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This course provides a brief introduction to game theory. Our main goal is to understand the basic ideas behind the key concepts in game theory, such as equilibrium, rationality, and cooperation. The course uses very little mathematics, and it is ideal for those who are looking for a conceptual introduction to game theory. Business competition, political campaigns, the struggle for existence by animals and plants, and so on, can all be regarded as a kind of “game,” in which individuals try to do their best against others. Game theory provides a general framework to describe and analyze how individuals behave in such “strategic” situations. This course focuses on the key concepts in game theory, and attempts to outline the informal basic ideas that are often hidden behind mathematical definitions. Game theory has been applied to a number of disciplines, including economics, political science, psychology, sociology, biology, and computer science. Therefore, a warm welcome is extended to audiences from all fields who are interested in what game theory is all about....



This course is amazing for beginners for no prior knowledge about game theory. I especially love the recommendations given at the end of the courses and the honour problems given in the course.


I enjoyed this course a lot. It gives a very good theoretical background to the concepts of game theory as well as providing extra challenges for people with more of a maths background.


301 - 博弈论入门 的 325 個評論(共 369 個)

創建者 H. M


Excellent course and introduction to game theory. Some parts were difficult, but quality teaching needs to be challenging. I think there are areas for improvement, but I would overall recommend the course.

創建者 Tabea S


Rather philosophical then mathematical. An accumulation of simple, but essential and interesting reflections on what game theory is and how it relates to reality. Thank you, it was very enjoyable!

創建者 Rifat


i would have liked to see some applications of game theory in politics , it focused sufficiently on economical and sociological situation s but lacked any focus on politics.

創建者 Naomi G


I really enjoy how Kandori focused on the concepts without bogging us down with too much math. I also enjoyed seeing how many areas of life game theory could be applied to.

創建者 Rutuja D K


Easy to understand the concepts. Honors Problem and Quizzes exercise were a bit challenging which is good. This is the best course to start with in Game Theory Field.

創建者 syedzainaliraza


Very good course for initial understanding of Game theory. The course structure can be improved to practice more payoff diagrams which appear in the quizzes.

創建者 Weili H


It is interesting and easy to understand. Well, a bit too easy I would say. I can answer half of the questions without listening to the lectures even.

創建者 Wojciech W


This is very good basic course, a one star missing due to some difficulties in good enough explanations of some of concepts further used.

創建者 Reinhild G


I always wanted to know what Game Theory was and now I know. It is something that is a little hard for me to understand.

創建者 Oleksandr O


pretty good starter's course, Professor explains information good, hope for more complicated one, less newbie friendly

創建者 Ken


the course is quite good, it is easy to understand for beginner, the lecturer has a good and friendly teaching style

創建者 Sarita


Very interesting. The questions were framed in a way that was little vague. Enjoyed and learned a lot regardless

創建者 Caitlin H


Good lectures, and moderately easy to understand. He talks a bit slow but that 2x speed option really helps.

創建者 Chetan G


very good course and i will recommend it to everyone who wants to know about game theory basics.

創建者 Silvana C


It is a bit complex, maybe it would be more feasible with more dynamic or visualizing resorces

創建者 German M


I feel that I improved the way of observing and understanding the behavior of human systems

創建者 j


Good intro to game theory. Many real-life examples, easy course to follow. Recommended.

創建者 Santiago C


Very good introduction to Game Theory. Works everything out with intiuition.

創建者 Maisha M N


It was pretty tough to understand and figure out the mathematical teachers.



A great first course for game theory, for everyone. Quite easy on the math.

創建者 samarth v


good basic introduction to the concept of game thoery and its application

創建者 Shivam H


Very Good subject and very well explained with good real world problems.

創建者 Ranjana S


Lecture series for week 2 and 3 are not suitable for people weak in math

創建者 salahzidi


The content of this course reflects its title: "Welcome to game theory"!

創建者 Fei F


This course explains game theory from the perspective of social science.