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學生對 加州大学尔湾分校 提供的 管理项目风险和变化 的評價和反饋

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This course will help you manage project risk effectively by identifying, analyzing, and communicating inevitable changes to project scope and objectives. You will understand and practice the elements needed to measure and report on project scope, schedule, and cost performance. You will be equipped with the tools to manage change in the least disruptive way possible for your team and other project stakeholders. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Define components of a communications management plan 2. Understand the importance of communications channels 3. Define the key elements needed to measure and report on project scope, schedule, and cost performance 4. Identify project risk events 5. Prioritize identified risks 6. Develop responses for a high priority risk 7. Identify and analyze changes to project scope 8. Describe causes and effects of project changes 9. Define the purpose of conducting a lessons learned session...




I enjoyed while reading this course as similar situations I had faced in my work.

excellent tutor for this course, clearly explained the real conditions as it happens in Industry and how to handle.



The instructor is approachable, warm and relates the content to real world experiences which makes it more memorable. There is great value in the course and what you learn and how to apply it.


901 - 管理项目风险和变化 的 925 個評論(共 1,090 個)

創建者 Alexandre-Richard Z


Excellent course, very clear and concise, excellent examples and exercises, and excellent references to other materials that greatly improve the skills of the learner.

I recommend this course to anyone willing to get into any kind of management work.

Once again the examples and interviews are priceless!

創建者 Ritika


Great clarity on the topic! Thanks to Margaret Meloni and the expert panelists. The only scope of improvement could be the final quiz module. All the questions from weekly quizzes are accumulated in the final exam. Addition of new questions or twisting the original questions can be helpful.

創建者 Ahsan R


The course has been of great help to me and I love how broken down the concepts in smaller parts that are easy to understand and learn. I love the insight the whole panel provides at the end of each course. The course has been of great help to me.

創建者 Musab A K


It is a well defined Risk Management and Change Management Course. The lectures are super easy to acknowledge the experience from varied personnel. Superb Subject Matter Experts !!! A must for all those who would like to pursue a career in PMP

創建者 Aliyu K


Though I didn't take the other courses in the series (yet), I found the material here very helpful and perhaps useful for my future career. The quizes with mid-video questions were cool. Thanks alot to Margaret Meloni and the Coursera family.

創建者 Paul B


This course was a bit less exciting than two previous, maybe because of the topics discussed. But the instructor provided a lot of insightful ideas and practices. Would totaly recomend thios course for anyone interested in project management.

創建者 Ashita S


Thank you for such an informative course on Managing Project Risks and Changes. This course focuses on defining components of a communications management plan, Prioritize identified risks and develop responses for high-priority risks.

創建者 Cavine O O


I think this is one meticulously organised course, which has been modelled on very precise and well-articulated lessons to enhance learning across all learning groups. It gives you the real tools in just a short time.

創建者 Jogendra m


Course is really good for the people who really want to learn about Managing Project Risks and changes. However exam should be little tough so that students has to try his/her best to understand the skills.

創建者 Frank S


For beginners, it is a very good course - also to refresh knowledge if you are experienced and then being sometimes biased. The quiz/exam questions/answers schema seems partially a bit too easy.



C​e cours est très interessant mais nous suggerons de le faire chapitre par chapitre ou section par section avec des intitulés clairement dénifis pour mieux faciliter l'apprentissage.

創建者 Ifeoluwa A


The content and lessons are easy to understand and relate with. I also like the fact that the materials are available to review and improve learning. Great experience on this course.

創建者 Jorge J L


This course was very useful in understanding project risks and how to identify, manage and communicate. The information was presented in an easy to follow format and well presented.

創建者 Andrew R


Excellent course! Extremely well organized and definitely provides a lot of great information. The quiz questions are too easy, which is why it's not 5 stars.

創建者 Hebert D E


Simple yet very straightforward, it reminds us of concepts that we too often overlook while managing projects or activities in general. Strongly recommended.

創建者 Vincent B B


I am really grateful for taking part in this course, i have learnt a lot as a student and as a program manager listing to the discussions from our panelists

創建者 Jacob R


Very good material that is communicated very clearly. It is suitable for people with less experience in project management. Examples from people from the i

創建者 Carlos G M Á


I think it is a great overall experience that allows one self to handle risks in a precise, documented and detailed manner. It is a great tool to have.

創建者 Jasmine A B M A


I learned a lot on the importance of communications and risk-management in manging projects. Love the lecturer and the bonus videos. Very informative.

創建者 Ramaswamy V


A very practical course on approaching risks and changes to scope. I can relate to all that was said as I face such issues daily as a Project Manager

創建者 Hasan K


I like this coruse and I hope to allow downloading the lessons as "PDF" for the students to get more benefits and to save these lessons as References

創建者 Allan L


Good base of knowledge gained, the quiz sections could have been more challenging and more case studies would have been nice. Overall good course.

創建者 Varad K


Great Teacher, level of difficulty can be increased and the final exams should have a little complex and non-repetitive questions. Thank You!

創建者 Fatma I


A great course! It describes methods to manage project risk and changes in plain language, is unpretentious and draws on real life examples.

創建者 Sayed O


it was good listens and detailed but if they add better examples would better, like for the risk need more examples with the right results.