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學生對 约翰霍普金斯大学 提供的 Understanding Cancer Metastasis 的評價和反饋

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Over 500,000 people in the United States and over 8 million people worldwide are dying from cancer every year. As people live longer, the incidence of cancer is rising worldwide, and the disease is expected to strike over 20 million people annually by 2030. Everyone has been, or will be touched by cancer in some way during their lifetime. Thanks to years of dedication and commitment to research we’ve made enormous advances in the prevention and treatment of cancer, But there is still a lot of work to be done. In this course, physicians and scientists at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine explain how cancer spreads or metastasizes. We’ll describe the major theories of metastasis and then describe the biology behind the steps in metastasis. The course also describes the major organs targeted by metastasis and describes how metastases harm the patient....




A big thanks to John Hopkins University for this course the faculty of this university is one of the best faculty i have ever seen all things are much clear and confidential.\n\nOnce again Thanks.



It is a beautifully designed course. it never gets boring. The best part is that you can learn at your own pace. Thank you all the instructors and Coursera for making the content available.


26 - Understanding Cancer Metastasis 的 50 個評論(共 464 個)

創建者 Juanita C A


This lessons are very good maked. i can know about the differences between the definitions and practice my English while i was learning. i can understand how the cancer works and why is a illnes so hard. i would like said thanks of the university for make this kind of activities, form students like me are really useful

創建者 Bhargav N W


It was really clear and concise. I have really enjoyed the course and really learned multiple concepts. I am an active researcher in the field of cancer biology (Ph.D. scholar). In my opinion, the addition of some content like association of metastasis with cancer stem cells and drug resistance would be more helpful.

創建者 Isaac G


Un curso muy completo para entender como el cáncer hace metástasis, los pasos secuenciales que lleva este proceso y los aspectos biológicos que esto involucra. Es un curso para tener conocimiento general del proceso de metástasis y con este será más fácil poder entender artículos científicos relacionados al proceso.

創建者 Ayusmita S


wonderful course, great instructors and a well thought out study plan. I learned alot from the course and hope to apply it in my career and make contributions to my community and society. A big thank you to all the professors and coursera for this learning opportunity from such a respected institution.

創建者 Ayesha R Y


The course was extremely helpful and informative in understanding of cancer biology and its affect on patients.I'm really thankful to all the instructors that helped in understanding the concepts better.Looking forward to more advanced courses related to cancer biology and ongoing research in this area.

創建者 Meera K


I am a final year medical student. This course has really helped me understand cancer metastasis very well. I am sure that this will definitely help me in learning and understanding each systemic cancer very well. Thanks much to all the faculties who took the lectures with ease and great understanding.

創建者 Dhruvkumar P P


The course content was very impressive. I loved the flow of the lectures and how easy it was to learn the concepts. One of the improvements can be to explain the slides in more detail if possible. But overall, the course was indeed very informative and they've helped me learn a lot of new concepts.

創建者 Levon K


A very optimal course. Videos are short, informative and to the point. Illustrations are precise, well chosen and critical. The authors very succinctly explain the connections among various factors of cancer, and also the connections between the disease mechanisms and the corresponding treatments.

創建者 Alejandro D R


I have learned a lot from this course. I would love to see a third course on cancer, as a follow-up to "Introduction to the Biology of Cancer" and "Understanding Cancer Metastasis.". They have helped me a lot to review and recall things that I already knew and learn new ones. Thank you very much.

創建者 Dr. A B


I found that this course was excellent, it was very informative, concise and helpful for me studying on the topic of cancer related issues in patients. I am so glad this course was available, I only wish I had known about it when I was doing research for my PhD. Thanks for being there Coursera!

創建者 Hamda


e​ven though I'm a medical student and have some information regarding this subject; the course was very informative and have few surprising and mind blwoing studies. Very intersting subject and hopefully one day I can contribute to cancer research by being a physician and a researcher

創建者 N. F


I loved this course and enjoyed it a lot!

Very informative and done in a simple as well as easy to follow way. Thanks to everyone who has participated in the preparation of this course and the course of the biology of cancer. I look forward to attending more courses with this team,

創建者 Renugadevi K


thanks for making the course very interesting. since the videos are very small it is easily to listen the lecture without any difficulties. thanks for introducing new terms and new concepts though coursera. it ll help me to search many article related to this course.

thank you

創建者 santhanagopalakrishnan g


I very much liked the structure of the course as it was presented with theory and was supported with clinical evaluations . If I could suggest anything at all ,I would like to see more challenging quiz's for one's self evaluation. Apart from that it was a valuable course.

創建者 Natalie E


I thought this course was excellent. My dad has terminal cancer and it helps understand what is happening with him and has helped me develop hypotheses of my own as he has squamous cell carinoma CUP which was previously confusing, but now makes a little more sense.

創建者 Muhammad F M


I would like to appreciate all instructors and professionals who actually designed this course and the ones who presented it in such a way that even most complicated sections were made to understand easily. A Unique learning experience. Thumbs Up Coursera !!!

創建者 Lauren C


Very succinct course, although if you have studied molecular/cell biology in depth, it will mostly be review. The pacing of the lectures was engaging, and each lecturer held my attention well. In short, this is a great course to review basic cancer biology!

創建者 Elzbieta O


Very good course given shortly, in very precise, explicit and clear way. There is a lot of information on mechanisms of metastasis as well as the causes of mortality. Dr Pienta is not only great scientist in the field but also a great lecturer. Thank you!

創建者 João V V


The course is very good, the the classes are very explanatory and easy to understand. I loved knowing more about metastasis and their characteristics, finally, I recommend the course!

Thank you for the opportunity and congratulations to everyone involved.

創建者 Jigisha G


This course was very informative. It helped me understand the metastasis of cancer in detail. The quiz helped me check my progress. Metastasis is a very important aspect related to cancer and this course gives complete understanding of Cancer Metastasis

創建者 Bavani L


I learnt the more signalling pathways and their functions,but need of individual cancers and their mechanism included in any advanced courses will be more useful to teach students .Nice presentations and slides.Thank you Dr.Kennath and his group .

創建者 sharanya r


This course has been really helpful in understanding and upskilling my knowledge on how cancer works inside our body.

The lectures have been wonderfully designed and are well put, which makes it easy for anyone curious about this, to learn better!

創建者 Samira Y


This is a wonderful course and i have loved it, as i have attraction toward cancer biology. The course contains deep informations and all the instructers are really great in explaining each & every topics related to it, which is really helpful.

創建者 Sibojyoti B


This is a very helpful course to understand the cancer metastasis. The course is wonderfully divided into particular sections to illustrate each step involved in cancer metastasis. This course will surely help me in my future studies on cancer.

創建者 Alonso G


I took this course just to learn more about cancer. However, it has helped me to understand even more things than just a simple definition. This course brings important information to be able to know all the process that cancer and metastasis.