4.1 The Flying Fish King and Tao Tribal Elder’s Agreement (飛魚王和達悟長老的約定)

Orchid Island is located off the east coast of Taiwan. This little island is full of beautiful scenery and vibrant nature. The people living there maintain a rustic lifestyle very different from that in Taiwan’s modern cities. In this course, follow along with our camera and enjoy Orchid Island’s beautiful natural landscapes. 臺灣是一個海島,周邊散落著許多小島,其中一個位於臺灣東部的小島 -- 蘭嶼,就是本週介紹的主軸。這裡擁有美麗的風景和豐富的自然資源,並且保存了最原始的生活方式,和現代城市很不一樣,邀請你一起來欣賞美麗的蘭嶼。

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