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學生對 芝加哥大学 提供的 全球变暖 I:气候变化的科学与建模 的評價和反饋

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140 條評論


This class describes the science of global warming and the forecast for humans’ impact on Earth’s climate. Intended for an audience without much scientific background but a healthy sense of curiosity, the class brings together insights and perspectives from physics, chemistry, biology, earth and atmospheric sciences, and even some economics—all based on a foundation of simple mathematics (algebra)....




A great introductory course into Global Warming as well as modelling which gives you a better insight into what is actually happening with our planet. Started another course and it all fits in.



A detailed and really knowledgable course. The course structure and the knowledge shared by Prof. David made learning simple and interesting. The assignments are also very well structured.


26 - 全球变暖 I:气候变化的科学与建模 的 50 個評論(共 139 個)

創建者 Timothy K


This is an outstanding introduction to climate science. It covers a wide range of disciplines in order to explain the whats and hows of our climate. Dr. Archer presents the material in a way that not only is understandable to newbies in the field, but also presents tantalizing information that makes me (and hopefully, others) want to dig deeper. My only regret is that it doesn't dive deeper.

創建者 Aswan K


Excellent introduction to the mechanics of global warming. However I think that in some places, students may benefit from animations or video clips rather than just blackboard diagrams.....for example, Coriolis acceleration, Modes of molecular vibrations.

I'm only into week 6, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the material which is a wonderful mix of high school geography, physics, and meteorology.

創建者 Don C


T​he course was very comprehensive and reinforced learning through frequent tests utilizing various climate models. Professor Archer presented the material in a manner which was technical without being overly so providing good depth on all the aspects of climate change. Only suggestion I have is to somehow provide feedback on exam questions missed.

創建者 Kevin B


A really useful and interesting Course.It does require a level of commitment, like anything worthwhile. When finished, you will great a great sense of achievement at having learned about a very important issue. The Lecturer is engaging and a lot of the assignments involve learning to use research grade climate modelling tools.

創建者 Vivek B S


Prof. Archer's lectures are interesting and fun. This course is useful for anyone who is interested in understanding in-depth and intricate details of climate change. The various models adds extra flavor and helps one understands the uncertainty and different scenarios which is the crux of the science.

創建者 Francesco L C


This course has been a very rich source of insights. It provides an introduction to the science behind climate change that is worthy even for researchers in affine areas. Eventually, it provides concepts, tools, and proofs for introducing the climate change issue into business frameworks.

創建者 Bricout_Stephanie


I did learn a lot of things. 2 small comments though, a bit stressful not to have enough reviewers to rate your work especially if you are late. And some quizz lack of explanations, I did not get why one was wrong. Community is fortunatly there to back you up. Many thanks to all of you.

創建者 Frank M


This is a really excellent course. Prof. Archer's lectures are clear and quite interesting, and the course is well structured. Students are also introduced to the "" website, which provides both data and analysis tools for studying climate change.

創建者 Ben-Hur M P


This course is awesome, I liked very much (it's my first formal learning on Global Warming and Climate Changes, i'm very excited!). Keep going with materials like these, you're making a great job helping people to understand better what is happening with our planet. : )

創建者 Davide M


This mooc allows you to acquire a solid understanding of Global Changes effects, starting by some theory, simple examples and lots of data models and web tools to play with. An amazing 12-weeks long course on a fearful but fascinating argument.

創建者 Elena Z


The course is easy at the beginning but getting more difficult to the end. Provided great overview of models and opportunities they give and knowledge on the interrelation of various factors and climate characteristics. Happy I took the course

創建者 Martin M


A must for anyone interested in climate change, gives you a great understanding of the scientific issues at stake and the dynamics of GHGs vs. Temperature of the planet via. online access to actual climate models.

創建者 Brendan C


A very approachable introduction to climate science and the dangers of global warming from respected ocean chemist Prof. David Archer. Good online resources in the form of climate models from U Chicago.



It is a well-taught course, which is applicable to global and regional climate scenarios, I recommend this course to climate change enthusiasts and people looking to learn something new and interesting.

創建者 Antonio g d


An excellent course in which you learn many useful things and that will hook you to study climate change and how many experiences there have been on planet earth as well as its causes. Antonio Galvan

創建者 Manon H


A clear introduction to the science of climate change. Rather heavy on the mathematical side of things, so some understanding of basic formulas and chemistry would be useful. Definitely recommend!

創建者 R C


A detailed and really knowledgable course. The course structure and the knowledge shared by Prof. David made learning simple and interesting. The assignments are also very well structured.

創建者 Markus M


This course gives a sense of the whole picture. Wisely designed, Intelligibly explained, full of metaphors and graphics. I'm grateful to David Archer. Recommend this course.

創建者 Mark H


Very nice balance of quizzes and interacting with the models. Very clear lectures. I also appreciated that Prof. Archer kept a sharp line between the known and the maybes.

創建者 Şeyma K


This course was very useful and educational. I am very satisfied. The teacher's narration was also very good. I would love to take the 2nd lesson as well.

創建者 S N H S


Thanks, Prof David Archer for teaching us. You may not know us but hope to see you face to face when I visit the US after the coronavirus pandemic.



The course content is very complete and the explanations are excellent. The activities are enjoyable and help to the understanding of the concepts.

創建者 Leonard E


Extraordinary! Challenging, but really fun as well. A lot of work, but I have not learned this much in such a short time since leaving University.

創建者 Fernando


This course provides me with new insights regarding climate change and its modelling - and how people can adapt and prevent a much worse scenario.

創建者 Ryan H


I found this course very interesting and informative and it has helped me understand and debate climate change to a much greater capacity