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Science is undergoing a data explosion, and astronomy is leading the way. Modern telescopes produce terabytes of data per observation, and the simulations required to model our observable Universe push supercomputers to their limits. To analyse this data scientists need to be able to think computationally to solve problems. In this course you will investigate the challenges of working with large datasets: how to implement algorithms that work; how to use databases to manage your data; and how to learn from your data with machine learning tools. The focus is on practical skills - all the activities will be done in Python 3, a modern programming language used throughout astronomy. Regardless of whether you’re already a scientist, studying to become one, or just interested in how modern astronomy works ‘under the bonnet’, this course will help you explore astronomy: from planets, to pulsars to black holes. Course outline: Week 1: Thinking about data - Principles of computational thinking - Discovering pulsars in radio images Week 2: Big data makes things slow - How to work out the time complexity of algorithms - Exploring the black holes at the centres of massive galaxies Week 3: Querying data using SQL - How to use databases to analyse your data - Investigating exoplanets in other solar systems Week 4: Managing your data - How to set up databases to manage your data - Exploring the lifecycle of stars in our Galaxy Week 5: Learning from data: regression - Using machine learning tools to investigate your data - Calculating the redshifts of distant galaxies Week 6: Learning from data: classification - Using machine learning tools to classify your data - Investigating different types of galaxies Each week will also have an interview with a data-driven astronomy expert. Note that some knowledge of Python is assumed, including variables, control structures, data structures, functions, and working with files....



Jun 30, 2017

Great course with a good balance of code and the rewards to be had from understanding how the code works - proved to be an excellent introduction to Astronomy and confidence builder in Python.


Aug 11, 2019

Such a wonderful course. It had a very good mix of astronomy and computer science. The programming activities were especially good and the lectures were very informative. I highly recommend.


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創建者 David B

Nov 02, 2017

Very enjoyable and at times challenging.

創建者 Russell O

Jun 20, 2017

Thank you for a very interesting, educational, and ofttimes challenging course. I suspect the instructors and mentors have introduced me to only the tip of the iceberg - 98% of data-driven astronomy lies below the surface and inside enormous datasets/databases. It almost makes me wish life had taken a different course and brought me to this fascinating subject. I would look forward to any further courses from you.


Feb 18, 2018

A solid, compact, no-nonsense introduction to machine learning in Astronomy using Python's rich scientific tool sets. I think the knowledge will help equip the learners to straight away apply some of the skills in practical scenarios not only in Astronomy but also in other ML scenarios. A delicious Apple pie of Computer science, Astronomy and Programming served in a bite sized fashion.

創建者 Syed K H

Feb 26, 2018

One of the interesting course and topic of coursera. Very informative, even you are not from this field, you will get lots of knowledge of this Astronomy.


Jun 09, 2017

Great course !! really enjoyed learning astronomy with data science..

創建者 Paul L

Jun 01, 2017

An optimal course for the type of learning that I am interested in. The programming assignments had the right level of challenge to keep me engaged with the lecture material. The use of Grok Learning tools was a definite bonus.

創建者 Ahammed A

May 09, 2018

A great course for a good understanding of the tools and the theoretical requisites of data driven astronomy

創建者 Tara S

May 27, 2017

I absolutely loved this course. I can honestly say this is my favorite class I've ever taken. What a perfect blend of real astronomy, programming, Python, SQL, machine-learning, and data analysis. Thank you SO much for creating/curating this course, and for all the mentors for their help and insight. I wish I could do this type of work for a living. Well-done!! Five stars.

創建者 Kristina I

Apr 19, 2017


創建者 Jerome L

Oct 16, 2017

I really enjoyed this course. It is very well structured, with a good progression in the complexity which make it accessible even for people who have quite no skills in Python or SQL, and who are no astronomers (like me). The teachers use a wide range of astronomical subjects to illustrate the different techniques used in data analysis. They propose examples and exercises based on real datasets, which is fabulous for people like me who don't have access to such datasets (or can have access to, but no comprehension of what they show).

