The Interaction Design Specialization

Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning more about how people’s needs, goals, values play out in their day-to-day lives and their hopes for the future. You’ll consider the different activities they do, in what order, and the larger systems in which they interact. You’ll start by generating lists of questions and move through different research methods to answer your specific questions. To illustrate these research methods, the lessons share several examples from real design projects across a variety of fields. What I hope you’ll take away from this module is the importance and thrill of going out to talk with and learn from people when and where they do their everyday activities, rather than basing your designs on assumptions. Through these techniques you’ll gain a new perspective on the problem and identify opportunities for creating a meaningful and accessible design.

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