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What you’ll achieve: In this project-centered course*, you will craft an essential cornerstone of the modern-day job or internship search: the resume. You’ll review resume best practices and explore current trends with guidance from a professional career counselor and recruiter, and you’ll exchange structured feedback with your peers as you work to polish your own resume. When you complete the course, you’ll have an eye-catching resume that lets your professional strengths shine. What you’ll need to get started: This course is designed primarily for young professionals or college students who are writing their first resume or looking to give an old resume a fresh and polished professional look. All job seekers will benefit from the course material and project, however, regardless of their career stage or professional background. All you will need is word processing software that allows you to create a resume on a computer- there are free tools available. *About Project-Centered Courses: Project-centered courses are designed to help you complete a personally meaningful real-world project, with your instructor and a community of like-minded supportive learners with similar goals providing guidance and suggestions along the way. By actively applying new concepts as you learn, you’ll master the course content more efficiently; you’ll also get a head start on using the skills you gain to make positive changes in your life and career. When you complete the course, you’ll have a finished project that you’ll be proud to use and share....



It's wonderful experience with Quiz of Resume. I learn lots of things about resume and I am sure after completing this wonderful course everyone can write a effective and impressive resume.thank you.


In the words of myself , i would say "Coursera" is certainty an highly professional educative platform to learn about academic and non academic lessons. I'm pretty much pleased with their lessons.


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創建者 MissVen


I reviewed the course. I didn't like it. I found the first *.doc file useful to remain some basic tips

創建者 sakib s


may be there are some bugs in this course. I have got the certificate just completing the first week

創建者 Ashutosh O


it is worth of even less what i have been forced to award to this course

創建者 Alidsana C


What did you learn from module 1 and 2

Module: 1

A resume, sometimes called a CV or curriculum vitae, is a document that lists your work experience, education, skills and achievements. You'll need a resume for almost any job application. It is helpful to think of the resume as an advertisement.

In Resume rubric should have 5 types of this:

- Grammar, Spelling and Vocabulary.

- Content information, header.

- Content, Structure and order.

- Education section.

- Additional section, Activities.

Module: 2 how to create your resume

A CV is typically a loaner document and it's something that's mostly going to be used only in areas of research or academia. Start writing your resume, and there's a saying that says, don't worry too much about your format or don't worry too much about the specifics. Just start writing down all of the experiences you can think of. So now that you have all these experiences down on the page, it's time to start thinking about the way in which you want to organize them,

-An objective statement.

Objective statements are like professional summary, or maybe summary of skills,

-The education sections.

It is very common to have your education as the highest section on your page.

Transferable skills are it just indicates a skill that you might have

started to develop at a certain job or work experience, and

that you could certainly apply in a different work experience as well.

What did you learn from module 3 and 4

Module: 3

Templates are very tempting for many people who might be setting out to write their first resume. They seem to simplify their process, they just kind of tell you where to put things and then it creates the document for you. Add more, you try to start to change something whether it's moving a margin around, or maybe you're trying to add some bulleted items, you might be trying to add a section entirely.

- We need to consider is the margins

Your margins by default should be somewhere around one inch on

all four sides.

- Also consider the font face and size.

Your font size should be somewhere between 10.5 and 12, it should be larger on your document is going to be your name at the very top.

- Considering on your headings.

You want your headings to be the exact same size font as the rest of your resume.

Module: 4 Know your industry

We need to know some job postings. So, all the follows are how that resume is tailored toward that job posting. we have a strong consistent format and a clean look with strong verbs behind the bullet points. There have to include the most relevant information towards the top of the page and grouped everything else in areas.

If we are interested in her additional clinical experience we can read more about the different settings. If we want to read more about her leadership experience, we can quickly navigate to that portion of her document. Similarly, if those things aren't of interest to a potential employer, they can skim over the entire section and spend more of their time focusing on the things they are looking for.

Module: 5/6/7

There are many questions when the employer interviews the people, for example

-Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do?

-If a college graduate hasn't had related employment, what do you look at?

-Could you give us an example of a time a resume made a great impression on you?

There are many questions that related to resume

-How long should my resume be?

Actually, your resume can be anywhere between one and two pages long.

Mostly resumes, there have a one-page resume.

-How many bullets should I have foe each experience?

Some experiences might not require a bullet point. Others might require one or two. Some of them might require three for four. I've seen some experiences, depending on the length of them, up to five, six, seven.

