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學生對 Coursera Project Network 提供的 Python 数据结构 的評價和反饋

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Data structures play a crucial role in application development. The proper selection of data structures is important for efficient algorithm development. The availability of a list, for example, greatly simplifies sorting a collection of data items. It would be difficult to do this without that data structure, as you will see. This is why Programming languages like Python have certain fundamental data structures built into the language. In this course, you will create a Python application that reads from a file containing words and their definitions. You will use Python’s built-in data structures to make a multiple choice quiz based on words and their definitions. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....




Love the material, Applied my knowledge of python, feel very confident like I knew it whats going to be next step. helped me build my algorithmic knowledge.





51 - Python 数据结构 的 60 個評論(共 60 個)

創建者 Derbin M


Some lines of code require more explanation.

創建者 Mithila F


awesome experience

創建者 Megan N


The course was great, I enjoyed this short introduction to python. However, I got locked out of my workspace and I couldn't finish my project, even after I paid again I didn't get assigned another workspace, it was a waste of money in that regard.

創建者 Wong W J


The Instructor was not well prepared before recording the video

創建者 Rohit 3


waste of time...

創建者 Sai V K s


not worth

創建者 Troy C


I don't feel great about giving a 1 star review, but it is the honest truth. This 'project' is a simple type along the instructor with no challenges, explanations or path defined. Typically a project would start with a demo of what you will make, give you a concept of the end goal in appearance and function. At the beginning I didn't even know if the quiz was going to be select the multiple choice definition of the word, select the word that matches the definition, type the word, a GUI or anything. It was blindly following along typing until a poorly marked up terminal app was built where the series just abruptly ended. The classes felt a bit unprepared in the way of structure, explanation or even just the dead air while the instructor sat thinking of the next move/finding a bug that caused an error. I feel it could be drastically improved by cleaning up the terminal/command line output and making the quiz a bit more refined visually, a demo of the app at the start of the project to let people understand what they will be making and working toward and understand "Oh I am doing this function, because it will lead to that final part that I saw". Throw in a few "challenges" try and solve this bit, as it is a project WE are working on, not just blindly following, obviously have a "solution video" ready to go incase people aren't able to get something working. Last major thing would be editing, edit out some of the dead air, use some visual aids in the edit, minimalist would be better than nothing. A great example is Chuck Severances courses from Michigan, some simple visuals to help explain and clarify why we did what we did and deepen the understanding of the project. I wanted to give a deeper and fair look at the course to justify the one star review, hopefully it helps people make a decision on whether or not to do the course. *** Also, just as an added note, after paying full price for this course in the morning, the same day I can no longer access it after lunch. I have been "Locked out" as I have "spent too much time in the cloud space". I can no longer access the notes, files or even my own work to download and review due to this. The access was under 8 hours easily. Very disappointed.

創建者 Alex A


To put it simply, I fail to understand the purpose of this Project. It covers essential, but extremely elementary and low-level Python knowledge - lists, dictionaries, sets, and tuples. Assuming you already have an understanding of all this (and you should, this knowledge is one step above print("Hello world")), this Project provides absolutely nothing of value. Assuming you have no idea of any of this, this Project would be even worse for you as none of the concepts are actually explained.

創建者 Pranjal A


Not Good.

Just do this and that no explanation.

If you have little knowledge then it is just too easy.

創建者 Frank E


Not done well. Just "type this" and run, little to no explanation.