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學生對 IE商学院 提供的 Making Architecture 的評價和反饋

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Making architecture offers a unique insight into the mind and work of an Architect, starting with the basics of the profession and culminating with the production of a scaled site model. The course should act as ideal preparation for those interested in undertaking an undergraduate degree in Architecture, although its flexible, intriguing and enjoyable content makes it accessible for all those looking to increase their knowledge in the field. Delivered primarily by Professors from the IE School of Architecture and design in Segovia (Spain), the course begins by examining the mind-set of an Architect - asking how they think and what they do to train their creative minds, moving on to using inspiration from the environment to stimulate design ideas. Finally, the course concludes by looking at some of the more technical aspects of Architecture - such as composition, form, space and hierarchy - and stressing the importance of creating a story that helps define your design. This fascinating content is delivered principally from the stunning design studio at the IE school of Architecture and features external videos from a few beautiful locations in the city of Segovia. Finally, it includes interviews from Pritzker Prize executive director - and Dean of the school of Architecture and design at IE - Martha Thorne, with a number of award winning practising architects such as Sarah Wigglesworth and Cristoph Ingenhoven....




The content is really good for beginner architects, the instructors were amazing and supportive. Examples of project and their analysis is really interesting so perhaps more examples could be added



I love this course.It is very nice.I would like to thank all the proffecers and all the crew.I really enjoyed this course and got some important tips for the life.Thank you very very much.!


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創建者 Антон Г


Напишу, свой отзыв на русском, что бы люди, которые не знают английского смоги его прочесть. Данный курс не научит вас строить дома, разбираться в железобетонных конструкциях и работать с чертежами. Нет. Этот курс даст намного больше. Он перестраиваем мышление. Это обучение какой то новый уровень в образовании. Тебе не объясняют какую то муторную теорию, при этом ты запоминаешь это теорию на подсознании. Т.к. я практикующий дизайнер то сразу заметил гигантскую разницу в мышлении до и после, и от этого мне так обидно, что я не могу обучаться в этом институте очно на архитектора.

創建者 Kathrina M B L


I am an Architecture student and I went to enroll this course to be inspired again. I am not just inspired, I learned more. I hope there is this course during the first year in Architecture. This course will answer your doubts about getting Architecture. It will help you have a a good start foundation if you are going to pursue or in the Architecture field already. Creative block exists, it is normal and this course will help and give techniques how to get back your creativity instantly. The activities will hone your creativity.

創建者 Cindy T


All though I just audited the course to find out if there might be something in me that is attracted to architecture, it has open my eyes to what architecture is and it has open a space in my heart and mind on wanting to know more! I LOVED the course! I really did and I am sure looking forward to more courses like this one. A special thanks to the last testimony talking about his path to architecture because that's where I am right now and for helping me stop saying to my self that I might be a bit old to start on this pathway.

創建者 Diyaa P


This short term course by IE school of architecture was a real stepping stone to the world of architecture and design to all beginners including me. I honestly felt helpful except the part of assignment correction by peers. It could have done by tutors or related authorities, so that the learners would be able to get an expert advice which may probably help them in long run for ones who long to proceed with architecture. Anyways I openly suggest all the beginners and interested ones to enroll!

創建者 Charles M


I enjoyed this course. It meshed well with my background in photography but challenged me to create something on my own as opposed to just capturing someone else's work. It felt like an intro course into creative thinking and design that was heavy on the creative and less focused on the historical side of things. It made me want to continue learning about architecture and made me interested in how structures are actually made once you get past the design phase.

創建者 Marianne J M G


This course is possibly one of the best there is here on Coursera. Even people with no background in architecture will learn from and enjoy this course. The videos are short but informative and interesting, the professors (all three of them) are good-looking and knowledgeable in the field. The assignments are tough, but with inspiration, passion, discipline and creativity, anyone can make it work. Thanks, IE School of Architecture and Design, and Coursera!



i recommend this course to everybody, either a beginner student in the first years of an architecture university, or any other lover of this field. All of the three teacthers give some general directions of how a future architect should see, feel and think. Good luck to everybody and always pay attention to your other collegues observation when finishing the final tests of each week, then try to rethink and make some changes if you feel like it :)

創建者 Katherine R H M


Muchas gracias a los profesores y personas que impartieron el curso, realmente muy interesante. Te hace ver realmente la mentalidad de un arquitecto, y eso es lo que buscaba ver, realmente me ayudo a conocer la perspectiva y el compromiso social de la arquitectura, me encantó y el proceso de diseño fue divertido y creaivo. Realmente me sentí un poco más cerca a conocer este mundo de posibilidades, muchas gracias por brindar este curso.

