Key Takeaways from Week 3

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Welcome to Week 3! During this week you'll start to build a "tool-kit" for ways to feel more confident and comfortable in voicing your values. You'll discover how to develop scripts and action plans. First, you'll explore the GVV pillar, Voice. This pillar helps you understand how you can examine the different ways to build your capacity for voice and the variety of forms it can take. Next, you'll be introduced to the final pillar, Reasons and Rationalizations. This pillar helps you understand how to anticipate the objections that you might face when trying to voice your values. By doing so, you can prepare and practice effective responses to these objections. Then you'll discover some of the challenges and opportunities you may face in voicing your values based on your level and position within an organization. Recognizing these challenges and opportunities can help you identify which levers you can use to address them. Two cases are provided to illustrate the point that you can find effective strategies for acting on your values at all levels of experience and authority. By the end of the module you will have identified tools that you can use to help you voice your values effectively. You'll use these newly acquired tools to revisit your Tale of Two Stories and craft a new ending.

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