Lesson Review: "Making not Taking Photographs," from Course 3

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The Capstone Project is your opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge you have gained through our journey in learning about photography, to develop a meaningful set of 10 photographs in a final project . Of course, you may well expose hundreds of photographs to get to that final number! This course is where you will combine your passion for a particular content with the skills and knowledge you have developed as a photographer through this Specialization. This is also where you will share your insights with a community of equally passionate photographers through peer review, as they learn from you and you learn from them. Perhaps the project is based in your passion for artistic expression, or for a documentary subject in your community that you feel is worthy of exploration. Maybe you feel moved to create a series of insightful portraits centered on people who are part of a group or of a certain type, or create photographs that are important for your non-photography career (beautiful photos of houses and their details if you are a realtor for example). Whatever the content or subjects, whatever the lighting, exposure, or other techniques used, it begins with an outline, what we call a Project Plan. It goes without saying that all the photographs for this project must be new pictures, created on or after the date of the start of this course. This is not the place for photographs you have created previously, although your new photographs may be related to an area of interest you had before you began this final course. In this first Module you will point your creative compass in a general direction, and with the help of your fellow photographers' feedback gradually create a more narrow, straight, and true path of photography as the weeks of effort go forward. You'll learn from Peter and Mark's mistakes and review a valuable lesson, "Responding to Photographs," from the past. Of course, you will also begin making photographs in that general direction too! Let's get started!!!

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