Enhance Organizational Communications with Slack

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Access Slack and create your workspace and review the types of resources available on the platform to enhance organizational communications.

Create your Slack profile and set preferences by thoughtfully considering an effective way to present your value in organizational communications.

Use direct messaging and tag by individual and channel to loop others in on relevant information.

Clock120 minutes
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By the end of this project, you will learn how to enhance organizational communications with Slack, the business communications platform. To complete this project, you will create your own workspace, add public and private channels, and develop a collaborative environment. To support your new digital environment, you'll invite others to your Slack workspace and bring their contributions into unique channels for work projects, planning, brainstorming, problem-solving, and information-sharing. You will also amp up the effectiveness of workspace communications by using channel and individual tags to loop others in on relevant information. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions.


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  1. Open a free Slack account, create a unique workspace, and familiarize yourself with its layout and review the types of resources available on the platform to enhance organizational communications.

  2. Set availability and status to indicate to others when they can expect to hear from you. Explore strategies to tailor status and notification settings to support productivity and team effectiveness.

  3. Pause notifications and use them to boost productivity. Handle notifications on the fly and discover options for automating what notifications you receive, and how and when you receive them.

  4. Create your Slack profile and set your preferences by thoughtfully considering the most effective way to present yourself and your value in organizational communications.

  5. Flesh out your work environment by defining and creating public and private channels.

  6. Explore more ways to invite others to a workspace and its default channels.

  7. Use direct messaging and connect people in Slack to boost the effectiveness of messaging through strategic use of channel and individual tags.






  • 購買指導項目後,您將獲得完成指導項目所需的一切,包括通過Web 瀏覽器訪問云桌面工作空間,工作空間中包含您需要了解的文件和軟件,以及特定領域的專家提供的分步視頻說明。

  • 由於您的工作空間包含適合筆記本電腦或台式計算機使用的雲桌面,因此指導項目不在移動設備上提供。

  • 指導項目講師是特定領域的專家,他們在項目的技能、工具或領域方面經驗豐富,並且熱衷於分享自己的知識以影響全球數百萬的學生。

  • 您可以從指導項目中下載並保留您創建的任何文件。為此,您可以在訪問云桌面時使用‘文件瀏覽器’功能。

  • 指導項目不符合退款條件。 請查看我們完整的退款政策

  • 指導項目不提供助學金。

  • 指導項目不支持旁聽。

  • 您可在頁面頂部點按此指導項目的經驗級別,查看任何知識先決條件。對於指導項目的每個級別,您的講師會逐步為您提供指導。

  • 是,您可以在瀏覽器的雲桌面中獲得完成指導項目所需的一切。

  • 您可以直接在瀏覽器中於分屏環境下完成任務,以此從做中學。在屏幕的左側,您將在工作空間中完成任務。在屏幕的右側,您將看到有講師逐步指導您完成項目。

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