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學生對 IBM 技能网络 提供的 Applied Data Science Capstone 的評價和反饋

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This capstone project course will give you a taste of what data scientists go through in real life when working with real datasets. You will assume the role of a Data Scientist working for a startup intending to compete with SpaceX, and in the process follow the Data Science methodology involving data collection, data wrangling, exploratory data analysis, data visualization, model development, model evaluation, and reporting your results to stakeholders. You are tasked with predicting if the first stage of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will land successfully. SpaceX advertises Falcon 9 rocket launches on its website, with a cost of 62 million dollars; other providers cost upward of 165 million dollars each, much of the savings is because SpaceX can reuse the first stage. Therefore if you can accurately predict the likelihood of the first stage rocket landing successfully, you can determine the cost of a launch. With the help of your Data Science findings and models, the competing startup you have been hired by can make more informed bids against SpaceX for a rocket launch. This course is the final course in the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate as well as the Applied Data Science with Python Specialization. It is expected that you have completed all of the prior courses in the specialization/certificate before starting this one, as it requires the application of the knowledge and skills taught in those courses. In this course, there will not be too much new learning, and instead, the focus will be on hands-on work to demonstrate what you have learned in the previous courses. If you choose to take this course and earn the Coursera course certificate, you will also earn an IBM digital badge upon successful completion of the course....




Its was great experience in completing the project using all skills that we learned in the course, thanks to coursera and IBM for giving me an opportunity to update my selft and also to test my skills



Very good capstone project. Learnt lot of insights on how to represent data through out this course.

Very good starting point for ""Data Science" field. I would definitely recommend this course.


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創建者 Yibing S


This course is instructive and challenging at the same time. Now I do wish I know a bit more about python and pandas before I jump in this course. But in the end I managed to get through.

創建者 Siddhant P


Thank You for such a great end to end project, learnt a lot !! Presentation was damn lengthy though

創建者 Ian C


Felt a bit constrained by the requirement to include the Foursquare API.

創建者 Nikolay D


Very easy to understand and remember this material

創建者 Hadi N


I would have liked to come up with a capstone project which did not encourage me to use location data from Foursquare, and rather use other data to come up with problems and solutions which do not necessarily have to do with location data. But all in all, it was an interesting course and great knowledge was gained

創建者 Abe M


Some things need to be updated. Such and such is "Deprecated" errors, typo errors, and less and less thought put on in designing the exercises. I can feel the preparers dropping the ball towards the end of this specialization. Current visualization trends should be included like Tableau.

創建者 Yechen H


Overall, the course is very practical, you have the chance to do a project use the technology you have learned so far, and get a feeling of what Data Science work looks like. Recommend for those who interested in Data Science Area.

創建者 Ruiping W


This project is beneficial by providing the chance to explore Foursquare API and generate some realistic results. However the discussion forum is not well used, questions posted there are rarely answered by teach staff.

創建者 Pawel P


Some things were outdated and did not work properly for me.

Peer-graded assignments where one has to create a github repository is totally unnecessary.

創建者 Zoilo S


The assignments are either correct or incorrect and the scores are depends on your classmates grade to you.

創建者 Alex Y


Did not like Foursquare and was obliged to use it to complete the course

創建者 Martin V


As much as I would like to recommend this course, I was really disappointed by the poor quality of the videos in this lecture. They contained a lot of spelling mistakes and were not aligned with what you find in the corresponding notebooks which made it very cumbersome to take notes while watching the lectures. Also the capstone project, while being interesting and challenging, was not properly motivated by the course itself.

I think the extend was good and concept fine but it needs a lot of fine-tuning to be an outstanding course which wants you to continue an do the next one immediately after.

創建者 Brandon S


I think I was a tougher critic of my own project than anyone else was going to be; the rubric for peer-grading was almost entirely about presentation with little emphasis on the data analysis itself. The requirement to use Foursquare's API was a limitation on the possible topics for the project, and Foursquare's documentation of endpoints fails to disclose that some fields such as Rating are the result of proprietary, unusual calculations that are unlikely to correlate strongly with any simple data.

