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In this project, you'll learn the most fundamental ES6 features and practice them with live hands-on examples. You'll start writing modern JavaScript and really understand why we need ES6. Mastering modern JavaScript starts with understanding the reasoning behind the main ES6 features - arrow functions, variables, template literals. Doing so will help you grasp the concepts behind Node, React and Angular....



I found the project much relevant for those who are going to learn react shortly. Instructure is a lovely teacher and person. I appreciate teaching skills of course instructors. Thanks! Coursera


I enjoyed this hands-on learning experience. The project tasks started off very simple, but by the time I progressed to arrow functions it was much more challenging.


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創建者 Elzodxon S


Thank you

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創建者 Ivqonnada A M


I have problem with the rhyme platform, it state "Connecting" all the time, maybe my internet isnt that good, or my ISP block something there. So i just using my own Text Editor and plugins like Quokka.js for immediately getting the console.log result. And actually i feel the Rhyme Interface isnt that good for User Experience.

Fortunately, i still can enjoy the instructor's video in the Rhyme.

創建者 Arqam S


The environment provided is terrible. It is laggy, has poor controls and I was working on a small screen and I had to glue myself to screen to see letters and words properly. Content wise, the course is good and provides very basic know-how of ES6. However a half an hour YouTube video would do the same as well.

創建者 Vidane G P


I like a guided project because I normally don't like to open vscode for the simple project then delete the files, Guided project are a fantastic way to overcome that. lern lot of basic things. but VM is a little bit slow and ctrl+c ctrl+v is not worked for me for vs code. overall enjoy the course.

創建者 Arturo A G


It's good as a crash course or introduction to ES6, you get to code along the instructor, and it's short! good to freshen your memory. On the other hand Rythm platform was painful to use and the audio was low, but it's still worth it.

創建者 Varad L


This Course focuses on "Learn by doing" principle, which helped me to clear the fundamental concepts of modern JavaScript. One who want to learn frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, etc they should start with this course first.

創建者 Srijan B


This course is great if you are a beginner and it guides you to some key point you need to start your coding in javascript ... I didn't like the Platform much and that part can be improved

創建者 Ajin V


I had learned so many new things with this 1-hour project, the only cons I have is the accent of the instructor, a quite difficult to understand.

創建者 Juan P H A


Muy bueno, fácil de seguir y por ende de asimilar y aprender. Tuve algunos problemas con la plataforma de trabajo pero nada grave.

創建者 Nitish P


Awesome Course! Need more contents and topics! Can you make a short course with more contents & topics?

創建者 Md. R R


The instructor was capable to teach well but she needs to work on her accent.

創建者 Nikhil S


Great short course to brush up the skills for learning more complex concepts

創建者 Sergio F


me gustaria que se explicara mas a profundidad la parte de arrow functions

創建者 Muhammad T W


Really very useful course for those who just want to learn ES6 features.

創建者 Shaashwath V


Just what the title says, it's an ES6 Refresher! And it's good.

創建者 Christer J G


Instructor is good with topics but sometimes hard to listen to

創建者 Sagar S B


Good Course and Instructor way of teaching was just awesome

創建者 Oscar A R C


Great to start with Ecma6 and better learning of JavaScript

創建者 Saigets


Nice tea recipes, but prime numbers != even numbers

創建者 Anirban B


It felt like a bit more explanation is required

創建者 Kibria Y


It's amazing to learn with the instructor guys