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學生對 亚利桑那州立大学 提供的 Teach English Now! Second Language Reading, Writing, and Grammar 的評價和反饋

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In this course, you will learn ideas for teaching reading and writing courses, and how to include grammar instruction within them. Learn how to help students with differing types of reading problems and how to implement both intensive and extensive reading strategies. Learn strategies to engage students in the stages of writing--pre-writing, writing, and post-writing. Find out about different writing problems that students may encounter. Incorporate grammar through the use of noticing and input enhancement....



I am greatfully thankful for giving me the chance to dive into that amazing world of Reading, Writing and Grammar stratagies so that I could modify my teaching style for my students to benefit more!!!


Although the skits are cheesy, they improve comprehension of the concepts discussed throughout the course. The course was still meaningful because it teaches you to integrate all skills in one lesson.


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I mentioned above I would like to have TESOL Certificate as it has been accepted all around the world. But the price is too expensive for me to afford the fee, because my school administration reduced my salary because of the economical problems they faced.

So I need financial aid for the certificate program.

Please help me.

2- I graduated from university in 2011 and during these years, in education world there have been too many new methods & systems which enable teachers to teach better. Because when I was at university as a student, we had just the blackboard and data shows in our classes. However, now we have multimedia rooms which include smart boards and other technological devices that enable students and teacher enjoy and learn in the class. So I hope that throughout this program, I will learn too many new, useful tips to use in my class and motivate my students to take part during the lesson. If I achieve to motivate my students, they will learn better .They will improve their English level.

Another advantage of this certificate program for my career is that I will get an excellent verified certificate which enables me to reach my goals. After having this certificate, I will apply to any colleges and I will get a job in the world as an English teacher.

3-I can not accept any loan interest because of my religion belief.

創建者 Cristina S


This course was very helpful because it helped me understand how to teach grammar by integrating it into the skills of reading and writing. Most of the time, I have taught Grammar as a separate component.

Through this course I have been able to see that there are more creative and effective ways to teach structure and rules. This does not mean Grammar Books are useless at all. Instead the relevance of Grammar can be found in Reading and Writing. As a teacher I can help students recognize this connection.

Thank you Professors!!

Cristina Stern

創建者 Katone M


Hello everyone. I am glad to study this course. I have learned the main methods of teaching reading and writing and how to teach grammar in an easy way. Thanks a lot for Arizona State University and Coursera Team for giving this great opportunity for Asian Girls. I reccommend it to every person in the world who has a huge desire of learning and improving their skills.


Tahmina Saidova

創建者 Marbey P C


Hello, In this course I learned to be more competitive, to feel more confident when preparing a lesson plan and to know how to lead with the students, guide them to better acquire the English language, also to improve my knowledge in certain aspects, it was a course that I really enjoyed due to I really like fables and I think is a very good way to teach.

創建者 Oleh C


Great course that gives a lot of understanding on how to put all of these three aspects of English teaching together. Following instructions and ideas from Teach English Now! the lessons will definitely go more smoothly and help students to achieve their goals.

Thank you for the amazing job Dr. Shane Dixon, Jessica Cinco, and Dr. Justin Shewell!

創建者 Aydın H


I hoped the last assessment was not to add a video because this time I do not have any video recording materials like camera or etc.

the assignments were great and valuable.

I hope the quizzes do not focus on how much we can remember but on how much we could understand. examples given were understandable in this course of TESOL 2.

創建者 marlen c


I want to thanks to the teachers who develop the course . The system is excellent because iT gives to the students time to organize to do every lesson in our way. i had health problems but i could finish the course by learning too much. it will help me as a teacher to teach in a diiferent point of view. THANK YOU.

創建者 Clarise P


This course was excellent! I learned a lot of new techniques and information about how to incorporate reading, writing, and grammar into my English lessons. Also, the course Instructors created such fun videos that it was a joy learning all the information! Thank you so much for this wonderful course!

