UI: Subject Page Areas

In this module you will add generic UI framework and Subject-specific components to implement a Subjects page that will show the user different views of Subjects (Things and Images) matching query criteria as well as the ability to express and depict the currently selected Subject. As part of the UI framework you will implement a set of parent/child components to manage areas of the page and tabs within areas. You will make heavy use of transcludes to implement this visual layering and to encapsulate the details away from the Subject-based components. You will implement dynamic styling to shrink and expand areas as directed by the user. As part of interacting with Subjects you will implement a Subjects page; divide the page up into sides, areas, and tabs; insert a set of Subject/view-specific components (e.g., lists, images, and details); integrate these components with a new Current Subjects service that will enable each of the components to maintain a consistent view of the user's query results and currently selected Subject. At the end of this module you will have implemented a complete UI framework -- ready to implement the visual display of Subjects using maps in the next module.

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