4.3 Challenges for clinical and biochemical diagnosis - Interview with Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove

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This module addresses symptoms, diagnosis and treatment regarding Zika infection. You will discover the challenges related to the two main types of diagnoses, clinical and biochemical (molecular or serological) diagnoses. You will learn that most cases are asymptomatic cases and this causes an issue to forecast virus origin and its transmission to new areas. You will also learn that currently licenced vaccines or medicines to treat Zika are missing. For now, treatment consists of relieving pain, fever, and any other symptoms. Prof. Patrice Bourée will start by listing the known symptoms and diagnosis. You will learn with Prof. Laurent Kaiser about the paradox between the limitation in clinical investigation and the strong technology currently available. Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove will explain you the different types of diagnoses and their limitations. Prof. Ester Sabino will tell you the diagnostic challenges they experienced at the beginning of the Zika outbreak in Brazil. Finally, Dr. Paulo Lee Ho and Dr. In-Kyu Yoon will close the module by telling you how the race is on to develop a Zika vaccine.

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