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Have you ever tried to find a solution to a problem only to realize you’ve been focusing on the wrong problem from the very beginning? Or you’ve proposed a solution only to have it shut down by your boss or coworkers? How stressful and defeating is that? With massive changes in our world that seem to create the most difficult of circumstances, both personally and professionally, your skills as a critical thinker and problem solver need to be further developed now more than ever. By the end of this course you will have learned and memorized a practical model to solve problems on your own and with others. These 7 critical steps will ensure that you have looked at a problem from every angle and considered multiple solutions. In fact, this dynamic and holistic approach will help you solve problems once and for all!...




Many points touched upon were absent from the mind. But the real benefit has been made from the above. A lot of things have become clearer, especially after actually applying the Learning Points.



I love the structure of the course. The steps are easy to remember with the help of Kinetic Memorization. Overall, this course exceeds my expectation. Thank you.


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創建者 Hermi S


I love the structure of the course. The steps are easy to remember with the help of Kinetic Memorization. Overall, this course exceeds my expectation. Thank you.

創建者 Casey A B


I really enjoyed this course. Diane Davidson seems to be an expert at critical thinking. She made it easy to learn. Thank you.

創建者 Hani H Z


I​ really enjoyed this course, it is informative and I enjoyed the way of explaining the training, in a simple way

創建者 Syamsul A A R


It has been a great course as the shared tips and steps were practical and easy to apply. Nice and fun lecturer.

創建者 Khadija D


Thank you very very much Diane Davidson for teaching us with such thoughtfulness and wisdom! When I started the course, I didn't know how to deal with problems at all, not effectively. Yet here I am now, and can now do the 7 step problem-solving technique in my sleep. I was honoured to learn from you, and will be putting all the skills that I learn to good use in any situation that calls for it.

創建者 Gail T


A topic I didn't think I needed support with, but can see myself using the methodology for problem solving. I recognized much of the methods as a participant in problem solving, but now I feel confident to take the lead to act as an agent of change, with the benefit of a structured model.

創建者 Shawky m


Many points touched upon were absent from the mind. But the real benefit has been made from the above. A lot of things have become clearer, especially after actually applying the Learning Points.

創建者 mouhsinatou


One of the greatest online courses I have ever taken. The instructor was much knowledgeable and engaging. I gained a lot from this course. Thank You so much!



I​ am so greatful to learn. Thank you so very much Diane Davidson. I enjoyed each session and felt like not stopping. The further guidance of learning about critical thinking, problem solving, among others were so awesome, thank you once again for attached links to further study. I already started to practice the seven steps to problem solving in my personal life and professional environment which is helping me so much, to be honest, I have learned a lot and enjoyed Diane Davidson's lessons, you are a blessing, a very good couch. I love you.

T​hank Coursera for the opportunity you give us learners to explore, learn more, add more skills into our lives, certifications too that are added on resume, words alone can not express my joy about Coursera, I continue to recommend it to my family, friends, at my work place. Thank you so very much for the services.

創建者 Stefan C


A​wesome prepared essentials that I really can recommend also for experienced managers as intensification and repetition.

I would recommend this course too to every employee as you learn how to deliver good decision-making templates for the management and how to handle decision-making templates appropriate as the decision maker in a motivating way to increase critical thinking in your organisation. I really had a wonderful time working on the lessons and had no difficulties to finish in time.



Es un curso importante para varios frentes en la vida, tanto profesional como en la vida diaria. Ofrece información importante y herramientas sustanciales para el aprendizaje en la resolución de problemas. Es didactico y puede uno llevarlo a nuestro propio ritmo.

創建者 Jacqueline K


I found the course great and Diane really gets the message across. I would suggest giving a longer time for the additional reading. Some of the videos were almost an hour and I stopped them to take notes etc.

I really enjoyed the course

創建者 Bee J


Great course. Can't wait to start using 7 step Problem Solving Model. I love kinetic memorisation technique - very useful!! Thank you Diane very much for your time to prepare this course and for sharing your knowledge!!!

創建者 Khalid M


I really enjoyed this course, even the best course I have ever taken. The course content is clear and easy to understand. Special thanks to Diane Davidson for her positive attitude and excellent presentation skills.

創建者 DaLesa C


This gives you a better view of how to engage with problems, solutions and to address your triggers professionally and personally. Highly recommend. The trainer is great as well, her energy keeps you engaged.

創建者 Jasmine C


This is the best course I have taken in this specialization so far. I really enjoyed the hand movements to go along with the steps and that the instructor brought in real world examples.

創建者 Le T M D


After the course, i have a working model to solve any problem, large and small. I believe that i can use the problem-solving skills in all aspects of my work and life. Many thanks!

創建者 Pearlette J S


I​t helps to change the dynamics when interacting with others and shape percptions that might have been skewed

創建者 Sakiena


Execellent course, enjoyed every moment of it. I like Coursera training its really brilliant! KEEP IT UP!!

創建者 Christianus S A N


Easy learn course with good ilustration by Diane. Thank you for preparing this excellent course material.

創建者 Wendy N


Diane Davidson is truly engaging and helpful in presenting an easy way to practice Critical Thinking.

創建者 Padma A U


I love this course so much, it's give me some tips about problem solving that I need for my work life

創建者 Jasna D


​Excellent course. Lecturer is well-versed in this area and I really enjoyed the videos and examples.

創建者 Maha J T


this course is interesting, critical thinking is very important to improve our communication skills.

創建者 Mónica U L


Very good course and very easy to understand. I think all this is very useful for all kind of teams.