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學生對 莱顿大学 提供的 Anatomy of the Abdomen and Pelvis; a journey from basis to clinic. 的評價和反饋

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In this anatomy course you will explore the organs involved in our food digestion and discover the common causes of abdominal and pelvic pain. The latest graphics and animations will help you to find new insights and understanding of this part of the body, that has been the focus of anatomical research for centuries and presently arouses renewed scientific interest. You will explore the 3D anatomy of the organs from a basic level, providing thorough anatomical understanding, to its advanced application in surgical procedures. This course will challenge you to discover and help you to understand the anatomy of the abdomen and pelvis in all its aspects, ranging from its embryological underpinnings, via digital microscopy to gross topography and its clinical applications. The course is unique in that it continuously connects basic anatomical knowledge from the lab with its medical applications and current diagnostic techniques. You’ll get the chance to discuss anatomical and clinical problems with peers and experts in forum discussions and you will receive guidance in exploring the wealth of anatomical information that has been gathered over the centuries. Follow us on an exciting journey through the abdomen and pelvis where you digest your food but also where new life starts!...



Oct 07, 2017

A very useful and visual course with a quality presentation of the material. special thanks Paul Gobé for clarity and Marco De Ruiter for a comprehensive approach to explanations.


Apr 06, 2016

Excellent course and well designed. Even though some of the concepts where harder for me to understand I now have a basic understanding of the structure of the abdomen.


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創建者 Amna s

Jun 08, 2017


very informative.

創建者 adriana d

Apr 30, 2018


創建者 Alma G C M

Apr 27, 2017

Excellent course!

創建者 Jon B A

Apr 12, 2016

Very good material, explainations and teachers. Recommended for everyone who wants to learn.

創建者 Vanessa B

Feb 27, 2017

Very interesting course! Great videos and instructors. T

創建者 Annemarie S

Jun 18, 2017

wonderful , from embryology to anatomy

創建者 Yahia A A

Jul 03, 2018

Frankly, It was amazing ,simple and enjoyable.Really, Thank you !

創建者 omar a s

Aug 07, 2016

amazing course help me alot

創建者 Deleted A

May 31, 2017

Very good for every lecture and even amazing learning resources!

創建者 Laura P

Jun 22, 2016

Just awesome!

創建者 Francisco V A

May 29, 2017

very impressive , i love anatomy

創建者 이유희

Apr 25, 2018

thank you!!

創建者 Stefan E

Sep 29, 2016

Do you have an idea how lucky you are to have access to a course like this?! Normally you would have to be enrolled in med school.

創建者 M. S D

Jun 28, 2017

Thank you very much for such High quality and clinically very useful course.

創建者 Janset D

Jun 08, 2016

great course with great dissection videos. course materials are very interesting. I understood the anatomy of the abdomen which medical school couldn't teach me.

創建者 Alessandra M B A d M

Apr 09, 2017


創建者 Muhammed A

Dec 16, 2016

Well-organised , Very good for beginners and intermediate learners .

創建者 Sylvia S

Jul 04, 2018

Best course for anatomy. really enjoy to doing this course

創建者 Tanyi

Apr 18, 2018

very helpful

創建者 Samantha C

May 22, 2016

V difficult, but rewarding!

I did not get the grade I thought I would in this class...but I learned a lot more than I thought I could! Very in depth and thorough, I think I value the knowledge I received more than the sub-par grade I received. ;)

創建者 cheima a

Apr 24, 2018


創建者 João D F

Apr 10, 2016

Im loving it so far.

創建者 Janvandam

Apr 15, 2016

Great course, like the way of teaching. Really starts from noting and goes to a senior level of knowledge.

創建者 Maria K

Aug 05, 2017

The course contains a lot of information. Authors did great job to help us understand more clearly the topic and some difficulties in it.

創建者 José A B

Jul 13, 2017

I'm amazing that course! A lot of excellent information and interaction.

Thank you so much Professors and team.