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學生對 巴黎综合理工学院 提供的 流固相互作用的基本原理 的評價和反饋

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What is fluid-solid interactions ? It is what happens when the motions of a fluid and of a solid are somehow coupled. This happens all the time, around you when leaves flutter in the wind, inside you when your heart beats, above you when wings of a plane vibrate, under the sea... The idea behind this MOOC is to give you the basic tools to be able to predict and eventually mitigate things called flutter, galloping, sloshing, vortex-induced vibrations, added mass, to cite a few. We are going to consider any possible domains of applications such as civil engineering, aerospace engineering, nuclear engineering , ocean engineering, biomechanics and even food processing ! This is why we called the course “Fundamentals of Fluid Solid Interactions ”. There are so many phenomena and so many models that we need to work together on the basic mechanisms . If you want to see how fluid-solid interactions work, and be able to use that knowledge, join us ! A first session of the course was run in early 2016, with learners from over 100 countries. It is now available with subtitles, in English and now in Chinese. See the video at




Got some knowledge about FSI . It is very much interesting with lots of experimental demonstration and the reason on its effect. Thank you Very much for such a wonderful course



It was an amazing experience. I learned a lot about modeling and about fluid and solid interaction. I was amazed by the sequence of the course. You did a great job thank you


26 - 流固相互作用的基本原理 的 50 個評論(共 182 個)

創建者 Hemanth K


This course literally unlocked the understanding of dynamics of motion around us. It certainly helped me in understanding the basics of FSI with courtesy of all team members and the experiments provided in this course. Thanks to all course team members for making such a great course.

創建者 Siddaraja D


Its Superb course. It gives the complete overview of the field. the nice part is using dimensional analysis approach to the problem and summarizing all models across reduced velocities. Nicely summarized and conveyed. Looking for next courses from this fluid solid interaction domain

創建者 Farooq R


I am delighted to subscribe this course. Thank you Course team to introduce us the wonders of FSI, the way this course was designed and the contents explained are all excellent. Thank you Coursera for giving us this opportunity. Hope more courses by the instructors are coming soon.

創建者 Kumar S


It was an awesome experience completing this course. In such a short duration, many things were discussed. But, still much much more to be learnt. I shall be highly interested in all other courses too regarding FSI and especially VIV.

Thank you Coursera, Thank you all instructors.

創建者 Arsalan Y


The course is suited for beginners such as me, to get a grasp of Fluid Solid Interactions course. With this fundamental knowledge, one can start exploring this subject in depth. I cannot wait to sign up for the full and extended course on Fluid Solid Interactions.

創建者 Krishna C A G R


The course was superb. The instructor explained every intricate concept of FSI lucidly. The extra videos on various research topics enlightened us as to how different concepts in FSI are put into practice. Overall, the course was worth every bit of it.

創建者 shoaib k


It covers all the relevant topics related to fluid-structure interaction.I will like to suggest to please involve a session for numerical problems and their solution so we can understand better and work with confidence while working on the Assignment.

創建者 Spoonosaurus


Very good and thorough course on fluid-solid interactions with great illustration from research, industry or experiments. Great overview of main effects of interactions (added mass, dumping, rigidity etc) as well as resonance phenomena.

創建者 Beyza N Ö


I think this course needs to include more mathematical approach. I would like to understand where all these equations come from. For example I needed to look for all the mathematical parts from different books and that cost more time.

創建者 Surya_Narayan


I have never found a more mathematically vigorous yet so comprehensive course till date. This course all the more pushes you to understand the hidden meaning inside equations as we obtain in mechanics. Wonderful piece of work!

創建者 Koushik M


This is a very good course to start-off with Fluid Solid interactions. The course content is well organized and very neatly explained at a fundamental level, which enhances the understanding of the course recipients.

創建者 Alan P


Excellent Course!! It gave me a tremendous insight on how fluid and solid mechanics interact with each other in many interesting ways. Would recommend for any engineer who seeks to know how the world around us work.

創建者 Maxime E


Cours très intéressant et donne les clés pour comprendre une grande variété de phénomènes. Un seul petit bémol, les questions numériques sur les quizz pourraient être syntaxiquement et numériquement plus laxistes.

創建者 Mauricio G M


Excelent. A bit hard, solid bases needed. Probably more time needed between Units (Weeks). (By the way, I didn't know I could finish Questionares after the suggested date. Read it at the end of last week) : - (

創建者 Balaji K


Professor explained concepts very clearly and also in a systematic way of approach. It is very easy to follow the lectures and able to understand many complex problems. Thank you so much for your contribution.

創建者 James G S


Excellent. Combined well-documented lectures that presented the principles and relevant equations with experiment demonstrations and research illustrating the practical application of those principles.

創建者 shiva b


Highly appreciate the entire team for making the subject comprehensible. I would like to suggest a small background course on the mathematics and solid dynamics, for the advanced version of this course.

創建者 Cheriet


je peux pas terminer mes cours, car il y a un problème de téléchargement , quelque part ici, je pense il est de ma part, je ressaye ultérieurement , je les achète , merci c'est formidable, à bientôt

創建者 LE


This course was helpful to understand the basics of fluid-solid interactions. The "research project" videos give a great opprtunity to explore different aspects of the subject.

創建者 Maheswaran M


Got some knowledge about FSI . It is very much interesting with lots of experimental demonstration and the reason on its effect. Thank you Very much for such a wonderful course

創建者 Charbel F


It was an amazing experience. I learned a lot about modeling and about fluid and solid interaction. I was amazed by the sequence of the course. You did a great job thank you

創建者 경태 임


This is wonderful lecture. In this lecture, professor elaborate windows in graph, two-way phenomenon, instabilities, vibrations, and fluid-structure interaction.

創建者 jacopo b


A great explanations of a huge kind of FSI systems in the environment. It's been a fantastic course and me, as a mechanical engineer, found it really useful

創建者 Pedro G


A wonderful exposition to the subject, pretty good examples, ideal for any one that it is interested to comprehend more in deep fluid-solid interactions.

創建者 Yaknesh S


This is really a great experience. thanks to coursera giving me a finiancial aid and helping me develop my knowledge. Simply thank you a lot coursera...