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學生對 阿姆斯特丹大学 提供的 Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma 的評價和反饋

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Welcome to this course on Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma. In this course you will learn data analytics techniques that are typically useful within Lean Six Sigma improvement projects. At the end of this course you are able to analyse and interpret data gathered within such a project. You will be able to use Minitab to analyse the data. I will also briefly explain what Lean Six Sigma is. I will emphasize on use of data analytics tools and the interpretation of the outcome. I will use many different examples from actual Lean Six Sigma projects to illustrate all tools. I will not discuss any mathematical background. The setting we chose for our data example is a Lean Six Sigma improvement project. However data analytics tools are very widely applicable. So you will find that you will learn techniques that you can use in a broader setting apart from improvement projects. I hope that you enjoy this course and good luck! Dr. Inez Zwetsloot & the IBIS UvA team...




Love it!! I haven't been this much confident with statistical analysis and hypothesis testing. I like this learning material as its practical (the cases and scenarios) part was very helpful. Thank you



An amazing course .Very crisp and clear. Thank you Dr.Inez for making learning so much easier and fun.Examples gave a better understanding.I'm sure I'll be able to apply it in my research. Thank you.


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創建者 Akshat K


The course contents are amazing and so is the delivery and articulation of Dr. Inez. Before this course, I completed several courses on Lean six sigma, but the way Dr Inez has structurally explained each step is excellent. However, I felt that there should be more content in this course because it's quite addicting.

If you are a new learner, I would suggest you to opt for this course without any second thought. Go for it!

Also, I request the course staff to provide a zip file including all lecture videos and assignments because I want to keep the contents forever with me. Thank you for this course and please come up with a similar, but advanced, version of this course.

創建者 Raghavendhraa K


Amazing course to refresh the statistical knowledge especially if you wish you take up Lean Six Sigma career path. It gave me enough time and chance to prepare and learn. It is a must for everyone.

創建者 Brenda C R


I love how they give the information and explained, they give the essential and as non native english speaker I appreciate that what she said it's also written.

創建者 Radha M


An amazing course .Very crisp and clear. Thank you Dr.Inez for making learning so much easier and fun.Examples gave a better understanding.I'm sure I'll be able to apply it in my research. Thank you.



I love the fact that the course teaches how to do statistical analysis using Minitab (actually that should be the title of the class). NO formula is given. I did a class approximately equivalent to this one but there were so much formulas to understand and retain that it was hard to follow. I am not saying that those formulas are not good to know but just that with a correctly programmed statistical software which does all the calculations, the most important for professionnals on the floor seeking to validate hypothesis and find root cause is to know which to test to use, how to collect the data and how to interpret the results. And that is what this course does very well. PhD student may need to know the formulas to challenge them because that is what they are, PhD students trying to improve the standards of science continuously. But again this course is highly practical and perfect for professionals on the filed. Now I need to buy a Minitab License...

創建者 Doru I


The course is well taught, to the extent that offers a good overview of statistics, in general, and of Minitab, in particular.

Regarding Minitab, not all of the students of this course are students at University, so not all are entitled to acquire an academic license of Minitab – an option that is effective and affordable. I graduated a long time ago, which means that a license fee of US$1800 is prohibitive.

I understand that Minitab “speaks” Lean Six Sigma and Quality, but could it be that there is a version of this course taught in Microsoft Excel? At least, Microsoft Excel is everywhere.

創建者 Hadeel Y


Love it!! I haven't been this much confident with statistical analysis and hypothesis testing. I like this learning material as its practical (the cases and scenarios) part was very helpful. Thank you

創建者 kelechi J


I really learnt a lot from this course. Being a process engineer requires continuous process optimization, thus this course aided to my analytical skills in handling chemical engineering projects.

創建者 jekin t


As a professional who want to do justice to the organizational problems through lean six sigma concept. Once must have understanding of data and its analysis with respect to six sigma. I am really glad to attend the course which is designed in such a way that once can easily co-relate and understand with his or her day to day problems. I would like thank Inez Zwetsloot and University of Amsterdam.

創建者 Eric M


Really great course with relevant industry examples. Very good explanation of the course content and the modules are well presented by the video professor Dr. Inez M. Zwetsloot. The course material is perfect for helping students to understand the learning objectivesI would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma. Eric Mwambaji

創建者 Rishi R k


Such a wonderful start for a people trying to improve their knowledge in basics analytics especially with Minitab. I would recommend this for all the people working with manufacturing sector. I was doing my intern when i took this course and this helped me a lot to boost my knowledge added with the hands on experience in the Intern. Thank you so much for this perfectly designed course.

創建者 Abd E M G


It is wonderful course, how amazing to simplify the course using examples, also those examples was real like what we met everyday so we easy to train easily....... also the professor use few examples and i think that is good point to let us use most analysis for one issue like our expenses monthly or fuel consumption..................... i like this course and thank you Inez Zwetsloot

創建者 Dr F S


Dr. Inez Zwetsloot is a superb professor. She has an outstanding command of the subject matter and effectively conveys her knowledge. Dr. Zwetsloot made the course most enjoyable. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in brushing up on Minitab or to anyone who might be contemplating an introductory course in statistics.

創建者 vijay k


Thank you Madam I have enjoyed the whole course. The way you explained the concepts with the help of case studies and hands on session in Minitab it was amazing experience. I am ready to take next course of your(related to this field). I am planning to introduce this whole course to my students. Hence I need PPT of this course. Kindly help me to achieve the same. Thanking you

創建者 Ravindra G


This course helps me in understanding data analysis through statistical data analysis concept for lean six sigma project. The Minitab was introduced very well to new users like me. I recommend this course for beginners who want to understand data analysis concepts. Thanks.

創建者 Márcia C S M L


The course is very very good. Focused on pratice, it explains the methods of statistical analysis for Lean Six Sigma Projects. The examples are very clear and support the learning lessons. If you want to learn clearly and objectively, I really recommend this course.



It's a good course for Beginner. I would highly recommend for Starters.

Instructor good at all concepts. She explained every concept with a related example. Exercises are really helpful.

Course structure is in proper order.

創建者 Dian G


very tough and interesting course...i have only a basic knowledge about analyst, but this course i learn so much thing about analyst. really tense, tough and interesting at same time. thank so much

創建者 Carlo L B


The course is very educational and a must for all data analyst professionals. The materials and topics are clearly explained. Also, the examples in the lessons make it easier to understand.

創建者 Asif R


One of the best course to learn Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma using Minitab software, videos are very engaging.

Thank you prof. Inez Zwetsloot for great explanination.

創建者 RaGHu t


The course was very useful to accelerate career in data analytics. The course is really good for beginners. Appreciate if more examples included in each of the topics.

創建者 Sugata B


This is probably one of the few courses in Coursera that I felt added some solid value to me. Sharp and focussed presentation with the material presented with examples in a most engaging manner. Kudos and many thanks to Dr. Inez for making a relatively dry topic so interesting. There were ample hands-on exercises to try the various statistical methods and calculations using mini Tab which really helped in the learning process.

The only thing missing is probably an end of course project or case study.

創建者 sidharth k


Good course on Data analytics ! the best thing about this is The Teacher gives a basic strong foundation on which analysis to use on which data like ANOVA chi square regression and logistic regression. Very organized

創建者 Abhishek K


Everything is tool based, No clear explanation of how ANOVA works or other techniques

創建者 YooSeung E K


The curriculum doesn't educate concept in detail without the use of Minitab.