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學生對 现代艺术博物馆 提供的 What Is Contemporary Art? 的評價和反饋

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What is contemporary art? In this course, you’ll consider this question through more than 70 works of art made between 1980 and the present, with a focus on art from the past decade. You’ll hear directly from artists, architects, and designers from around the globe about their creative processes, materials, and inspiration. Five themes serve as your guide: Media from Television to the Internet, Territories & Transit, Materials & Making, Agency, and Power. You’ll look at 3-D–printed glass and fiber sculptures, performances in a factory and a museum, painted portraits—as well as those made with artificial intelligence—and interventions into television and video games. And much more, all drawn from the collection of The Museum of Modern Art. Come along as artists invite us into their studios, out into their neighborhoods, and to experiment with the materials they use. Not only will you develop a deeper understanding of how artists work today, you’ll also explore some of their many approaches to the pressing issues and questions of our time. By taking this course, you’ll gain confidence to look at contemporary art wherever you encounter it and make connections to your own life or creative practice....




Excellent, informative course, with much diversity. I laughed and smiled, felt awe and inspiration, cried and felt the pain and the beautiful defiance of pieces I might have never appreciated before.



Very interesting and easily consumable resources, lots of video, audio, and short text so it was very fun and accessible. They have a good diversity of artists across ethnicity, sex, and country.


51 - What Is Contemporary Art? 的 75 個評論(共 378 個)

創建者 Anastasia K


The course covers a wide spectrum of technical and conceptual aspects of contemporary art. I would highly recommend it to those interested in the art of our times and the interaction of artistic expression and its poitical,societal and psychological implications.

創建者 Yahann E R


A very interesting experience. This course allows the learner to be exposed to what Contemporary Art is and to get the rudiments to understand and discuss the different interpretations that can come up when being in front of a piece like the ones presented.

創建者 Liesl G


I wanted an introduction to contemporary art and was very happy with this six module course. There were over 70 works of art across a variety of mediums in the course and I feel that I now have a much better appreciation for modern art than I did before.

創建者 Cuca A


I​t's a great opportunity to get in touch with MoMA's perspective in Contemporary Art, and a invitation to better understand Contemporary Art when faced with it. And at the same time understand that media of expressions are infinite and within our reach.

創建者 Jean C L H


I really loved and enjoyed this course, was my first online course and it was easy to take my time and do every exercise, read every topic week by week, I will recommend this online course to many persosns as I can, thank you Coursera, for this chance.

創建者 Яценко Н В


I`m so glad and so thankful that Coursera has so amazing coursers! I finished course 'What is contemporary art?" from MoMA for free and there were amazing 6 weeks with interesting materials, wonderful artists and changing of my artist mind! Thank you!

創建者 Alice L F


Fantastic online course covering a large and varied range of topics, themes, artists and works. A really fun way to gain knowledge in an area of art you may not be familiar with. I have left this course feeling inspired and full of contemporary art!

創建者 Melanie H


Many thanks to MoMA for expanding my knowledge of many different types of artists and art.

A global reflection reaching levels beyond the simplicity of art itself.

The delivery of the material is easy to follow, well segmented and engaging.

Well done.

創建者 Claudia P G


Me encantó el curso!!! El amplio abanico de obras, técnicas y artistas, así como la interconexión entre diferentes latitudes, en cuanto a discurso, me pareció enriquecedor e ilustrador de lo que es el arte contemporáneo: el arte de nuestro tiempo.

創建者 Dawn W


Very interesting course which gives you more detail and understanding of contemporary art and the categories in which it can be focused in .I would recommend this course to those who would like to enrich their knowledge of contemporary art.

創建者 Maria V T


Ha sido un curso muy completo que permite abarcar diferentes temáticas en cuanto al arte contemporáneo y que sobre todo pone en auge su importancia como medio de expresión social. Es un curso muy completo y diverso que no por ello es pesado.

創建者 Alan M A F


it's an amazing course, as a mexican student of art theory I didn't think that I could do a course at the MoMA. But this time I already done!!

I loved every part of the course and I hope that MoMA continues bringing us this kind of content!

創建者 Isabelle S


I audited this class during the coronavirus epidemic and it gave me a similar feel as touring a museum, with the added value of having the comments of the artists themselves. Thank you! I cannot wait to return to contemporary art museums!

創建者 Beatrice C


A really interesting course that introduces to the world of contemporary art, starting from the works of some artists on viewed at MoMA, it illustrates their creative method and research to deal with the most current issues of our times.

創建者 Joseph A


I definitely recommend this course. It was a lot of fun and explored several different avenues of art. The content was great and it wasn't overwhelming. The user experience was seamless also and a great place to begin your journey.

創建者 Rebecca D


A very relevant course which covers a wide-range of artists and their works. The course discusses why their work matters and how it is impacting the way we interpret shared experiences of culture, politics and the environment.

創建者 Francesca P


This course is brilliant. I have been introduced to such a broad array of artists and ideas in a short time, in a way I would not have been able to do through my own research. I now feel equipped to go and explore even more.

創建者 Zuzanna P


Excellent Course quality from MOMA and Corey D Augustine. Looking forward for more In the Studio Series. I absolutely will redo the course after quarantine when I can get materials for doing the excercises. Thank you!.

創建者 Farida K


A great introduction to contemporary art. I highly recommend for people who are interested in understanding the reasons, the approaches of contemporary artists. The references used are varied and clear in explanation.

創建者 Alfredo T A


El curso me permitió entender más el arte contemporáneo, porque muchas de las veces, al observarlo, me ponía en conflicto, con mi entendido, que a partir de los impresionistas y hasta el arte moderno, tengo. Gracias.

創建者 Scott L


A well-organized course that gives an excellent sense of the possibilities and range of Contemporary Art. I've learned a number of new artists and the themes surrounding art today. Worth every second I put into it.

創建者 Tara M


I would absolutely recommend this course to others. The videos, readings, and perhaps especially the extra resources were more than rich. I will be revisiting some of the readings and extra videos in the future!

創建者 Marley S


Loved this course and the exposure to the many incredible and ground-breaking pieces of art at MOMA. the readings and in-depth studies of the artists added so much to my knowledge and understanding of this genre.

創建者 Isabella P


The course was insightful and very relevant to current times. The 5 topics reviewed and the artists for each one were very interested and presented a variety of points of view. I definitely recommend this course.

創建者 Mili B S


Thank you so much. Fantastic course. I love Contemporary art even more now. I have visited Moma and I really hope one day I can return to this wonderful museum and the amazing city of New York. Thank you.