuel R

Jun 12, 2017

Professional and really inspiring.

創建者 Urs B

Jul 01, 2017

Very interesting and inspiring course. Excellent teaching material and very motivated presenters. Thank you a lot!!!

創建者 Jorge S V

Jun 13, 2017

Excelent course

創建者 José M R

Feb 28, 2018

Excellent course. Very informative, motivating, eye-opening and thought-provoking. Highly interesting subjects addressed. Well-lectured (clear, understandable voices) which is seldom enough to be mentioned. Technically sound also (audio-graphisms-photography) which is important. Most of all, highly respectful of students learning needs, making it enjoyable to/for all learning levels.

Interesting contradictory debates among teachers/lecturers; definitely an innovative approach for a MOOC!

創建者 Cecilia R

Oct 26, 2017

Outstanding MOOC. I gain a lot of new idea, concepts, learned approaches and practical discssions takig place nowadays. I have a mch cleared ideas of how I can contribute to mainstreaming natural capital, ecosystem services making justice to nature, human beeing and keeping in consideration diverse stakeholders needs and ways of thinking. I would do it again and again.

Loved the settings of each smal modules. And I had fun as well! Lerning has been fun and engaging. Well done team!

創建者 Ali Y

Jun 11, 2017

I really appreciate the great and valuable efforts of the Dear Instructors. This course gave a good insight about the relationship of nature with human in terms of services and values and connection among all the benefits which can be gained from nature. For me it was very enjoyable experience to follow various yet instructive contents throughout the course.

Thanks for providing such an amazing course.

創建者 Mark S

Jul 30, 2017

Excellent course that serves as an excellent primer on Ecosystem Services.

創建者 Jewel L

Jan 30, 2018

Excellent course that covers the important points of the ecosystem services approach and how it may be influencing decisions at multiple levels of government and practice.

創建者 Sushma S

Dec 21, 2017

Great instructors, guest speakers, diversity of topics, well structured format and great supplemental course materials make this course one of the most relevant and interesting classes I ever have taken. Thank you for offering this course.

創建者 Andre H

Nov 27, 2017

What I really enjoy about this course is that there are so many different speakers from different sectors. That makes it interesting because it makes you aware of these different approaches of ecosystems services.