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學生對 SAS 提供的 Doing More with SAS Programming 的評價和反饋

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This course is for business analysts and SAS programmers who want to learn data manipulation techniques using the SAS DATA step and procedures to access, transform, and summarize data. The course builds on the concepts that are presented in the Getting Started with SAS Programming course and is not recommended for beginning SAS software users. In this course you learn how to understand and control DATA step processing, create an accumulating column and process data in groups, manipulate data with functions, convert column type, create custom formats, concatenate and merge tables, process repetitive code, and restructure tables. This course addresses Base SAS software. Before attending this course, you should be able to write DATA step code to access data, subset rows and columns, compute new columns, and process data conditionally. You should also be able to sort tables using the SORT procedure and apply SAS formats....




Great step-by-step explanation of all concepts! I have to say that this course is much more difficult than the Introduction course (Getting Started with SAS Programming), but that is to be expected!



Such a wonderful Course, it's really helped me a lot to learn about SAS Programming, When I have Started this course I don't even know what is mean by Programming but Now I can do it. Thank you.


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創建者 Michael K


There is a lot to unpack in this course, and at times I fear my memory might let it slip. It would be nice, if there were exercises, which combined skills learned in previous weeks.

創建者 Michael M


The course is very informative and interactive. Challenging and exciting, as it balances between theory and practicals. Looking forward to the last course of the series.

創建者 zaeema N


It was a good and informative course and I learned from it. However, soemtimes I felt that various compnents of the code were not being explained very well.

創建者 Hector R R S R


Sas University edition is a good tool but from time to time it has a low performance, at same time the coursera web page also has a low performance.

創建者 Adrian A


very professional, with good examples, the only thing it didn't have was MACROS. Other than that it's a perfect course

創建者 Dagoberto R


Great class! Definitely would recommend if one does not know how to manipulate data in SAS

創建者 Zhibo Z


I think if we can have more practices, it will be a better experience!

創建者 liz a


great, good info..

創建者 Triveni B


Excellent Course



good course

創建者 Simon B C


The course is good, well-structured and well presented, but most of all easy to follow.

The reason for my low rating is that I found out that SAS is far from my favourite program. I found many things counterintuitive and SAS requires a special approach to tackle tasks. It feels like they tried to make it as user friendly as possible by prefixing many things. But in my opinion this ended up being more cumbersome and, as mentioned before, counterintuitive. You really need to know how to handle SAS since it is acting quite special compared to other programming languages.

創建者 Lewis L


The teaching tutorials are okay, as well as the demo, coding practices etc., whereas I am not a fan of the quiz tho, feel like something was wrong there.

創建者 Sayed A I


It's nice!

創建者 Maria S