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學生對 爱丁堡大学 提供的 EDIVET:如何成为一名兽医? 的評價和反饋

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This course is for anyone interested in learning more about Veterinary Medicine, giving a “taster” of courses covered in the first year of a veterinary degree and an idea of what it is like to study Veterinary Medicine....




The course has been really fascinating and interesting, covering a variety of aspects in the veterinary profession. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone thinking of becoming a vet in the future.



This course is very suitable for A level students who want to study Veterinary Medicine at university as it covers the role of a vet as well as teaching some basic skills and knowledge. It is bas


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創建者 Christina M


Nice introductory information. I do wish it had gone more in depth in certain topics, like common diseases, biology, and treatments, but it was a decent first look at vet work. I am glad they covered things like client issues, working with the public, and the structure of exams. I enjoyed the focus on the Dick school's history, and Edinburgh's place in veterinary history. It's cool to see an online course that focuses on the school's unique standing in the topic covered. Thank you for offering this class!

創建者 Sara D


I really found this course quite useful as I was hoping to get an insight into what I would study in vet school and this course has more than exemplified that I am more than willing to learn about veterinary medicine. I understand that this is just a small view of what it is to be an actual veterinarian but is certainly has inspired me to pursue this career.




創建者 Sky U


The course was organised very well, and touched on all the relevant topics for an aspiring veterinary surgeon like myself - including areas I didn't anticipate such as clinical skills and EQ.

創建者 Jemima B


I think this was a brilliant course and I highly recommend this course to anyone who is even remotely interested in studying veterinary medicine. It was so interesting and has really inspired me to want to learn more. I believe that it had a good mixture of learning material. I really think this course was an amazing idea and was so helpful to me and, I am sure, will continue to be for so many people.

創建者 Heidi S


I learned so much from this course and feel so grateful for the ability to be taught so much in such a short time on the topic of veterinary practices and science, anatomy and histology, comparative studies, etc. Very interesting.

創建者 Mikayla H S


I enjoyed this very much. Was interesting to learn new things I never knew about the history, the animals, the society of veterinary care. Truly wonderful and I am looking forward to continue my learning with animals.

創建者 Faith G


A really interesting course, gave me a great insight into the veterinary profession. Highly recommend to anyone who is considering applying for veterinary medicine or nursing!

創建者 Tayanna V A F


A really good course, with lots of information. I'm interested in studying veterinary and this made me realize it's amazing.

創建者 Katrina R


Loved it! It made me more motivated and interested in furthering my studies to be a veterinarian

創建者 Lauren M L


Really good course for gaining information about what veterinary medicine is like.

創建者 cemil y


This course is a successful course for the basics and introduction of the veterinary profession. I think it is more than enough for those who are curious about the profession.

創建者 Jessamine H


Really good overview of certain practices but some of the links don't work and the last module isn't that helpful in practice I don't think, but it is interesting

創建者 Sam H


Overall I was expecting more from the course. It started off well and then the last few weeks of lectures I felt was random and didn't tie in as well as it could have. I understand wanting to talk about William Dick as it is a part of veterinary history, as well as where this course is from, but it felt like too much information and focus for one week. It would be great to maybe start off this course with a brief history of vet medicine and tools and that's it.

There was course material on understanding terms for body components and directionality which is helpful, but then that was it. There was a large part about heart segments which felt out of place. This course is to provide some information to see a glimpse into being a vet. We get shown all the terms for parts of the heart and other organs aren't discussed. Perhaps breaking it up over maybe general organ locations or examples of what being taught without going into specifics for only one part. It felt very odd. That was then followed by respiration and then vet history and it seemed thrown together.

Overall I do think there is some great information for people interested to learning a bit of what veterinary students will learn. However, it can be presented in a better format and outline.

創建者 Jonathan G


Learned a lot about dog breeds but there was no mention of how to treat cats for common veterinary diseases that they might have. The focus was too much on canines. Also, in some of the quizzes they were asking questions that were either not covered in any of the lectures or were completely off-topic!

創建者 Pamela A


This course is taught by instructors with the most monotone of voices. I literally fell asleep during each lecture. I have worked in the medical field, specializing in cardiology, for 40 years. My love of animals was my reason to explore this course. But I am getting nothing out of it and am giving up on it.

創建者 Andrea V


Me encanto! Me encanto estudiar indirectamente en la universidad de Edinburgh, atraves de este curso. Aprendí muchas cosas, cuidados básicos de animales, el sistema del corazón, poder identificar distintas partes del corazón tanto por delante, por detrás, y por dentro, de corazones reales.

