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學生對 加州大学圣地亚哥分校 提供的 以人为本的设计:概述 的評價和反饋

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In this course, you will learn how to design technologies that bring people joy, rather than frustration. You'll learn several techniques for rapidly prototyping (such as Wizard of Oz Prototyping) and evaluating multiple interface alternatives -- and why rapid prototyping and comparative evaluation are essential to excellent interaction design. You'll learn how to conduct fieldwork with people to help you get design ideas. How to make paper prototypes and low-fidelity mock-ups that are interactive -- and how to use these designs to get feedback from other stakeholders like your teammates, clients, and users. Armed with these design-thinking strategies, you’ll be able to do more creative human-centered design in any domain. This is the first course offered in the interaction design specialization series. Browse through previous capstone projects for some inspiration here:



Apr 11, 2020

I just loved this lesson! Lots of things to explore. A lot of hands-on experience. I am very pleased with the amount of theory and study that I have.\n\nI wish to thank UC San Diego & Scott Klemmer


Feb 28, 2018

This course sustained my interest throughout the videos with lots of practical information and good pacing. I found the assignments to be challenging and fun to do. Really enjoying this course.


401 - 以人为本的设计:概述 的 425 個評論(共 447 個)


Dec 19, 2019

This course is helpful in learning and practicing interaction design.

創建者 Richard D

May 31, 2016

Some of the videos feel a little outdated but otherwise high quality.

創建者 Ansh G

Aug 28, 2018

Great course, insightful, provides many real-world examples, etc.

創建者 Darren G

May 16, 2016

This really helped me scope products before building them

創建者 Amit A

Nov 13, 2015

Very helpful for understanding the basics of UX process.

創建者 Himani D

Aug 09, 2016

Some assignments could have been better explained

創建者 Norma A D A

Jan 30, 2020

Really enriching. Love the practical excercies.

創建者 Giuseppe R

Mar 07, 2016

Good material

maybe you can do more examples

創建者 Joaquin A G

Oct 06, 2016

Great starting point for software design.

創建者 Benedikte H

Jun 16, 2018

I found it very useful and interesting.

創建者 Jaclyn D

Feb 26, 2017

Needs better instruction on assignments

創建者 Manny O

Aug 08, 2016

Good intro to the concepts of design.

創建者 Marnu F

Mar 21, 2016

Its good start of for this course.

創建者 Dnyaneshwar P P

Jun 10, 2018

Course is quite well structured

創建者 Virginia S R

Dec 20, 2016

Me resulta muy interesante! :)

創建者 Vasiliev A

Mar 29, 2020

Это было полезно и интересно.

創建者 Piotr J

Jul 24, 2016

very interesting

創建者 Edwin M

Oct 17, 2016

Nice course!

創建者 Jose

Feb 22, 2016

Very useful.

創建者 Katherine J

Dec 23, 2015

It's good!

創建者 Ann E

Apr 20, 2018

I'm a professional Industrial Designer; I've got my own company & I've taught graduate level Industrial Design at Iowa State in Ames. I am excited to find this course to keep myself and my employees up to date & on our toes professionally. HOWEVER...While even in the first week I can tell that he has much interesting information to teach & share, Professor Klemmer has one of the flattest affects I've ever experienced in a design instructor or professional. He doesn't either sound enthusiastic about his subject nor do his facial expression and body language convey it. ( The left-hand, right-hand stuff he does is also visually distracting). As for the black curtain behind him---it looks like a stage set for amateur theatricals: is someone going to jump out from behind? It should be flat, blank white. Additionally, his handwriting is appalling, almost unreadable, while the chosen marker colors disappear whenever his shirt is behind what he's written. I will do the whole course, though I hope the interface improves.

創建者 Ian A

Apr 23, 2016

Good intro - I'm learning a lot. But in the end I feel that this specialization is not focused enough on developing portfolio pieces. One portfolio piece at the end of an 8-month course does not seem adequate to me. So I wish we focused more on developing high fidelity work - in addition to the need-finding, user research, sketches, short weekly assignments. This high fidelity, digital work could even be optional, but I need some guidance on what work to develop and how the overall process should look.

Or even being allowed to enroll in the capstone before completing the first 7 sections would be helpful.

創建者 annie a

Jun 30, 2020

It a refresher course for me. But materials need to be updated since the course was developed in 2015, there are so many softwares already that are inexpensive that allows you to do your prototypes. Likewise i am not a fan of peer grading as most of those i encountered are really taking this course seriously. Quizzes should also be improved as it leads to a lot of guess work when you do select all that applies . Anyway the basics are there . Videos are correctly phased as it is not too long to bore you out.

創建者 Diego

Mar 14, 2017

The course is a good overall approach to Human-Computer Interaction. It teaches how to do participan observation, interviewing, storyboarding and heuristic evaluation.

However, I would say that some of the assignments were too simple in terms of complexity and there was few opportunities to apply the theory in the assignments.

In general I found the course useful for people who want to learn more about how understand better customer necessities, for design in general.

創建者 Viktor Z

Nov 07, 2017

The problem with this course:

1.assignment instructions given unclearly it was a bit misleading -often difficult to understand what we have to do exectly.

2.the assignments shoud be checked by professionals with clear instructios, so you can understand feedback and have a better idea about possible outcomes and mistakes.

3.must be more structured form of teaching with multiple examples -there is not enough examples.