創建者 Abhinav A P


The course makes you familiar with how an interviewer will go through the resume and what will he be looking for. Also, how can you draft or make changes in your resume to attract the attention of interviewer to your strengths. The course additionally taught how to include your experience in the resume, in what form, and how to edit it in a way that it highlights your skills along with the task that you accomplished.

創建者 Mohd A N


Respect to the instructor and his content. After all this, I found that I had a lots of misconceptions about a good resume. Thanks to him and the team for making us write a better resume. The peer-to-peer actvities were fun and insightful!

I made a compilation of all this, would be glad if the instructors could see it :)

創建者 Piyaphong P


Although, I have an area of knowledge about writing a resume, this course provided me valuable and practical knowledge that I need to sharpen. The instructor is amazing. He knows what best for online learners because he explains the contents clearly and easily. I really do appreciate all staff and this online course, especially Coursera.

創建者 Zhongwu w


It is useful even though it is short. You could learn some detail things from here. However, if you want to know what you should writing, the course would not give you any clue. It just shows you how to organize you resume and make it be a right fit for the position you r looking for.

創建者 Sanket G


Its nice to course its very important course for me for future purpose the resume builder is the main point of every employers behind,because we can't go to interview without perfect resume and this course How to Write a Resume by State university NY can help me thanks a lot......

創建者 Amrit K


I'd like to give this course a five star rating. Although I have a prior resume writing experience but this course refined my ability to write resume and cleared many misconceptions about resume writing . Now I'm more confident and know what exactly I have to put in my resume.



The class was very interactive as there were tests in between the lectures. And the quiz test for progress in end of sessions helped me to learn a lot about the resumes,which i was not knowing at all.This course really changed the way i used to think of the resume used to be .

創建者 Joel P


It was an amazing experience. Writing a resume that can describe in and out of my skill sets and personality may sound easy but to actually sit and work on it was very difficult. This course helped me out on the same. Special thanks to the amazing rubric shared in the course.

創建者 Cong D


Please also update the format of the lecture, I suddenly found it only requirement until the second quiz and I got the Certificate, it is not really true as after I continued for further assignment, some of the member just put an "a" or "b" on their peer-review project.

創建者 Prashik B


The course was really great. I had a lot of confusion regarding resume writing that what should be included & what not but after completing this course most of my doubts got resolved and got the confidence to write a perfect resume. Thank you very much for the course.

創建者 Graham P


Very elaborate and tailored course for those who are looking for guidance regarding Resume creation and making the most appealing page based on Tried and tested methods shown in the course. My thanks to the Creator ,Presenter, Guest and to all my peers.

創建者 Waqar A


Everything was perfect. very well explained, specially handouts was impressive. last quiz was very annoying, because there was no clear instructions, and very difficult to pass, i am giving 5 star because i learnt a lot but last quiz was so irritating.

創建者 Ejaz A


First of all, I am grateful to be part of such a prestigious course offered by a prestigious institution. The teaching method was of a good level. This course improves my skills up to a level that now I'm able to review CV/resume of others too.

創建者 Megan L


This course really helped me! The instructor gives a lot of tips and clarifies doubts about what to include in the resume, how to format it and how to make bullet points stronger. First-time resume writers should definitely check this out!

創建者 Shah M A R


This course is very Much Informative,Professional type and really useful for making resume/cv, for both academic and occupation life.

I will rate this course 6#star

Reason- It really developed my thinking ability about resume/cv


創建者 Poorya D


fir of all I should say that thank you. The course was perfect and I have learned many things that I did not know anything about them. The most interesting topic that I have learned from your course is the differences between CV and Resume

創建者 Macarena M


It was very heplful for me! I really did not know anything about the subject. I want to thank the profesors and Coursera for their effort! I really recommend, specially for those that do not how to start with their own resume!

創建者 Sushma. B


This course helps a lot many students who are actually writing their resume for the first time. So that their resume will be pretty good effective that makes an interviewer have a positive vibe while looking at this resume.!!

創建者 Janine F N A


I am very happy with the modules provided because it is easy to understand and has a lot of activities that helped me produced a well-written resume plus the other students did a great job helping me with criticizing my work.

創建者 Shubham W


This course need to be more explanatory fro bullet points and week one document, videos should be added to get much more clarity. This is one of the best course for one who is struggling on how to write the resume effectively

創建者 Vikrant D


Awesome course While our graduation we always focused on syllabus based subjects and we forget to develop professional skills , but courses like this is really helpful for professional development really appreciate the tutor