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In this module you will be introduced to the Tesla Motor's through a case study. This will form the basis of this capstone, along with other information about the company. You will also find information about what will be required of you in each of the modules. In this particular case we are going to talk about the launch of the new model X, so we have to go back to 2014, when this case was written and take into consideration everything we have seen in the specialization. At the end of each week (excluding week 1) you will have a quiz, where you will be able to apply the theory learned during this specialization regarding the Model S, the model already in the market. Also week's 2 through 5, you will need to complete a peer graded assignment regarding the new Model X. In addition to this a final peer graded final presentation will need to be prepared at the end of Week 5 - here you will have to take decisions as marketing director of tesla and support these.

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