創建者 Abigail D


I really enjoyed this course. I found that is very much inspired me to continue my journey into architecture even though I am late the this. I am in my mid fifties so this will be more than challenging but worth doing. No matter what your age this course not only teaches you some basic concepts it also expands the way you think about buildings, people and nature and hoe they intersect in design and in life.

創建者 Anshul P


This course really helped me learn about how a building is actually made, and what are the things that an architect has to keep in mind when working on a new design. In addition, it helped me enhance my creative thinking abilities. The way things are explained in this course is very simple and compact. The professors are also very experienced in this field. In short, a very interesting course!

創建者 Eliza V


I am truly grateful for this course, and I have a more ample vision about architecture thanks to this course. Let me tell you that I really enjoyed taking this class, doing the projects, and reviewing other's peer projects. I want to thank the instructors for creating this content and their knowledge provided, you guys are amazing and it inspired me to really want to continue on this journey.

創建者 Lorelie S


I really enjoyed this especially whilst during COVID19 lockdown! Was well set up for a beginner and non-architect background person like myself. Professors shared their great knowledge and gave relatable examples. Thank you IE and Coursera, keep providing great courses like this! Finished this course with a big sigh of relief and amazing sense of achievement!! Lorelie of Sydney AUS

創建者 Stebikhova O


The time spent with this course was one of the most amazing in my life! In the video lectures and assignments of professors collected only the most important, valuable, what you need to pay attention to. It's like jewels. Tasks are formulated in an exciting and understandable, and most importantly, develop the skills you need! I am overwhelmed by this course and will miss it. THANK you!

創建者 Patricia N


O curso foi incrivel, os mentores utilizam exemplos que realmente fazem sentido e agregam como conhecimento para as pessoas que estão recebendo a informação. Não foi só um curso que me fez aprender sobre design, importância do branding, mas também fez com que eu me apaixonasse mais um pouco pela área de arquitetura. Agradeço a todos os colaboradores que fizeram esse curso ser possível.

創建者 Shreya T


Really helpful course for beginners who want to know if they are or aren't interested in architecture. Also, the assignments help you test your basic skills. I took the course in my third year actually just to know more about the field and I must say that even if the assignments were basic, I got to learn a lot of new things. So I would definitely suggest taking this course

創建者 Imran P


This is an excellent Introduction to architecture, the professors are knowledgable and the short videos are great for beginners. Many interesting viewpoints are brought up throughout the course.

The ongoing project gives you an hint of what it would be like to work as an Architect. This course has definetly given me a new lense to observe the world.

創建者 Faten S


I loved this course, especially the practical part of it where you got to build a model of your design. I learned some new skills from this course that I definitely think will help me in my future in architecture. What was also great is that, as a 15 year old, I didn't struggle with this course so I would definitely recommend it to teens too!

創建者 Ahmad k g


If you are a beginner in the field of architecture or want to choose it as a future major, I advise you to take this course. I really can't express it. She was so wonderful and wonderful. I thank all teachers for their efforts. I am very grateful to you for everything. My interest in architecture has grown more than ever.

創建者 Toby L


I have learnt a lot of core knowledge in and around architecture. I now understand key design principles and processes required in architecture, and have more of an understanding of the iterative processes and development of a design. This has helped me a lot, would recommend to anyone with an interest in architecture.

創建者 Filip B


I really like the course, as over the time it adds different perspectives on how architecture works. It's quite simple, yet satisfying to acquire new skills. It comes handy when one wants to understand the space and place better in the context of community and possible activities. I definitely recommend this course!

創建者 Zümra T


That was a really amazing course. the instructor' style was understandable and clearly. Assignments are essential for practice and learning. It became more understandable with the assignments given. It was also very entertaining and educational. I would recommend it to everyone. Definitely a course you should take.

創建者 Shalton N


Honestly this has been a very powerful course, even for some of the projects i was personally doing i gained cliental respect as they found me to be with direction...many thanks towards your patience humility and considerate attitude beloved professors for walking us this wonderful journey in MAKING ARCHITECTURE.

創建者 Mugambi m m .


I take this opportunity to appreciate Coursera together with IE university for their interesting sponsorship program that has really helped me and many like me from Africa to take the first step in changing our countries and giving them a brighter future and the change we would like to see. Thank you very much.

創建者 Ira R


I really enjoyed this course! I think it's a great way to develop a beginner's mind to architecture's most basic principles, to excite and intrigue someone who is thinking of pursuing architecture as his/her career. The videos were really informative and I loved doing the hands-on activities too. I loved it! :)



Este curso me ayudo mucho a seguir pensando e imaginado diferentes lugares a través de una metodología razonable, no solo colocar elementos porque si, si no a pensar el impacto que estos mismo tendrán en dicho lugar y así optimizarlo más. Excelente curso para seguir mejorando