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學生對 爱丁堡大学 提供的 天体生物学和寻找外星生命 的評價和反饋

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Learn about the origin and evolution of life and the search for life beyond the Earth....



Oct 12, 2015

Very interesting and engaging course. There are longer and more in-depth courses if you want them but if you want a concise overview of astrobiology on your own time, then this course is perfect!


Apr 29, 2020

Excellent Course. And not just this course but also the Pandemic series of lectures on Youtube. Glad I discovered Charles Cockell. Will be looking for more of his classes/lectures in the future.


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創建者 Richard P

Apr 29, 2020

Excellent Course. And not just this course but also the Pandemic series of lectures on Youtube. Glad I discovered Charles Cockell. Will be looking for more of his classes/lectures in the future.

創建者 Marcel P

Feb 25, 2018

The course is general and easy approachable. It discuses many aspects in a public outreach manner. The first three lectures contain a lot of information, while the last two are shorter and simplified. The large number of questions during the exams helps fixing the key points (although few questions are silly, or I could not understand them - maybe due to my bad English). For me, it would have been interesting to get more references to the most relevant papers, and more numbers (in particular in the last lecture where Drake equation is discussed - what are the numbers according to last findings in exoplanets?). Some of the points related to exoplanets have to be updated (bu this is understandable - exoplanets are a domain the grows exponentially). Overall, it was a pleasure to follow this course and I fully recommend it!

創建者 Yash A

Feb 20, 2016

This course has been extremely helpful, captivating, and thoroughly enjoyable! I learned so much from this course, and it has only intensified my interest and curiosity for this field.


-Oganization and structure of the content

-Balanced in terms of duration, difficulty, etc.

-Delivery of the instructor, who was very engaging and maintained interest throughout the course, and his personal interest and knowledge in this field was clearly evident.

-The assignments were well weighted, relevant, and a good indicator of my understanding of the course content.



So thank you to the instructor, the institute, and everyone else involved in providing this wonderful course. I look forward to more in the future!

創建者 Eric L

Oct 12, 2015

Very interesting and engaging course. There are longer and more in-depth courses if you want them but if you want a concise overview of astrobiology on your own time, then this course is perfect!

創建者 Gemma G

May 03, 2020

I greatly enjoyed this course - I learnt a lot of interesting new information about astrobiology, and I feel inspired to learn more about astrobiology. I came into the course with an initial interest, but not knowing much about the field, and it was very clear to comprehend for me as a beginner. Professor Charles Cockell structured the lectures well, making it easy to follow, and I enjoyed the quizzes, which allowed me to consolidate my knowledge. A big thank you to Professor Cockell and the team that went into curating this course! I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is interested in space or science in general, including beginners, as it is very accessible.

創建者 Laureline F

Jun 14, 2019

This course was very educational and fascinating. My knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology is close to 0 but I didn't have any issues following the classes. The scientific concepts are explained clearly and the different modules are well structured so everything is easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in the origin and possibility of life on Earth and on other planets.

創建者 Adam H

Jan 18, 2016

Great course, Charles does a great job teaching the course! opens up the possibilities of the origins of life and other possible life in our solar system and universe. thanks to Coursera.

創建者 Gaeun K

Feb 08, 2019

Excellent course for learning basic concepts of Astrobiology. It covers various topics including microbiology, history, and social implications of finding extraterrestrial intelligence.

創建者 Kirsten S

Nov 03, 2017

It's a perfectly good course that just wasn't what I was hoping for. This felt very anthropocentric. Lots of liquid water and habitable zones. To me it left out the most interesting parts of astrobiology- the range of potential chemistries and scales that are possible for different life forms. Not much coverage of what counts as life either. It's a good survey of some aspects of astrobiology and a fine introduction if you're just getting interested.

創建者 Gagandeep S

Mar 05, 2020

The course is well structured but it needs to be updated real time

創建者 Safet H

May 27, 2020

I started the course as a fun pastime, to think less of the coronavirus pandemic. Ironically, the course made me reflect on how humans imagine and construct the boundaries around themselves and life more generally. Viruses are a good example. Professor Cockell did a *stellar* job (excuse the obvious pun). As I listened to his lectures, I made numerous connections to my work in social anthropology. The format is perfect. I was allowed to work at my own pace. The quizzes were not difficult, but required effort. One really needs to pay attention to the lectures, and I suggest making copious notes (I have some 60 pages for this course). I would make only two suggestions: a) update some of the material, as it became obvious a couple of times that it was created a while ago; b) include the histories of space thinking/exploration beyond Euro-American contexts (e.g. Abbasid Golden Age, Muslim Spain, Mughals and various Indian subcontinental polities, China). Great job! I enjoyed it very much.

創建者 Molly L

May 05, 2020

It's crazy to me that 5 weeks have gone by and the course is over! This course has taught me so much and has caused me to be more inquisitive, and more optimistic. I've learned about the physics of space, and I've learned about people. I've learned about types of planets, the way the Earth moves geographically, and I've learned about the moons of Saturn. You'd think that this course wouldn't be this widespread, but wow it is! This course opens you up to learn new things, and you can continue to learn in greater detail about the topics discussed based on your interests. You can think about where you fit into the world, the solar system, the galaxy, and beyond. I'm so glad I took this course, and I encourage EVERYONE to take it! You will be changed.

