Learning Regions

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Businesses sometimes come together in the local economy and configure agglomerations in which suppliers, workers, competitors, and clients play a role. In the same territory we often find supporting organisations like banks, consultancies, and governmental agencies. The first video, by IHS Professor Jan Fransen, introduces the concept of clusters and presents them as islands of creativity. It also lists some ideas to support the formation of clusters. The second video, by ISS Professor Peter Knorringa, expands the concept of clusters to stable networks where firms buy and sell products globally. We call these arrangements global value chains. The terms and conditions under which local entrepreneurs integrate global value chains are determined by how the value chain is organised and by whom. The third video, by IHS professor Jan Fransen introduces a third concept in the family learning regions, which expands on the other two and brings in elements from innovation (week 3). The video discusses the concept of a learning region as a precondition for local economic development.

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