Me encanto ver corazones de distintos animales, me encanto ver los pulmones reales, me encanto ver patología, me encanto ver histología (es hermoso como se ve por dentro),

me gusto aprenderme las TPR (Temperatura, frecuencia cardíaca, y frecuencia respiratoria) de 7 animales diferentes, me gusto aprender diferentes cosas sobre la plaga bovina, me gusto saber como se origino la vacuna del moquillo en perros, que primero fue probado en hurones, me encanto ver la historia de la veterinaria, el como inicio la veterinaria, me encanto saber y ver el primer texto de veterinaria que fue en el año 1598 y fue de la anatomía de un caballo, me encanto ver los primeros registro de cuidado medico animal que fue en el antiguo egipto en un papiro llamado Kahun, y también ver un registro antiguo de la india, me encanto ver las jeringas antiguas, etc!


Y quisiera seguir en el curso sin que acabe, y quisiera estudiar Medicina Veterinaria en la Universidad de Edinburgh.

創建者 Rowan A


This course was exceptional. I was fully engaged with the course material for each week, even history - which I wasn't expecting at all!

This helped me better understand and appreciate the profession, and has helped me act on pursuing a career in veterinary research - a long sought-after u-turn in my current career. As it covers a simple introduction into several sectors within the veterinary education, I found a clear interest within health & disease which I will be taking further.

The tutors are excellent, and the material at a good level of difficulty to keep you engaged but not overwhelmed.

I'd recommend giving this course a try. If it's something you're passionate about, it's easily worked around a full-time job - and may help you identify a career interest and strength that you wouldn't have realised otherwise.

創建者 joel n


This course is very crucial for anyone interested in studying Veterinary medicine. It outlines clearly the basic information to be covered early in veterinary studies worldwide. The course finally ends with interesting history of veterinary medicine and narrows down to Edinburgh. A unique curiosity is created by the introduction of both current veterinary practice and more towards future discoveries, moreso, by the use of modern 3D printing in current treatment of fractures and it's greater potential in future. I recommend this course to everyone who's looking forward to an outstanding experience. Thank you Royal Dick College of Veterinary Medicine for your generousity and kindness to a boy in Africa who could only get this knowledge on Coursera using a smartphone.

創建者 Aedrian A


I took this course as out of pure casual interest, as I am already in the (human) medical field. Nevertheless, I deeply enjoyed this course and feel that my understanding of common domesticated animals (especially dogs and cats) has increased. This course is recommended for casual learners and those who are thinking of going to the veterinary field. The parallels in clinical approaches between human and veterinary medicine are truly interesting, and the historical perspective is endearing. I realized that with the emerging importance of One Health, (human) physicians should begin to take heed, perhaps, of the unique strengths and coverage of veterinary medicine for medicine and public health purposes.

創建者 LUIS G M


It is an excellent course for the training of future veterinarians. I am currently a student of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. This course helped me a lot for my training as a veterinarian and is a great motivation for Edinburgh veterinarians as well as veterinarians from other countries, especially North America. At the end of my degree, I would like to study a master's degree at the University of Edinburgh and further specialize in other topics of interest in this beautiful profession. I wish you every success.

創建者 Javier M M M


Hello, good day you have:

I think it is an excellent course because it gives us a very broad about what is the career of Veterinary Medicine scene. Thank you very much for making it accessible to the person who wants to take it.

If I may make a suggestion I would like pusierna subtitles in Spanish for people who are not fluent in English.

Thank you very much to the University of Edinburgh, the Dick Vet and veterinarians who developed topics. Much success in any endeavor they undertake. THANK YOU VERY MUCH


Javier Martín Montelongo Montoya from Mexico

創建者 Fatima U


As an aspiring veterinarian i loved this course! It is very informative and enjoyable. I love how they’ve managed to teach us, and relay the experience and insight of what it feels like to be a first year veterinary medicine student generally and at The Royal Dick School of veterinary medicine itself. I’ve been enjoying learning this course so much and I’m kinda sad it ended. I loved every second of it and it only made me more excited for the Veterinarian journey. If you’re interested in veterinary medicine i highly recommend you to enroll in this course.

創建者 Priscila M M


Bueno puedo decir que este curso es increíble para obtener una nueva perspectiva de la profesión, actualmente me encontraba dudando de si esta carrera era para mí y concluí que me apasiona.

Me encanta adquirir este tipo de conocimiento y la Universidad de Edimburgo brinda un curso excelente con profesionales dedicados, que hacen de la hora de aprender un momento muy ameno.

Sinceramente, he quedado muy agradecida de poder haber hecho y completado este curso, amplió mis ganas de continuar y sumó las de conocer algún día esta hermosa universidad.

創建者 Sofia F


This was a very insightful course and helped me understand more of how vet-med is taught in the University of Edinburgh. I was amazed by all the extra resources, the interactive anatomy exams and, overall I believe everyone interested in pursuing a carrier within this field should check the course. PS. I now feel more confident for my upcoming interview at Royal Dick School, I feel like I have a lot to discuss on. Thanks to all the fabulous teachers and lecturers that made this MOOC possible!