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學生對 西澳大利亚大学 提供的 Agriculture, Economics and Nature 的評價和反饋

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Sound economic thinking is crucial for farmers because they depend on good economic decision making to survive. Governments depend on economic information to make good policy decisions on behalf of the community. This course will help you to contribute to better decision making by farmers, or by agencies servicing agriculture, and it will help you to understand why farmers respond to policies and economic opportunities in the ways they do. You can use this course to improve your skills and knowledge and to assess whether this is a subject that you'd like to study further. The course includes high-quality video lectures, interviews with experts, demonstrations of how to build economic models in spreadsheets, practice quizzes, and a range of recommended readings and optional readings. Assessment is by quizzes and a final exam. The key economic principles that we’ll learn about can help us understand changes that have occurred in agriculture, and support improved decision making about things like agricultural production methods, agricultural input levels, resource conservation, and the balance between agricultural production and its environmental impacts. There are literally thousands of agricultural economists around the world who work on these issues, so there is a wealth of knowledge to draw on for the course. Watch a brief video about our course here:




Very rich syllabus and highly interesting course. Thinking of applying for MSc. in Agric Economics, I never give it a thought until I took this course. Thanks to the University of Western AUSTRALIA.



The whole course gave me economic insight of the agriculture. Also, prepared me to see the agriculture projects and products from the economic perspective's. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.


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創建者 Stefano D S


What a Wonderful Course. Thanks to David and everyone else that put in huge amounts of effort to provide such an insightful and broad course. I truly learned a lot and will be implementing a lot of what I have learned here on our family farm in Brazil.

創建者 Mutiara R M


It was very interesting subject for every one who are interested in this particular area. I definitely want to learn further related Agriculture Economics and Environmental Economics. Thank you University of Western Australia academic team!

創建者 Dursun D


It is good for those who are interested in environmental side of agricultural economics. Interviews with farmers and experts are interesting. Instructor and his reading assignments are also good though some of the links are not working.

創建者 Maria Z


Hi, Thanks a lot for creating such an amazing course. The content was interesting and diverse, and especially I loved reading/watching extra material that professor added to each weak. Absolutely will recommend it to everyone!

創建者 Jame T M


A very informative course. Professor David Pannel explained all economic theories very well that the learners could understand them. The course has encouraged me to learn further the topic of Environmental Economics.

創建者 Uditha C


Very valuable and higher standard program. Professor David Pannell is delivering a wonderful transformation of insight to students. All the best wishes for University of Western Australia and Coursera Inc USA.

創建者 Kechagia P


This was a great learning experience and a very good course. Professor Pannell is a brilliant presenter. This course was educative and very interesting. I enjoyed it and I highly recommend it.

創建者 David M N


Very informative, enjoyable to study and clarity of concepts on relationship between economics and agriculture. I was particularly intrigued by the topic on PEAK PHOSPOHROUS.

創建者 Daniel


V​ery informative and educational. I attained my goals for this course which were to learn what factors are important considerations for economics in modern farming.

創建者 Christopher H


After completing studies in Agriculture 20+ years ago, I found this course to be a great refresher and really opened my eyes to the economics of resource management.

創建者 Gurnit S S


With the aid of this course i have learned numerous vital aspects related to the agri-business management like inter relationship between cost supply and demand.

創建者 Roberta C


Interesting course on Agriculture and Economics, very useful to revise important economic concepts and also to learn more about agriculture. Highly recommended.

創建者 Alejandro I L


Great course, I learned a lot of new and interesting things. I wish I could go and continue my studies by going to UWA, maybe in the not-so-distant future :)

創建者 Bishow A


This is fantastic course, This course relates with true world examples and focus more on practical education. Thank you coursera for such a nice course.

創建者 Jose C C


An exceptional agriculture and economics course that can be a supplementary course to Discover Best Practice Agriculture for Sustainable Agriculture.

創建者 Brianna R W


Clear and concise teaching, combined with helpful and accessible resources. A good basic guide to agriculture and agricultural related economics.



An excellent course and online experience. Coming from an industrial environmental management background, this has given me insight and interest

創建者 Damián G


Thank you very much for this beautiful course. So many concepts, clearly explained and with great passion. Best wishes from Montevideo, Uruguay.

創建者 Nancy W


Interesting material, good presentation and explanations. Provided some incentive to undertake other similar MOOC's if they become available.

創建者 Patrick P


Its a great learning experience and I enjoyed studying farm economics, nature, and agriculture. Thank you for a pleasant learning experience.

創建者 Monkey L


Learnt a lot through this course. I appreciate the help from the experts from Australia and hopefully I can apply this in Malaysia.

創建者 Tanveer A


This course is very benefical for the students who related with Agriculture Fields , i recommended this course to Agri Students.

創建者 Oleksandr Z


very interesting course with valuable information. Espessially informative fact about goverment payments to farmers. Recommend

創建者 Alejandra S G


Curso excelente. Muy innovador y apropiado para el análisis económico con perspectiva ambiental de los agroecosistemas.

創建者 Cong R C


A great short course delivered by one of the best agricultural economist in the world with a great publication history