創建者 Riya

Aug 14, 2015

A comprehensive and fascinating introduction to astrobiology. The course is delivered by an excellent team and offers valuable insight into the cutting-edge field.

I would just like to mention to anyone thinking of taking this course that while it is indeed catered to beginners, there are some sections in which it would be helpful to have a basic understanding of cell biology (ultrastructure in particular) as technical terminology is used and could potentially be overwhelming without some prior knowledge.

However this only applies to a small part of the course and the rest is very much accessible. Highly recommended.

創建者 Vesta P

May 10, 2020

For a while I've struggled to unite my love for astronomy and biology in a way that both subjects have a role in my life, so needless to say that discovering the field of Astrobiology has been the perfect gift. This course is excellent for getting that first feeling of the subject, the questions it attempts to answer and the methods used. The information is presented in a concise yet very captivating manner and the summaries at the end of each lecture are a huge help. A big thank you to Prof. Cockell for his enthusiasm and engagement and to the team that made this course possible - would definitely recommend!

創建者 Deborah D

May 08, 2020

This was a fun course and not hard to keep up with. I look forward to using my knowledge to read more about current research looking for extraterrestrial life. One thing that might make the course even better would be an update, since the lectures are from a number of years ago at this point. The update could be simple, like a short reading or short lecture that comes at the end to provide a quick update on what new things have happened since the course was recorded. Alternatively, please make it clear *when* the course was created so that we know how much time has passed since then!

創建者 Karthik S K

Jun 13, 2016

Astrobiology is one of the most interesting field in science having profound implications in our view of our daily life. The course has been framed to provide a basic understanding of concepts involved in the field of Astrobiology. Professor Charles Cockell was just amazing to dramatizes events spanning more than 4 billion years of our Planet. The lectures had the materials and stuff to stimulate a persons curiosity, to wonder about his origin and the place in this cosmos. The lecture makes one ponder and was very connective in a deeper sense. TOTALLY EXTRA-TERRESTIAL!

創建者 Amina H

May 04, 2020

I had so much fun learning about Astrobiology from this course. Professor Charles Cockell is very cohesive, clear, and engaging. The questions at the forum are quickly answered and they are such a good place to further discuss and learn about a particular topic that you might be interested in. Although the course is a bit old, it is nonetheless resourceful in many ways and you are welcome to update yourself as you go through the course. I highly recommend this course to anyone fascinated by space exploration efforts.

創建者 Kamille M L

Feb 13, 2019

This course summarizes the study of astrobiology in very direct and clear lectures. Every topic relevant to the study is mentioned, including many historic events and discoveries. As someone who has been interested in astrobiology and has been exposed to this new field of study by collaborating in outreach with astrobiologists like Dr. Abel Mendez in Puerto Rico, this course provides a brief compendium and an open invitation to get involved. I look forward to more ways of learning astrobiology online.

創建者 Ilaria E

Apr 03, 2017

Highly interesting and informative course, it gives you a well balanced overview of the subject and act as a springboard to delve further into the study of the Universe and its marvels. Personally I really enjoyed professor Cockell's lessons, I found him amiable and his teaching clear.

If anything, I would say it is advisable to have a second source of information concerning space missions and science discoveries as some of these go back to 2013-2014, when the course was likely prepared.

創建者 Ethige I P S

May 15, 2020

Excellent and well-designed course! Thanks a lot, Sir for this amazing experience.

This course has its own beautiful flow from the beginning to the end and with very well understandable simple English for anyone in the world. I am so sure that this course is going to give me a huge boost to my future carrier and in my dream field.

Suggestions: Few contents have to be revised and updated since many major astrobiological findings were done during the last few years.

創建者 Nikola C

Feb 09, 2020

A great introductory course for those that have an interest on how life could possibly survive elsewhere other than Earth. I am self-educated by the means of reading and watching documentaries and this course peaked my interest. I was able to follow and understand the modules discussed, even though I haven't had any formal study for the past 15 years.

The structure of the course was simple and well-thought through which I thoroughly enjoyed!

創建者 Nikitha s

Dec 15, 2018

Some people look at the sky using nothing more than their eyes, I am one among them. I was always been fond of astronomy, looking same sky every day is my hobby. This course is one of the most exciting course that I had completed in coursera which explains us about most interesting questions in astrobiology. At the end of this course I had a better idea about why we're searching for life on other planets

創建者 Susann

May 21, 2019

Excellent course by Professor Cockell from the University of Edinburgh. The lectures are interesting and easy to follow. A wide variety of subject are covered and presented very well. I did speed up the videos a little bit. Only point of criticism I have: In one of the quiz questions one possible answer is "about a decade ago". This of cause does not work well in a course that is online for a longer time.

創建者 James W

Apr 27, 2017

Excellent course! I'm an electrical engineer, not an astronomer nor biologist. However, I've always been interested in both topics. This course delved into both just enough where I stayed focused and understood everything. Each course was extremely interesting and I learned many new things in each. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in the science behind the search for extraterrestrial life!

創建者 Nicholas K

Nov 05, 2018

The Astrobiology course is a brilliant MOOC which briefly explains the basic principles of astrobiology but also some extremely interesting facts in this field. The course has a nice and steady flow which is easy to follow and the deadlines are flexible and easy to manage. Overall, I really enjoyed spending my time on this course. It was the perfect way to learn more on this field. Astrobiology rocks!!.