Handling Unfamiliar Information Lecture

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Academic Listening and Note-Taking
252 個評分
University of California, Irvine
252 個評分
課程 1(共 4 門,Specialization Learn English: Advanced Academic Speaking and Listening
Identifying Stance and Speaker Attitude
You've been learning about how to listen and take notes about various parts of a lecture. In this final week, you'll learn about some other strategies to help you listen and take notes more effectively in lectures.


  • Tamy Chapman
    Tamy Chapman
    Instructor, International Programs
    University of California Irvine Division of Continuing Education
  • Dana Saito-Stehberger
    Dana Saito-Stehberger
    Curriculum Coordinator
    Instructor, International Programs
  • Brad Gilpin
    Brad Gilpin