Video 4 - Analysis

Welcome to Sales Strategy module. In this module, we discuss the use of intelligence analysis methods to support the sales functions, such as planning and sales operations management. We discuss the benefits of the application of intelligence analysis methods, and how this approach contributes to the sales planning process, by developing this process with a strategic view. The primary learning outcome from this module goes through two essential aspects. The first one is on the awareness front, in the sense that a sales professional would benefit from knowing that intelligence analysis may contribute to the planning process. The second aspect is that the awareness of this benefit leads sales professionals to keep attention to the methods, models, tools, and techniques regarding intelligence analysis. Eventually, they will practice the methods, which will support the development of the sales plan, with an integration of strategy and sales. This course has been developed by prof. Edson Ito with an active participation of Rosangela Ito. Rosangela Ito (MBA) is a specialist in Strategy & Competitive Intelligence, Marketing, and Strategic Partnerships. She has an extensive experience in strategy, international M&A, strategic benchmarking, competitive intelligence, strategic partnerships, brand licensing. She also has an International Certification in Competitive Intelligence at the Fuld Academy of Competitive Intelligence.

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