5.8 Consultative Sales Presentations

相较于其他的推销情况,为什么我们对某些推销有较好的响应呢?杰克需要协助,因他要对资深管理阶层做简报,所以他请求凯萨琳提供建议。第五周涵盖了简报,推销,即席演讲,销售讲稿和销售简报咨询的秘方,这些将让你充满自信,也让你的用字铿锵有力。 Why do we respond better to some sales pitches than others? Jake needs help with his presentation to senior management and goes to Catherine for advice. Week 5 is full of quick tips for formal presentations, pitches, impromptu speeches, sales scripts and consultative sales presentations that will give your confidence a boost and your words more energy and excitement.

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