Create a JavaFX GUI with radio buttons and check boxes

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Use JavaFX framework to create a simple GUI application where a user selects radio buttons and check boxes and clicks a button to output details.

Clock2 hours
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In this project, you will create a simple GUI application in jGrasp using the JavaFX framework. The components of the interface will be arranged in a Grid Pane container. A template program is provided to which you will create and add three radio buttons for three types of cars, and four checkboxes for four colors. When you click on a button the program will display the selected radio buttons and checkboxes. If you are a beginner, you will need to have already learned basic concepts in creating labels, text fields, and buttons using JavaFX (You can take the prerequisite course on Coursera - Create your first GUI application in jGRASP using JavaFX). If you already have GUI programming experience using JavaFX, this is an opportunity to refresh your skills by going back to basics. No matter your level, you will learn this course from a template program and build on your skills, thereafter you will be able to apply the skills obtained from this course in real-life programming exercises. To provide you with support outside the course, you will find some additional notes and examples that you can use at home. If you ever wanted to become better at GUI programming using JavaFX by building on your fundamental skills, this project is the right place to start!


  • Javafx
  • Radio Button
  • GUI programming
  • Java Programming
  • CheckBox



  1. Create the stage, layout, and scene

  2. Create three radio buttons and toggle group

  3. Display the selected radio buttons

  4. Create four checkboxes

  5. Display the selected checkboxes






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