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學生對 ESSEC商学院 提供的 Diversity and inclusion in the workplace 的評價和反饋

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Diversity is a fact. It is also paradoxical. We need to be capable of seeing and hearing differences in order to reap the benefits of diversity. But seeing and hearing differences hone our discriminating reflexes and can also lead to discrimination. If you take this MOOC, you will: 1. understand this paradox, 2. understand its dynamics, and 3. identify ways to manage it, so that you can better channel the diversity potential in the workplace for greater performance and innovation....




I learned a lot in this course including information about myself as well as many different aspects of diversity and inclusion throughout many countries. I thoroughly enjoyed this course.



Open my eyes for some points that I am already thinking are fine. We are not ready yet, we are receiving wrong messages for a long time and doing so little to fix the gaps. Great Course.


201 - Diversity and inclusion in the workplace 的 225 個評論(共 240 個)

創建者 Jacqueline C


I would have like to see more recent examples and information. I only saw one excerpt that was 2010 throughout the entire course. D&I is more prevalent than ever now, and having more current statistical information would be helpful to those in and exploring this field.

創建者 Michael C


The information presented was well organized and easy to follow. I really enjoyed the case studies; the subjects of these studies are very relevant in today’s environment. I feel this course has furthered my development as a leader in business.

創建者 Alexis M


There were several videos with audio that was difficult to hear. And there are several links in Week 3 lesson that were dead.

Assignments could have been more clear.

Enjoyed the international perspective and the use of real-life cases.

創建者 Monica O


While I found some of the information to be helpful, there are definitely some outdated terms used in videos that are offensive. "Colored women" and "GLBT" are not what I expected to see and hear in a DEI course.

創建者 Katia C


Overall I found the information relevant but there were many typos in the presentations that made it seem less than professional. I learned some new information and am excited to apply it to my work practices.

創建者 Vladimir P


Good introductory course but datas and thematic should be updated, include reflexions about Covid-19 and effects, and also future of work (remote working etc..) and the implication of diversity and inclusion

創建者 Sangeeta M


It would be a great if recent statistics and more case studies are included. The cross word quiz was engaging and I enjoyed reviewing my peers. So much to learn from each of them, thru their assignments.

創建者 Cath'rine G


It was a very insightful program, brought to mind some revelations and I have gained a new purpose towards Diversity and Inclusion. This will help me to really want to do something for my organization.

創建者 Nestley S


It is a brief yet information packed to get enough knowledge on what diversity and inclusion is about. It will be great if there are more or even higher learning available to follow up this course.

創建者 Lauren P


This course was very well organized. The articles used to showcase subject matter were very interesting and helped bring to life the variouse concepts, theories and terms used within the course.

創建者 Adriana R


Enjoyed the peer review and peer group discussions it made the course more enjoyable. It brings thoughts, opinions, and views of others to see other sides of the case reviews within the course.

創建者 Shelly-Ann W H


This was an interesting course that gave me a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace globally. I believe the content needs to be refreshed and statistics updated.

創建者 Andrea W


Use of the word 'colored' is inappropriate in some countries and some of the information seemed outdated but overall, good course.

創建者 Carletta W


This gave me a global perspective and encouraged me to proceed with additional courses. This topic is not a one and done.

創建者 Lenise L


I liked the flexibility of the course and the global discussion. I’m looking forward to putting the knowledge to good use.

創建者 Prachi P


Great course for beginners. Provides insights into key concepts and how one can move towards inclusion.. Thank you

創建者 Neha M


I really enjoyed the course. Many global examples were provided which were really helpful. Really great course!!

創建者 Maria J A


É um curso muito bom e aprendi muito, porém precisa de algumas atualizações, alguns links não existem mais.

創建者 Avnee A


It's good. Ok okiesh good. You may give it a hand. Teaches you the basics of this stuff.

創建者 Sergio C


A course everyone should take. Learning the theory helps putting it into practice.

創建者 Dr. E L


The week 4 peer review assignment instructions and rubric do not align.

創建者 Saskia O


Very informative, engaging course. Enjoyed the assignements very much.

創建者 Sree D K K


A good course to learn about inclusive and diverse work environment!

創建者 Sanjay B


Helped in understanding the new concepts with good examples.

創建者 Vanessa G


Enjoyed the class. I just wished some of the links worked.