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學生對 阿尔伯塔大学 提供的 软件开发过程与敏捷开发实践 的評價和反饋

4,418 個評分
707 條評論


This course delves into a variety of processes to structure software development. It also covers the foundations of core Agile practices, such as Extreme Programming and Scrum....



The course is highly interactive...i like the concept of giving questions based on the the information learnt in that particular video...I personally like the instructors teaching methods ....


What other way to learn and understand Software Processes and Agile Practices than to register to Software Product Management at the University of Alberta, Canada.\n\nI rate the course 5 star.


676 - 软件开发过程与敏捷开发实践 的 700 個評論(共 700 個)

創建者 Victor U


knowledge-based, no skill-based work at all which is weird since the capstone is skills-based

創建者 Pavel B


introductory material. going through the pdf doc sufficiently represents the whole course.

創建者 Gresë K B


Interesting course but sadly presented in a not very exciting and modern way.

創建者 michael s a


It was good but so introductory

Instructors just reading the documents

創建者 Maqbool K


Course is awesome but the final 36 questions are really a headache.

創建者 Shaikha A


lot of information I have to know I forgot some of it

創建者 Samantha R


The course is no up to date¡ resources are from 2016

創建者 Mylène R


Could be more in-depth (e.g.Kanban part...)

創建者 H M I


Nice and educative course for beginners.

創建者 Mohamed E


too much academia no real experience

創建者 Dirk S


Could be better presented.

創建者 Sabrine R


difficult course





創建者 sandeep s



創建者 Carlos M B


The scope of the course is interesting, the objective is ambitious and the structure is fine, but the contents and quizzes are very often off-point. A specialist should go critically through the scripts and make a thorough review of the contents. Affirmations are most times not justified at all ("incremental prototyping will yield a feature-rich and robust software"). The quizzes some times ask about things which have nothing to do with what was explained before. The contents about SCRUM are presented eight times partially through the introduction and here. I know it takes a lot of time to prepare this material, but clearly that last effort for quality was not done.

創建者 Dimitry K


Mapping of software product manager to scrum master is IMHO not correct. Some misunderstanding by introduction of scrum (e.g. customer is not a part of the scrum team).

Preparing of a part of an university course by a bachelor of computer science....

創建者 Gabriella H


Feels like concepts are rushed. Too much reliance on external resources to fully grasp all concepts. Lecturer just repeated the course notes.

創建者 Kelvin F


Content very bland and not exciting. Material is very basic, which you can read or learn on other channels for free.

創建者 Fiona H


It's really quite boring. Instructors are like reading from a textbook...

創建者 Nithya R


Could have been more practice than theory.

創建者 Sumitikhanna


Doing this course coz i had free subscription for couple of months. I have enrolled for the specialization which i would still complete. Having said that the topic in itself was very interesting however the content is nowhere close to product management. Role of Product owner includes: understanding business requirement, creating user stories, prioritizing backlog, understanding business context, Product vision none of the topic is being covered.

This feedback is based on first two courses of the specialization by now all above topics should have been started considering last one course is simulation project. Disappointed with the content.

創建者 Elena G


Like many other reviewers have said, this course is very badly thought - and executed jus as badly. The lecturers just read a lot of theoretical concepts from a prompter. The few examples and "quizzes" are extremely poorly chosen and explanations are even worse. There are 20 minute videos with not even a single picture or drawing in them, just the lecturer reading and reading and reading a loooong text from the prompter...

Avoid taking this course if you don't have time and money to squander!

創建者 Anna G


Dear Kenny Wong,

Thank you for your work. For me, the course seemed a little informative, resources, presentations. The course is not useful to me. Due to the difficult economic situation, could you return the money for the course

創建者 Shriram J


Too academic. It's too pedantic. What difference does it make if I call a task an activity or an activity a task? I need real world examples and tips to excel at the job.

創建者 Tamer N


very basic and a bit boring