Teachers are also reactive in the forums, which is much appreciated. And, for a non-english speaking person, the subtitles are very usefull. The Grok interface is incredibly easy to use, with, again, a progressive complexity in the exercises, and great explanations at each step.

If I tried to find something to improve, I would say: make more obvious how the learned techniques can actually help and improve astrophysical research, maybe with more examples of publications or concrete results obtained in the research field. But it's just quibble over details :-) The interviews in the bonus are very interesting.

So, congratulations for this great work, and thank you for opening a little bit the door of your laboratory :-). Now, more than ever, I hope to work in this domain one day.

創建者 Jonathan C

Dec 29, 2017

I highly recommend this course if you are curious about some of the big data tools and techniques used in astronomy. Especially if you already use Python a bit and want to try out some machine learning and other astronomy related python tools. I wanted to learn something about astronomy and to play with the data - the cross-matching and machine learning were my favourite parts of the course. As usual, I'm in awe about what we know about the universe - so to casually play with data on Active Galactic Nuclei for example, or redshifts of galaxies was great fun, educational and just brilliant. I've got things I want to try out now, before starting another course. Oh, and the two tutors present the material very well on the videos.

創建者 Aayush

Jul 01, 2017

A great course that helps one understand the basics of data analysis and how they are used in observational astronomy.

創建者 Надежда

Aug 13, 2017

Thank you a lot for your work and course.

創建者 Evangelos C

May 16, 2018

Excellent training program for people who wish to combine data analytics skills and astronomy! An entertaining 6-week period with really helpful tips and exercises that I will surely keep in mind in my future work! Thank you!

創建者 Carlos M S

May 24, 2017

A great course you may study if you are interested in Astronomy and Python!

創建者 Gautam D

Dec 03, 2017

First few weeks are challenging, from the coding point of view, but the knowledge that one gains about our Universe is simply fantastic. I've never enjoyed using a Programming language to solve, even though at a beginner's level, problems up until this class. Simply fantastic. If you're curious about Deep Learning, like I am, and are an aspirant in the field of Machine Learning, I highly suggest this course if you're trying to work your way around beginning your journey in Python. I'm proficient in R.

I can't believe this but I've always loved Astrophysics. After 6 years of education and getting a Master's in Industrial Engineering, this course has reignited my love to study our Universe. I will be hungry for more and will be returning to school in the near or distant future for a degree in Astrophysics. Thank You, I love Physics and I really wish I didn't waste my time pursuing what I did pursue.

創建者 Kris S

Jun 05, 2017

Course follows a very intuitive approach to impart modern astronomy knowledge with big data as a backdrop. Good coverage of materials, well-paced programming instructions, eloquently and excellent presentation of written notes.

創建者 Abhinuv N P

Apr 24, 2017

Excellent course for astronomy enthusiasts with really useful and informative Python Assignments. One of the best MOOCs I have attended.

創建者 Kendrick A M

Feb 27, 2018

Very comprehensive and appropriately challenging!

創建者 Xiaoping L

Mar 12, 2018

It's awesome! the combination of lecture and coding-tast is a very brilliant mode. This is my first course I have ever finished in Coursera! Thanks!

創建者 Luciano S

Jun 11, 2017

It was an amazing course!

創建者 Akhil P

May 25, 2017

This course has provide me with great insights in the field on Astrophysics. It has really helped in matching my interests in Astrophysics and Machine Learning. Now, I feel confident to play with data from SDSS and Kepler Exoplanet Archive.

創建者 Stephen G

Sep 24, 2017

Excellent course - Practical learning with realdata

創建者 Harshal G H

Jun 14, 2018

First, I enjoyed the course, thank you. I am a computer scientist by profession, and came here to learn how astronomers perceive data analysis software in their pursuit. This course not only introduced me to how software is used for data analysis in astronomy, but also gave me insights on challenges the community is (or could potentially be) facing. Course is well-paced on theoretical and programming fronts, along with necessary hand-holding whenever required. Hoping to see an advanced version of this course. Thank you again.

創建者 Bruno A

Apr 15, 2018

Very good course, with a very good platform for practice the lessons (Grok).