Business Graduation

In week 5 the course looks into entrepreneurship as a key resource in local economic development. It pays attention mainly at small and medium entrepreneurs, which are normally 90% of the businesses in any region and those in the informal economy, which are 60% to 90% of the local economy in developing countries. This week is prepared by Argentine ISS Professor Georgina Gómez. The first video discusses the meaning of entrepreneurship and why it takes different expressions in developed and developing economies. The second video distinguishes survival from growth oriented entrepreneurs not as two types of entrepreneurs but as different ways of thinking about business. The third video analyses policies to support entrepreneurs and reviews research that shows that it is almost impossible to shift from survival to growth oriented entrepreneurship. The main idea is that if we understand the different types of businesses, we can design policies that more effectively support each type and with more realistic expectations. The fourth video focuses on women entrepreneurship as a first approach to support women in business. About 80% of microentrepreneurs in developing countries are women that raise income to support their families.


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