創建者 Vimal O


On overall IBM data science professional certificate track: P​ros: Content is just good enough, instructors are good. Cons: IBM watson and the platform given to practise on is awful and has terrible performance and reliability issues, most often doesnt work and had an impact on my test deliverables. I personally overcame those issues to some extent with kaggle's and google colab jupyter notebook environments.

創建者 BogdanC


the idea and all that was great, but despite doing all the previous courses, it was very difficult for me to do the project ... I felt I had many cheese holes and got stuck many times ... note, I had no experience with DS, programming before, but coming from a finance background ... I would say the entire specialisation is not for a true beginner ... but the course package overall is very strong I think

創建者 Hugh B


Overall course is good but as you get closer and closer to the final project in the hints and assignments are not explained very well. I had to go through a lot of back and forth on the dicussion forum to solve problems, often over multiple day.

創建者 Huzefa K


G​ood material but instructions are very unclear. The final project instructions were not at all well laid out.

創建者 Theodoros P


This was for me the last course needed for the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. To have a capstone really makes sense. However, having to use the Foursquare API is very restrictive and does not leave much room for different data science problems. The data provided by Foursquare for my location are only suited for certain types of problems and I had a lot of difficulty finding a rationale for a meaningful project using the Foursquare data. It would be very helpful if more data sources are explicitly provided to allow also ML projects with supervised learning. I also think that the 20h estimation for completing the final task is ridiculously optimistic. I needed at least 100h (time in total) to complete the final project, whereas in all the previous tasks of the 9 courses comprising the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate I needed less than the estimated time.

創建者 Elvijs M


On one hand there is some encouragement to experiment and come up with an interesting problem and I actually took some time to come up with something non-trivial before starting. But practically, there is no need to -- you can just take the example notebook from one of the prior weeks and change the city. The evaluation doesn't really reward you for doing something original or extra.

Sadly, the certificate of the specialization as a whole is worthless.

創建者 Izabela K


I hoped this course would be more complex but it mostly consist of Foursquare API requests. I had to focus how to fit other datasets in addition to Foursquare data to find something interesting but instead of using fancy algorithms and testing them I had to focus on data and it was really time consuming, I spent 2x more time on each assignment. Whole IBM DS path was great but final course was a big disappointment.

創建者 Bob D


A comprehensive recap of the skills learned on the course, but once again full of typos, errors and technical issues. The capstone project itself was an incredibly dull way to bring all the information together, leading to a presentation containing almost no insight. The choice sof data and visualisations made little sense, essentially turning this into brainless donkey work.

創建者 Alperen K


it was the worst Coursera course I've ever took. Course capstones pages are buggy, there are not adequate explanations at videos. The final project is very painful because there are not enough resources and you are forced to prepare "notebook", "report" and "presentation/blog post" can't we just prepare two of these items?

創建者 PD T


Issues with the lab sessions and untimely responses from the staff hindered my learning. Also, the students did not respond to my questions in the discussion forums, they seem to only be about themselves and having people grade their assignments.

創建者 Sebastian F


A stunningly miserable end to a relatively solid program. There are just so many questions I have. Why 40+ slides? Why link each previous project individually, and then collectively? Why have a link in a slideshow? Who on earth thought 40+ slides was at all realistic? That's roughly 4x longer than what would be considered a max number of slides in any professional context!

The amount of redundancy, busywork, and general disrespect toward the individual's time is absolutely attrocious. The several different "activities" that tell you how to make a POWERPOINT are downright insulting.

The actual data gathering, analysis, and prediction training are really cool! The way in which they're all brought together in the end is simply and infuriating waste of time.

創建者 MNejc


The course is actually very very hard, I made it through all the Data Science courses for Proffesional Certificate, however, when I came to this final course, I kind of got lost when working on assignments that would lead me to create a project of the desired outcome. As it's been some time since I took other Data Science courses and tried to complete this one, I came back now, after around a year, to see if anything got fixed as I believe other participants of the course had problems creating their projects as well, yet however, I see that nothing has changed. Tried creating the project again, yet got stuck at the assignment for week 3. Maybe Coursera or IBM Teaching staff should really look into this issue that not only I am experiencing.