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學生對 Google 提供的 Crash Course on Python 的評價和反饋

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This course is designed to teach you the foundations in order to write simple programs in Python using the most common structures. No previous exposure to programming is needed. By the end of this course, you'll understand the benefits of programming in IT roles; be able to write simple programs using Python; figure out how the building blocks of programming fit together; and combine all of this knowledge to solve a complex programming problem. We'll start off by diving into the basics of writing a computer program. Along the way, you’ll get hands-on experience with programming concepts through interactive exercises and real-world examples. You’ll quickly start to see how computers can perform a multitude of tasks — you just have to write code that tells them what to do....




An excellent course for those who want to boost their programming abilities on Python. It tackles diverse and challenging problems, for you to practice and round out every concept. Highly recommended!



This course was really helpful in developing my coding skills in python.The exercises helped me to test my knowledge .Overall it was a really good for people like me who are just beginning with python


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創建者 Kishan N


I had so much fun in this course. At times it was a bit challenging but pushing through was an exciting battle. Even though I have been doing coding in the past, I've learnt a lot of new techniques in this course. Sometimes it's good to just start over.

創建者 Abhinav R


A great course to introduce the fundamentals of python to beginner programmers, and even experienced programmers new to this language. It was fun, with concepts and structure was easy to understand.




Content, Explanations of concept, practice quiz and questions are really of good standards. Learn lots of new concept from this course which really going to help me in my profession.

創建者 Mc V P


Well made and you can take your own pace since your results are checked by a computer rather than waiting for peer-reviews saving you time and makes the flow to the next objectives easier.

創建者 Monika R


Thank you for this course! I really liked the teaching style with the short exercises in video and practice exercises, which helped me to learn basics and clear my doubts in programming.

創建者 Purnnendu N P


All the exercise's were fun and challenging. At some times confusing because formatted output were not included for all the questions in all exercise. Otherwise all in all totally fun.

創建者 Sanchit K


Thanks for the very well made course. I like the structure of the videos and text to read-along with. The prompts within the video to make sure you're listening was a nice addition.

創建者 Sam P


Although there are some areas that have really confused me, I managed to figure out where I was getting confused thanks to the video explanations and helpful comments within scripts.

創建者 Dennis M


Very straight forward class. I like the structure of the videos and text to read-along with. The prompts within the video to make sure you're listening was a nice addition.

創建者 Jayesh M


Good course for the beginners. It is awesome for beginners. The exercises and the demo in the videos are cool. Balanced course with implementations as well as theory.

創建者 Yash A C


This is my first ever online course which I have completed. I had never thought learning python would be this easy and fun. Really enjoyed the course.

創建者 Yasir E


The very supportive way that the course is organized has really helped me despite of my busy schedule.

Thanks for providing such amazing experience.

創建者 Tarak N S


It's really great course with very good materials of content for beginners, I must recommend joining this course which is coming from Google.

創建者 Richa J


Hello.First of all Thanks a lot, this course was amazing and our instructor made it more easy to study and complete this course.


創建者 Mohit S


It is a really good course to learn Python. The Final Project is the most challenging and interesting. It taught me real world Python.

創建者 Ibrahim N A


The course is great.

My only comment is it would be greater if you add and spent more time on explaining concepts for new comers.

創建者 Ankit K


Awesome course on Python. The way to teaching is marvelous. Great content covering wide topic explained in a very simple way.

創建者 Natchsasi S


Suitable for beginner. I have almost zero knowledge in this field and I have learned a lot from this course.

創建者 Nakshatra S


​it is the best place to start your python learning journey

創建者 Sai T M


A great course with challenging exercises.

創建者 Shreyashi B


Great course

創建者 Eugenie P


Having insignificant experience with programming, I was already familiar with most of the concepts discussed in the course. I did not, however, know Python, so the challenge was to learn the language. It is reasonably complicated for me, and I enjoyed the time I spent working at assignments and coding. I particularly liked that many examples and tasks related to the real-life problem (many books on learning programming language first give you kitties and puppies examples and then ask you to build a space ship).

I did not enjoy working with Jupiter blocks. The only thing that can justify the use of it is the last assessment, and even with that I still don't like it. It's just inconvenient and does not allow you to see the whole picture, so I had to copy-paste the code into an online compiler and work in it. Code blocks aren't ideal (they do not work properly on smaller screens), but at least you don't have to re-run all cells to see if one small change in one cell helped.

I also felt like there is not enough time for quizzes (30 mins for 8 tasks that require you to write some code?).

However, overall, it was a good experience and I liked the course. Hopefully, there will be some improvements in assignments in the future.

創建者 Prasenjit S


It's great!

創建者 Lysette L


I do love the lecture then answer a question and take a quiz logic BUT, we are taught a simple example then given a question that requires methods we've not been taught so it is expected that we must use outside sources to complete the coursework which doesn't seem right to me. I thought I was paying for this course to teach me, a beginner, how to think through the questions, but I find instead that I'm paying to get a short lecture, and expected to answer much more advanced questions than I've been taught. I showed the examples to someone who has been doing Python for a long time and even they said this way of teaching is, "mean". It's like the creator of this content doesn't want us to be able to complete the material.

創建者 Kesa E


There were several frustrations with this course. First, there were bugs, especially in the final project. From the forums, it's been an ongoing problem for quite a while and it still hasn't been fixed. Secondly, I would recommend offering more practice. When new syntax was introduced, you had a minimal amount of time to see it before a quiz popped over the top of it. Practice was stressed throughout the course but none was offered before the assessments at the end of each week. I have programming experience from years ago in a different language. I can't imagine trying to tackle this course with no prior exposure. It's a great concept but still needs improvements.