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學生對 北京大学 提供的 中文入门 的評價和反饋

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Nowadays, there is an increasing number of people who are interested in Chinese culture and language. And it is useful to know about the language when coming to China for travel or business. This is an ABC Chinese course for beginners, including introduction of phonetics and daily expressions. After taking this class, learners can have a basic understanding of Chinese Mandarin and make basic conversations of daily living such as exchanging personal information, talking about daily arrangements and food, asking about price, introducing the city and the weather, telling your hobbies etc. Selected topics and situations come from real life scenarios and can be used for everyday communications. In addition to the dialogues, the selection of reading materials and practice activities will make the content as rich and varied as possible, in order to stimulate the learners’ interests. This is an elementary course on Chinese speaking. The learners don’t need to study Chinese characters, so it is easier to follow and complete this course....



Sep 17, 2016

Thanks for this course. I like it and this language really so necessary for me and my job. My company in New Zealand - ESKA Ltd (, and we are work with aliens from China.


Mar 02, 2016

This course is excellent. It gives thorough introduction into language without going into too much unnecessary details. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to start learning Chinese from scratch.


201 - 中文入门 的 225 個評論(共 1,450 個)

創建者 Latil d J

Nov 12, 2016

Très bon cours pour une première approche, didactique et centrée sur des phrases et du vocabulaire de la vie quotidienne ce qui permet de s’entraîner rapidement en situation réelles !

創建者 Ailton J L C

Sep 04, 2015

A basic course . It gives the basics to progress in learning the language. A bit different for a westerner, but interesting and motivating. Anxious to continue and increase the level.

創建者 Adnan k

Sep 20, 2016

Supper techniques to understand basic conversation with chines people. It is useful to every one who wish to visit for business settlement or employment purpose.

Strongly Recommended

創建者 Kopano

Apr 01, 2020

Chinese language is the one of the most exciting languages i have ever came across. I am so excited to be part of the few individuals in my country to speak and now Chinese language

創建者 Carla R A

Apr 01, 2017

A very good course of chinese , it was very interactive and you could read many subtitles and the videos were so easy to understand! i really enjoy this course. Thank you. xiexie :D

創建者 Marco C

Dec 15, 2016

I really enjoyed this course because it familiarizes the student with pronunciation. I can have simple conversations with other Chinese people from what i've learned in this course.

創建者 Eloy S M

Aug 20, 2015

It is a very good course to immerse in the basic Mandarin-Chinese language. I learned with an easy way and the best thing is that the teacher is Chinese, a native Mandarin speaker.

創建者 Rosarendi D P

Aug 11, 2015

This course was wonderful! I really loved to have the possibility to practice and learn this amazing language! Thank you very much to the teacher in charge. I really learned a lot!

創建者 Tracy P

Sep 20, 2019

Excellent introduction to speaking the Chinese language and reading and writing Pinyin. The videos are well done and there are lots of opportunities to practice in different ways.

創建者 Sylvia S

Nov 04, 2015

It's a great course for people who want to learn to communicate with other Chinese people. To familiarize themselves with repetition is vital to learning how to speak it properly.

創建者 Diego V O

Mar 24, 2016

Really simple yet effective! I am able to understand the basics of mandarim thanks to this awesome course, the University of Beijing, and of course, Coursera! Thank you so much!

創建者 Lidia E

Sep 12, 2017

Curso muy completo para iniciarse, yo ya tenia un buen nivel de chino y lo escoji para hacer un poco de memoria y repaso de lo basico y puedo decir que tiene un muy buen nivel.

創建者 Anairda A

May 20, 2017

Me gustó mucho el curso, es súper fácil, para iniciar es genial, no cuesta nada, es gratis. Gracias a la Profe Xiaoyu Liu por las clases y a Coursera por habilitar el curso xD

創建者 Arisleida S C

Jul 27, 2019

creo que es un buen inicio aprender el idioma chino através de este curso. Notas que progresas, y no te da temor a conocer un idioma muy diferente. Gracias a la facilitadora.

創建者 Esteban C

Sep 08, 2016

I think this course is great. The professor makes Chinese much easier to learn. I have had other Chinese teachers and she is the best by far. I am very happy with the course.

創建者 Sandra G

Aug 17, 2015

Great course! I wanted to learn how to communicate in Chinese and it fulfilled my needs! The instructor is great too! I suggest she give another course, say, part 2. XIeXie!

創建者 João P G

Feb 11, 2016

Gorgeus. The teacher is good, the material is presented superbly. I loved. I thought learning Chinese would be very complex study, but no. Is very tasty study with Coursera.

創建者 Abdul R

Nov 25, 2015

It was pretty good course though became a bit tough at the end. It will be great if there was a continuation of this course.

Looking forward to continue my Chinese learning!

創建者 Phil J

Jun 26, 2016

This course is good - it focuses on hearing pronunciations, which is good and supports my other learning which I am doing mostly from a book (also learning the characters).

創建者 Victoria C

Nov 12, 2015

Extremely informative! Would recommend to any friends trying to learn Chinese, also very simple and easily understood, with clear explanations and pronounciations. & vocab!

創建者 Dennis B

Nov 20, 2017

I liked that the lessons build up on each other. Furthermore, I enjoyed that it was quite simple so that I didn't get demotivated. Looking forward to the second class now.

創建者 Gilang P

Feb 12, 2019

The material given is sufficient enough for beginner who learn Chinese with no background education at all. Xie xie xiaojie Xiaoyu, xianzai, wo hui shuo yidian Zhongwen.

創建者 Teemu E

Nov 26, 2016

the course was very good and had very good assignments to provoke the learning further and made you use the learn things but in different way than in the lecture videos.

創建者 Enock S

Sep 09, 2015

Really learning a lot. I initially had no working knowledge of Chinese but this course has definitely pointed me in the right direction concerning learning the language.

創建者 Luis H

Feb 02, 2019

Excelente curso para entablar una conversación básica sobre diferentes temas y actividades. Muy recomendable. Con paciencia y dedicación se aprende mucho en este curso.