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學生對 巴黎综合理工学院 提供的 流固相互作用的基本原理 的評價和反饋

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What is fluid-solid interactions ? It is what happens when the motions of a fluid and of a solid are somehow coupled. This happens all the time, around you when leaves flutter in the wind, inside you when your heart beats, above you when wings of a plane vibrate, under the sea... The idea behind this MOOC is to give you the basic tools to be able to predict and eventually mitigate things called flutter, galloping, sloshing, vortex-induced vibrations, added mass, to cite a few. We are going to consider any possible domains of applications such as civil engineering, aerospace engineering, nuclear engineering , ocean engineering, biomechanics and even food processing ! This is why we called the course “Fundamentals of Fluid Solid Interactions ”. There are so many phenomena and so many models that we need to work together on the basic mechanisms . If you want to see how fluid-solid interactions work, and be able to use that knowledge, join us ! A first session of the course was run in early 2016, with learners from over 100 countries. It is now available with subtitles, in English and now in Chinese. See the video at



Got some knowledge about FSI . It is very much interesting with lots of experimental demonstration and the reason on its effect. Thank you Very much for such a wonderful course


A fantastic course with great instructors and great examples. I like the comparisons between theory and practical. One of the best courses I've ever taken. Awesome work


51 - 流固相互作用的基本原理 的 75 個評論(共 170 個)

創建者 Akshay g


nice course on FSI, contains most the fundamental topics and give an idea about the model building for various solid fluid interaction.

創建者 Mubashir U


Course was immensely full of fascinating knowledge and made me more curious about learning various aspects of Fluid Solid interactions.

創建者 Girish B


The course is excellent.. I would recommend this course all mechanical engineers in the research field of Fluid-Solid Interactions..

創建者 Rahul V


Extremely satisfied with the presentation of all the course material and the laboratory demonstrations were particularly stimulating.

創建者 Rajanya C


Absolutely loved the course. Saved some parts to brush up at further times. Extremely lucid yet high quality teaching as expected.

創建者 Akshay P


Great course to explore the multiphysics behaviour of systems and dive into the various possibilities of fluid static interaction.



The course is exceptionally well designed. The experiments in the chapters helps a lot to visualize clearly the learned concepts.

創建者 Ibrahim Z


a great course with great concept clearance, the course provides also a wide range of recent research applications of the field.

創建者 Siddhartha S


This is one of the best courses I've taken on Coursera. The examples given to explain a concept are amazing and truly enjoyable.

創建者 Mileniawan J R


Very comprehensive in explaining various models in FSI problem along with clear explanation and rational model simplification

創建者 Mansoor A


Though I have not yet competed all the lectures, but I am impressed with the level of effort put in this course. Thank you

創建者 Santiago A


Very interesting course to start in the topic of fluid-solid interaction. There are all the basic concepts of the fields.

創建者 Aayush P


exceptional in all ways !!amazing content and to understand FSI this course will be stepping stone for this field .

創建者 Robert B


Very well prepared course. You can see that the authors put a lot of work into it. Thanks a lot for this course.

創建者 Abhijeet C


The best course and the best teacher. I would like to see the advanced version of this course to be offered.

創建者 Harendrakumar D


This was really challenging course and very eye-opening, and we can relate to the day-to-day observations.

創建者 Victor H S P


Great Course, with great examples that helped me ensure my master subject on mechanical engineering.

創建者 Hajjej R


Excellent course i hope you will make a second part of it. Thanks a lot i have fun by learning this

創建者 Hardik S


Great Course for to learn the fundamentals for solving much complex problems or developing models.

創建者 MOHD. F


Very nicely instructed. This is the first course which I like the most but cannot afford to pay.

創建者 ALI K


it was really a concise course about FSI, while explaining the most situations comprehensively.

創建者 jose p B


The course has provided me better insight in the field of fluid mechanics and solid mechanics

創建者 Amar B


interesting course, however could have used a little in depth explanation of the math used.

創建者 Federico R


Very useful course for understanding the fundamentals of fluid-solid interaction modeling

創建者 Ullas S


Awesome lectures. Experiments in between helped a lot to understand the concepts clearly