Improve Business Performance with Microsoft Forms

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Prepare to Create a Survey with Microsoft Forms

Create a Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction Survey

Finalize, Send, and Analyze Responses to Improve Business Performance

Clock1.5 hours
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Microsoft Forms can serve as a tool to help you survey both external and internal stakeholders as you work on improving your business performance. Business leaders can gain a 360 degree view of their business - or particular product or service line - through the use of surveys. By creating a strong objective first, a business leader can make a variety of surveys using the free, online program, Microsoft Forms, to gain insight from multiple stakeholders of their company. Through the input from both internal employees and external customers, business leaders can make important decisions about how to move their company forward. Follow this step-by-step guided project to discover how Microsoft Forms can be a strong tool to get this important business insight. First, learners will discover how to create a survey in Microsoft Forms by writing a strong objective. Next, learners will see how to create customer satisfaction surveys and employee satisfaction surveys and how each one serves different purposes in improving business performance. Then, learners will discover how to finalize and send the surveys before finally learning how to analyze the responses in a way that can lead to improved performance.


  • User Research
  • Market Research
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Business Strategy



  1. Prepare to Create a Survey with Microsoft Forms

  2. Create a Customer Satisfaction Survey

  3. Create an Employee Satisfaction Survey

  4. Finalize and Send a Microsoft Forms Survey

  5. Analyze Responses to Improve Business Performance






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