Identifying Important Points Lecture

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Academic Listening and Note-Taking
211 個評分
University of California, Irvine
211 個評分
課程 1(共 4 門,Specialization Learn English: Advanced Academic Speaking and Listening
Identifying Main Ideas and Details
Last week, you learned about listening to the beginning of a class lecture. This week, you will learn about listening to the middle of the lecture. You'll learn about idenifying main ideas and details and how to organize them well in your notes.


  • Tamy Chapman
    Tamy Chapman
    Instructor, International Programs
    University of California Irvine Division of Continuing Education
  • Dana Saito-Stehberger
    Dana Saito-Stehberger
    Curriculum Coordinator
    Instructor, International Programs
  • Brad Gilpin
    Brad Gilpin