創建者 liushixin


I think it is very useful for me to teach english course in the furture even I am not a teacher now.I don't have no any experience of teaching,but this course really helped me out.How I will represent myself in a class,not only english teaching but also any other courses.thank you very much.

創建者 Cynndi N


As a parent and school volunteer, I know how reading and writing can open up the world of imagination and how important the connection of grammar is to reading and sharing written stories. ASU instructors have made a great impact on my desire to follow through on becoming an ESL mentor.

創建者 Jarele H


I have learned a lot throughout the course and I had fun while learning as well. The lessons were easy to absorbed and they're all well- presented . Thank you is not enough but I've been inspired to do my best as a teacher like you Dr. Shane Dixon, Dr. Justin Shewell and Jessica Cinco.

創建者 Andy A


I love the creativity of the teachers in acting out fairy tale characters to teach the theory which effectively making the theory more sticky and memorable to me. Also it is really fun and absolutely to watch and learn from the teaching videos. I love this course so much!

創建者 ELMA J O C


An excellent lesson for both the novices and the experienced teachers. Indeed it is very helpful to take courses like this, especially for reading teachers. I remembered my post-baccalaureate degree in language, reading, and literacy with the activities taken herein.



I enjoyed the course. It challenged me to become more comfortable teaching. The lesson plan exercises were very useful and will help me as I enter the career of more formal teaching. Thanks to all the instructors. The videos were engaging and entertaining.

創建者 Sherif M A A A


It is an excellent course and materials are so useful. Videos are enjoyable.

I learned so much from it , reading and writing strategies, grammar introduction .

All of this was so much help for me.

Thank you for everything!

創建者 Anzhella Z


It was very useful course in general. I understood many aspects of teaching grammar, writing, reading. I'm happy that I will be able to use all the tips in my teaching practice. I'm sure that my lesson plans will become much more interesting. Thanks to you!

創建者 Congo P V


I have learned so much taking this course, from the principles to useful teaching techniques. As a second language speaker, I have tremendously improved my vocabulary. I thank the professors and also the classmates for sharing brilliant ideas.

Mrs. Congo

創建者 Ahmed A


I highly appreciate your great efforts in presenting this professional course that will surely help any teacher of English who is seeking to improve his teaching skills and his career as well.

Thank you Coursera , Thank you Arizona State University

創建者 Gerardo A M


I just love the way the topics are presented. Great methodology and overall, really interesting content. This is the material I need for my Methodology Class. I have used TESOL Part 1 and it has been of a great impact to my students.

Thanks a lot.

創建者 Farangis S


I've learned a lot of useful tools for my Reading-Writing classes from this course and will definitely incorporate them in my classes. Thank you for our instructors Shane and Jessica for making the course entertaining and interesting.🙏💚

創建者 Ronnie C


Great Course! This truly delightfully crafted course gets you by your lapels right at the start and keeps you hooked and enjoying learning right till the rewarding end. Kudos to ASU and the staff.

5 Stars - Of course recommend it!

創建者 Claudia Y A M


Amazing course. The material is giving in an enjoyable way without losing the necessary rigor. Many thanks to Dr. Shane Dixon, Dr. Justin Shewell, and Jessica Cinco. It has helped me a lot to become a better teacher. Many thanks.

創建者 Ruslan Z


And thank you very much ! To be honest, with your help, I was just able to fill in these empty spaces in my approaches to teaching - I mean writing and reading skills and how to teach them; in fact, I missed them out of my focus

創建者 Yolanda M


This course is very interesting and useful. I had always believed that teaching grammar was extremely difficult. Thanks to the professors and their teachings I now feel that teaching grammar, in particular, will not be hard.

創建者 Laura C B M


Thank you so much to everybody for the opportunity to learn new things and skills, I’m pretty sure, I grew up each day with each lesson and I will practice all this knowledge since now in my professional life. Blesses