Will the "New-to-the-World" Innovation Fly? A Discussion of Sales Takeoff and Firm Takeoff Points - Part 1

The second module will focus on a detailed view of innovation and how it relates to the various stakeholders, including consumers, firms, and the overall industry. More importantly, you will learn to assess industry context as you make important innovation decisions. First, you will gain an understanding of concept of the innovation adoption lifecycle and how innovations diffuse in a population of consumers. Then, you will learn about the concepts of the tipping points in an innovation lifecycle, i.e., sales takeoff and firm takeoff for an innovation in a particular new-to-the-world industry. Next, we will study the “failure framework” to examine issues of “overshooting” consumer demand by firms by mapping product performance and consumer expectations trajectories in an innovation context. Finally, you will learn about the different types of innovations and understand the concept of dominant design.

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